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Split Kilos

Our kratom powders & capsules are packaged in an AKA-GMP certified facility. 3rd party lab-tested for alkaloids, microbials & heavy metals. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Free shipping on all orders over $39.99.

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Split kilos allow you to bundle multiple kratom powders or capsules together into one product. This provides a cost-effective and convenient means of trying new options or stocking up on favorites. We currently offer 2-way and 4-way splits in both powder and capsules. For the powder, choose up to 4 preferred strains, and we’ll split them into neatly packaged 250g or 500g amounts. The capsule splits come sorted into quantities of 350 or 700 counts. We source our kratom from trusted farms harvesting each strain to its utmost freshness and aroma.

Split Kilo Options

4-Way Split (Powder)
Pick any 4 strains and get 250g of each. It’s a cost-effective way to try a variety or stock up.
2-Way Split (Powder)
Select 2 preferred strains and receive 500g of each. Convenient for replenishing your go-to rotations
4-Way Split (Capsules)
Get 350 capsules of 4 chosen strains. A sampler that’s budget-friendly and easy to store.
2-Way Split (Capsules)
700 capsules each of 2 preferred varieties. Convenient for replenishing capsule stash.

Why Choose Split Kilos?

For affordably sampling an assortment of top-grade kratom, shop our split bundles on your next restock. As fellow leaf enthusiasts, we know variety is key – and economy makes that easy. We exclusively source each strain from trusted farms growing their trees with care before harvest. This guarantees peak maturity and alkaloid levels in every product offered in our splits. Strict testing further verifies quality remains uncompromised from raw leaf through final processing.

Your fulfillment is our top priority. If our split kratom doesn’t fully satisfy for any reason, let us know within 45 days. We’ll make it right with a replacement or a refund. We stand behind each and every one of our strains with pride and confidence. Give our split kilos a test run today and start conveniently sampling multiple strains at a stellar price.