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I am loyal to my company when it comes to kratom. I was with kratom crazy for year when they closed they directed me to another supplier. I have used them for a year rarely unhappy with the quality. My first try with new dawn was this green which my new company’s quality on green was never even 3 stars. This was great until proven otherwise this is my new site keep up the great quality!
Walt - avatar Walt

By far my favorite strain of Kratom. I’ve tried most of the white strains from NDK - this one is my preferred strain by far. One thing that really stands out is how effective it is. Amazing!
Nicholas - avatar Nicholas

I’ve been a frequent buyer of new Dawn for 2 years and I gotta say this current batch is some the best Kratom I’ve ever had and I’ve tried from numerous companies. Kudos to new Dawn, this is the best quality around!
jpdrumma - avatar jpdrumma

I have used NDK for about a year now. and every batch I've had has been excellent. They're prices are a great value as well.
I have spoken to Daniel on occasion and he took the time to discuss the various strains based on what I told him about my particular situation.
Thanks New Dawn Kratom ,

Brett D. - avatar Brett D.

New dawn is very reliable and they shop fast, red Bali is my great and I’m an experienced user.

Red horn is up the list as well. Bali is smooth and good for relaxing and relief. Thank you everyone who works at new dawn! You deserve more bulk orders from me.
awesomerobot123 - avatar awesomerobot123

Arrives in as little as 1-2 days. Convenient to order large sizes such as 500g. F.resh and well packaged with great results.
Jan M. Davis - avatar Jan M. Davis

Always my go to. Always consistent quality. Thank you guys for delivering good stuff on time at an affordable price, especially in these times.
mattpage4 - avatar mattpage4

NDK never lets me down, if you are an experienced kratom user, I recommend any of their green strains but specifically this, malay, and maeng da. Always top quality and fast shipping.
Ryan - avatar Ryan

Laurence - avatar Laurence

very awesome.good and fluffy
lialus - avatar lialus

I always seem to come back to Green Borneo. Love it!
Kathy Wimberley - avatar Kathy Wimberley

I’ve been using Kratom for almost 5 years and only using new dawn for over a year now great company great prices and this strain is one of my favorites
Abby - avatar Abby

Love Red Sumatra, my favorite. Found my perfect mix....1:1 Red Sumatra and White Maeng Da. Relaxing yet not sedating. You feel wonderful with a desire to do things and be active. Very nice!
Michael - avatar Michael

I've been taking this strain on and off for a year now and this particular shipment is absolutely incredible. Do not change what your getting. Its the best I have ever had and I have been taking it from here for 2 years!
Drew - avatar Drew

Love this strain. Have ordered from NDK many times and have always received top notch service.
D. Jones - avatar D. Jones

A nice relaxing strain with a light drowses punch towards the end .. ideal for those late afternoons after a long semi busy day ! It goes very well with gold Bali .
Zillow - avatar Zillow

I've been ordering from them for two little over 2 years and this is the only pack that I get is a sample pack and I've enjoyed it I ordered nothing else one time I ordered the sample pack and wanted two reds and they gave me two reds and I really think them for that so enjoy I'm fixing to make a order....
cole38916 - avatar cole38916

I love this Kratom, It has helped me get though long shifts when I don't get enough sleep. I keep it refrigerated to help extend the lifespan since I don't use it every day 1kg lasts a very long time.
Greg U - avatar Greg U

Super white is indeed super! My favorite strain and perfect with my morning coffee. Thank you NDK! You have the best quality, pricing, and fast shipping!
Stella Blue - avatar Stella Blue

I'm a long time customer of New Dawn Kratom and I'm somewhat opposite to most as far as effects go. Yellow Thai us a top 3 for me. I'd highly recommend this Yellow Thai if your opposite(ish) like me and just want some energy. Good Stuff!
EmilyF. - avatar EmilyF.

As a long time, daily kratom user it takes really great stuff to give me the feeling that I love , that originally was given from kratom . With this red Jong Kong I was lifted back to kratom bliss😊 . When you find something good stick with it, I know I am!!!!
Lacey Crook - avatar Lacey Crook

I have tried many kratom strains and suppliers. New Dawn Kratom is excellent in quality , service and timely delivery. Staff member Daniel answered all my questions , and was very professional and knowledgeable. I just tried the Gold Bali blend he recommended. It arrived in 3 days and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results!
Brett Dwyer - avatar Brett Dwyer

My favorite kratom vendor. Great price, fast shipping and the kratom itself is always high quality.
planguage - avatar planguage

I've only bought my kratom here because of my trust in the company's testing and sourcing. I've never gotten a bad batch and every strain is plucked exactly when they say it is. The Red Horn and the White Maeng Da are my favorites.
Dustin Emerzian - avatar Dustin Emerzian

Notice (above) that I purchased this one a year ago. Since then I would imagine they got a new batch and I was really happy that it was equal to or better than what I received last time. The Red Horn (RH) "puts me down" like no other. The Kratom is actually rather green so don't expect a bag with red overtones. But the effect is as "red" as it gets. If you have tried "reds" before and were disappointed.. try this one.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

I ordered 3 kilos of the 4-way splits, I duplicated some of them and have 8 of the strains. I received them yesterday and already reviewed "Green Horn", today it is "Super White" (SW). Let me put it this way: suppose you could only order 1 strain from NDK.... I would go with the SW. It is one of the most satisfying bags I ever received from any vendor.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

I just received 3 split, mixed kilograms of New Dawn Kratom. The Green Horn was the first one out of the box and it is extremely great, nobody will be unhappy with this selection, it is awesome. I have not found any other vendor that delivers such a consistently great product at a low price. I used a 20% off coupon code so the 3 kilos cost $204 and that included shipping. I ordered late in the day on Friday and the package was delivered Wednesday morning at 7 am. They let me pay using my credit card. My only "problem"?? So much Kratom, so little time :):):) I will place more product reviews as I try them out.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

Jacob Jenkins is either confused or disgruntled. I defy ANYONE to find an NDK product that meets his crude critique. I have bought many times here and quality of products and service and always 5-star
Bob C - avatar Bob C

Top of the line Red Vein you don’t get any better. New Dawns customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced. I had a problem with USPS on a delivery called customer service and talked to Daniel. He went above and beyond to make sure the delivery went through. I truly believe this company cares about you and that is why I’m sticking with New Dawn Kratom not to mention they have the highest quality kratom I’ve ever had at the absolute best prices. Thank you Daniel and New Dawn you’ve got a customer for life.
Ryan - avatar Ryan

Awesome product!!! Just got trainwreck in and in no way disappointed. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again.
wendymbolton0103 - avatar wendymbolton0103

Always super fast and excellent product! I've tried a lot of different companies and New Dawn is definitely the best!
Rose - avatar Rose

best kratom strains out there!!
Leroux A CARR - avatar Leroux A CARR

By far the best strain I've tried. Every order I place contains red Bali.
Christine - avatar Christine

New dawn has by far the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.
awesomerobot123 - avatar awesomerobot123

Dude. Red Dragon rocks! My 8th red strain and this one is tops. A perfect red in my opinion. My 10th order from New Dawn. I’ll never try another vendor again as New Dawn rocks!
JT - avatar JT

Consistently excellent quality and customer service. Better deal than any tobacco store or online vendor that I've found. Highly recommend this product and yes, I'm a real customer, not a review robot lol.
thegreatchoda - avatar thegreatchoda

So as someone who uses Kratom as a daily thing, I was looking for value, shipping speeds and customer support. I found it with New Dawn.

Their red Maeng Da is the best I've found anywhere. Previously I went to the closest vape/smoke shop and bought it from them. What I found is a constant "new" product on the shelves, with the previous brand or type unavailalble. It got to the point where I could not count on any of them keeping a base brand. One purchase, the kratom was acceptable, the next, the kratom was garbage. And it wasn't cheap.

I shopped online for two weeks, finally deciding on New Dawn as my supplier. The Red Maeng Da they shipped me is excellent, with the high quality being consistant and shipping is abnormally fast for an online vendor. These guys earned my business. Oh, prices are surprisingly low when you buy in larger amounts. I found that a kilo is the very best deal and it lasts me just fine.
Ken Starks - avatar Ken Starks

The Lab Results that were released at the start of the new year (2022) speak for themselves! I used to get Green or Red Maeng Da because the Internet made them sound like the strongest strain and this the best value for your money, however this stuff (the White Bali) knocks the socks off the Green Maeng Da I had previously been ordering. I haven’t looked back to the Maeng Da strains since and am very happy with both the quality and the price (You can’t find it cheaper… I spent a week browsing sites and prices before I found New Dawn and New Dawn’s capsules were a whopping 50%-200% cheaper than any other site!)

How can you beat something that is “the best quality” and also “the lowest price” at the same time? New Dawn is my go-to vendor after lotd of research and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon.

Thanks New Dawn, you are the best in so many ways! You’ve definitely established a loyal customer and fan. Love you and thanks again for making my life a better life to live.

Daniel - avatar Daniel

Its solid. I dont know what super is supposed to mean, but the product is good.
Jordan - avatar Jordan

Takes the cake
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

too good
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

Being able to split a kilo into four without it costing an arm and a leg is an awesome feature. Excellent overall service & product. You've got yourself another loyal customer.
jimeefreeman - avatar jimeefreeman

4 way split is an epic deal. Was so afraid that with the raising costs of everything else out there, that kratom would soon be unafordable to us too. Please keep the 4 way split going for your customers! We do thank you.
Leroux A CARR - avatar Leroux A CARR

I found the red hulu to be stimulating. It was a good strain my opinion. I've been using kratom for over 10yrs.
Cally - avatar Cally

Great quality kratom for a good price! ❤ Love yall! My favorites are Yellow Vietnam and Green maeng da. Red Bali is a great evening choice 👌
Tiffany Heitzman - avatar Tiffany Heitzman

Reds are the best for this imo. Great vendor. Quick shipping
dls5858 - avatar dls5858

NDK always wins on quality, shipping and professionalism. They are my go to for Kratom! In a pinch I sometimes will buy locally while I wait for my packages from NDK, I always have to remember that NDK has a better product! I love NDK's Red Dragon.
Brendan - avatar Brendan

Best strain I’ve ever had. Ordering more
Tom Atwood - avatar Tom Atwood

New Dawn never ever disappoints!!! I've tried many Kratom companies in the past and I've never looked back !! They're ALLLL great strains!!
Nikki C. - avatar Nikki C.

Been buying from new dawn for about 2 years and I gotta say they are best around for quality, price and shipping time hands down. Green maeng da and the super green Malay are always great batches. Thanks for being awesome new dawn staff! Owner is super nice as well.
Jesse - avatar Jesse
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