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Gold Kali vs. Gold Maeng Da Kratom: Benefits, Side-Effects and Dosage

Gold Kali and Gold Maeng Da Kratom are two popular kratom strains, each with their own potential effects and uses. In this article, we’ll break down what makes them unique, their possible benefits, potential side effects, and dosage tips. That way, you can see which one may better match your needs.

Whether you’re after deep relaxation or an energy lift, this comparison explains what sets these two golden kratom varieties apart.

What is Gold Kali Kratom?

Gold Kali Kratom originates from Kali Mitragyna speciosa trees found largely in Southeast Asia. The “Kali” in the name refers to Kalimantan, the Indonesian area of Borneo.

Its golden color isn’t natural – it comes from blending then fermenting different Kali vein types together. Suppliers mix Red, Green, and White Kali leaves in varying ratios to produce their gold kratom. So while there’s no set recipe, the blends lead to Gold Kali’s balanced alkaloid makeup.


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With its mix of alkaloids like mitragynine, Gold Kali may offer relaxing, mood-lifting, and mildly energizing effects. It tends to provide a more moderate experience than other Kali strains. This versatility makes it useful for those seeking an array of gentle benefits.

image of what is gold maeng da kratom

What is Gold Maeng Da Kratom?

Hailing from tropical Asian regions like Indonesia and Thailand, Gold Maeng Da Kratom has attracted attention for its distinct traits. Its subtle golden shade comes from specialized fermentation processes applied to standard red, white and green Maeng Da leaves.

The name “Maeng Da” translates to “Pimp Grade” in Thai, denoting its high-quality reputation. Gold Maeng Da is most known for its potential stimulating and mood-enhancing properties.

As with Gold Kali, Gold Maeng Da starts as a mix of Maeng Da varieties that then get fermented together. So contents can vary by supplier. But mitragynine for stimulation and 7-hydroxymitragynine for mood lift tend to feature prominently.

With its well-loved energetic and uplifting qualities, Gold Maeng Da has become a staple for kratom fans seeking those particular effects.

Possible Benefits

While they share golden tones, Gold Kali and Maeng Da have slightly differing alkaloid contents for their own possible perks:

Gold Kali

  • May provide relaxation
  • Could lift mood
  • May offer some focus/energy
  • Might support sleep

image of possible benefits

Gold Maeng Da

  • May deliver an energy boost
  • Could elevate mood
  • May enhance mental clarity
  • Could boost motivation/productivity
  • May temporarily relieve fatigue

Potential Side Effects

Some possible side effects of Gold Kali and Gold Maeng Da include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Rapid heartbeat

These are common reactions, but others may occur too. Rare yet serious reactions are also possible. As the FDA warns, kratom does carry risks like liver damage. Avoid mixing kratom with other substances to reduce complications.

It’s wise to consult your doctor before trying kratom or any new supplement due to safety concerns and your unique health status. Long-term use can also lead to dependence and withdrawal in some.

image of suggested dosage

Suggested Dosage

Gold Kali

Mild DoseModerate DoseNot Recommended
1 to 2 grams - For newcomers, a conservative dosage is prudent. At this level, one may experience mild relaxation and a subtle lift in mood.2 to 4 grams - Those seeking moderate effects may find this range suitable, offering deeper relaxation and a gentle increase in energy.3 to 6 grams - Exceeding 5 grams of Gold Kali Kratom can result in heightened side effects, including nausea, dizziness, and discomfort. It is strongly advised to avoid doses at or above this level.

Gold Maeng Da

Mild DoseModerate DoseNot Recommended
1 to 2 grams - Beginners should start with a low dose to gauge their tolerance. At this level, one may experience a slight energy boost and an uplifted mood.3 to 4 grams - For a more pronounced effect, the 2-4 grams range may provide enhanced energy, improved mood, and feeling of well-being.3 to 6 grams - Taking 5 grams or more of Gold Maeng Da Kratom may lead to excessive stimulation, potential side effects, and an increased risk of discomfort. It is strongly discouraged to exceed this dosage.

Reactions vary individually; start low/slow to gauge your fit.


Though different, Gold Kali and Gold Maeng Da share some key commonalities:

  • Achieve golden color via blending + fermentation
  • Reputed mood-lifting abilities
  • Offer gentle energy promotion
  • Need caution around side effects

Their comparable safety profiles warrant starting cautiously with either choice.

image of differences


While alike in some areas, key differences set Gold Kali and Gold Maeng Da apart:

Gold Kali may lean more relaxing while Gold Maeng Da skews more stimulating. So people tend to choose Gold Kali for unwinding and Gold Maeng Da for energizing. Their differing typical uses lead to tailored dosage tips too.

So in essence:

  • Gold Kali – possibly better for relaxation
  • Gold Maeng Da – perhaps better for stimulation

Keeping their nuances in mind can help match each one to your personal kratom needs and preferences.

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