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From Powder to Liquid Kratom: Why More Kratom Fans Are Making the Switch

Kratom is becoming more popular as people find different ways to incorporate it into their daily lives. Taking kratom from powder to liquid form has particularly become a fan favorite due to the many advantages it presents, especially to new kratom users.

Unlike kratom in powder form, liquid kratom is far easier to use. And thanks to the ever-growing kratom market, you can now find different types of liquid kratom for sale.

Read on to learn about the different types of liquid kratom, as well as the main reasons why more kratom enthusiasts are switching to kratom in liquid form.

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What is Liquid Kratom?

Liquid kratom is a type of kratom taken orally in liquid form. Its obtained by taking the leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, drying them, and steeping them in a solvent like water or an alcohol solution like ethanol. The solvent absorbs beneficial alkaloids from the leaves, leaving you with a concentrated liquid.

There are three types of liquid kratom:

  • Kratom liquid extract: Obtained by using a water-based extraction process.
  • Kratom tincture: Obtained by using an alcohol-based extraction process
  • Liquid kratom shots: Obtained by mixing liquid kratom extract with other ingredients and compounds.

Top Reasons Why People Are Turning to Kratom Liquid

Here’s why more kratom users prefer taking kratom in liquid form:

1. You Get a Quick Absorption Rate.

Unlike loose powder and capsules, liquid kratom is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane. So you should let it sit in your mouth for some time before swallowing it. Even after swallowing, absorption continues in the digestive system as there’s no extra hindrance to absorption in the stomach.

2. Effects Kick in Faster.

The quick absorption rate translates to a faster onset of desired effects. It is, however, important to note that how fast the effects manifest varies from person to person. Some factors that determine the onset of effects include:

  • Your metabolism rate
  • Tolerance level
  • Product Quality
  • Dosage

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3. Kratom Liquids Are Stronger Than Other Kratom Products.

Liquid kratom contains a higher concentration of alkaloids than kratom powder, thanks to the extraction solvents that pull out the beneficial alkaloids found in the kratom plant.

Because of the concentrated nature of liquid kratom, you only need to use a small dose to achieve your desired effects. Otherwise, high doses increase the risk of tolerance and side effects.

Other ways to use liquid kratom responsibly include:

  • Avoid daily usage. Use it only when needed.
  • Switch between different strains.
  • Stay hydrated.

4. It Masks the Bitter Taste of Kratom.

Unlike loose kratom powder, liquid kratom products contain flavorings that help mask the bitter taste of alkaloids. Some come flavored with natural sweeteners like fruit juice, while others contain artificial flavorings like coffee and chocolate. This makes it especially suitable for new kratom users.

5. It Makes It Easier to Get Your Dosing Right.

Liquid kratom mostly comes in small vials with a dropper or dispenser to help you measure your desired amount of liquid. This allows you to adjust your kratom dose as you would like. It also makes the whole dosing process less messy.

6. It’s Easy to Use.

There are several convenient ways to enjoy liquid kratom:

  • You can put it under your tongue (sublingual administration): Take the dropper and squeeze a few drops of the liquid kratom under your tongue. This area has a mucous membrane with tiny blood vessels underneath. So the droplets pass through the mucous membrane into the capillaries and enter the bloodstream.
  • Add it to your favorite drink: Add a few drops to your favorite drink. It can be coffee, juice, milk, tea, or a smoothie. You can still enjoy kratom’s multiple alkaloids while masking the taste of kratom extract, especially if it’s not flavored.
  • Take it with food: You can take liquid kratom with food. Foods help prevent stomach upset linked to taking kratom on an empty stomach. However, note that eating heavy or fatty foods will hinder the stomach’s absorption rate. So you should go for light meals, such as salads, soups, cereals, and fruits.


What is liquid kratom?

It is a liquid form of kratom consumed orally. It has higher concentrations of alkaloids and is sold in small bottles with droppers that help you to measure accurate doses.

How is liquid kratom used?

You can place it under your tongue for quick absorption. You can also add a few drops to your favorite drinks, take it with a light meal, or drink it as a kratom shot.

Is liquid kratom faster acting than kratom powder?

Yes. Liquid kratom contains kratom alkaloids already dissolved in a liquid state. The liquid form facilitates faster absorption of alkaloids into the bloodstream, leading to faster onset of effects than kratom powder.

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What are the potential benefits of using liquid kratom extract?

These include a sense of well-being, improved focus, energy boost, and mood lift. It may also induce relaxation and better cognitive function.

What are the side effects of liquid kratom?

Severe adverse reactions occur when you don’t stick to the recommended dosage. Common side effects include sweating, nausea, headaches, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and hallucination.

Is liquid kratom expensive?

Liquid kratom costs more than kratom powder and capsules because they have a rigorous extraction method. You can expect stronger kratom extracts to cost higher than the less potent ones.

The Bottom Line

Liquid kratom is worth the hype, and there’s a myriad of reasons to back it up. First, it has a quick absorption rate hence delivering faster effects. You also enjoy easy and precise dosing since you can use a dropper to measure your desired amount. It’s also more palatable than kratom powder since you can add an array of natural and artificial flavors.

On the flip side, liquid kratom is more expensive than kratom powder. But since it’s more concentrated, you’ll need a smaller amount compared to kratom powder to achieve your desired effects.

Regardless of the method of kratom consumption you choose, you should always start with a small dose and gauge the effects before increasing your dosage.

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