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Look no further if you want to buy kratom online at affordable prices. We sell a large assortment of high-quality strains direct from Indonesia and Thailand. Our products are third-party lab tested, and our company is certified with the American Kratom Association GMP Standards Program.

You can rest assured that you will buy the best when you buy kratom online with us. Whether you want to buy kratom powder or capsules, we’ve got you covered. Each of our 49 strains is covered with an impressive no-hassle 45-day money-back-guarantee. You only get the best quality products when you shop with us.


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Low-Cost Kratom Powders & Caps

Our selection of kratom powders and caps rivals that of our competitors. When you buy kratom strains from us, whether powder or capsules, you get products from the finest hand-picked kratom leaves at cheap online prices.

New Dawn Kratom is certified by the AKA under their GMP Standards Program. The program governs quality control guidelines around testing, packaging, and manufacturing. Although our products are affordable, they certainly aren’t low-quality. We guarantee quality and purity on all kratom products for sale.

Choosing The Best Kratom Products

Choose from our best-selling selection of kratom strains. Select the strain you wish to purchase in our store and select either grams or capsules.

Those who choose to buy kratom generally choose from the most popular strains. Some of the best beginner kratom strains are Maeng da, Bali, Thai, and Borneo Kratom. Although these kratom strains are the most popular, it doesn’t mean they might be the best for you. Buy kratom strains in batches, and choose the best one based on the results.

Choosing a kratom strain color depends entirely on personal preference. Those looking to buy kratom strains online should consider red, green, white, and yellow kratom veins. Red kratom strains are generally the most popular, followed closely behind in order of popularity by green, white, and yellow vein strains.

An excellent option for those looking to buy kratom online but unsure which kratom strain or color to choose is to purchase one of our sample packs or 4-way split kilo options. These give an excellent diverse selection without breaking the bank.

Best-Selling Kratom Strains

Choosing The Best Kratom Strains

Undoubtedly, many people get confused when they buy kratom online or in person for the first time. There are many different kratom strains, let alone kratom products, to choose from. So how does a beginner go about choosing?

Luckily, we have some of the best products in the kratom industry. Our powder and capsules come from the freshest and most mature kratom leaves. With that said, some strains are often more suited to beginners when looking to buy kratom online.

Maeng Da

If you want to buy kratom best suited for beginners, then maeng da is a great choice. Maeng da is perhaps one of the most popular kratom strains available in each of the four color varieties: red, green, yellow, and white kratom.

Maeng da is a staple for all users, but it is perhaps one of the most popular kratom strains for those entering the market.


The Bali strain may be the best choice for those looking to buy kratom online. Bali offers a prolonged and predictable experience that beginners and advanced users alike have come to rely on.

Bali kratom powder and capsules we sell come with a satisfaction money-back guarantee and are packaged in an AKA-GMP-certified facility, so you can be confident that you are getting only the finest Bali kratom leaf.


Thai is your best bet to buy kratom online with a clean and dependable experience. That is one of those strains of kratom that will always remain at the top in popularity. As its name suggests, it comes from a kratom tree initially cultivated in Thailand.

Thai is available in multiple color varieties, as with the Bali and Maeng Da kratom strains. Here at New Dawn, we back our Thai kratom products behind a strict satisfaction guarantee and


Borneo is another one of those kratom products you can’t forget about when looking to buy kratom online. This is an excellent strain for those looking for a laid-back experience and those looking to brew kratom tea for a relaxing afternoon. Regardless of its use, you will not be disappointed with Borneo kratom.

New Dawn’s Borneo kratom leaf is cultivated and harvested with care. Our Borneo kratom products are packaged in a facility audited by a third-party GMP auditor and reviewed by the AKA.


Malay kratom is another option to buy kratom online that offers a great experience. Malay is one of those kratom products that has earned its keep in the top ranks of quality kratom products.

Originally, Malay kratom was found in Malaysia but is currently grown and harvested throughout Southeast Asia. Here at New Dawn, we offer Malay Kratom in multiple vein colors; however, green and red are the most popular choices.

The Best Kratom Vein Colors

When you buy kratom online, choosing the right kratom products for your personal needs and chemistry is essential. The type of strain variety is not the only option; the color vein is crucial in determining the best kratom effects.

Vein colors come in 4 different color varieties: Red, Green, White, and Yellow Gold. So if you are looking to buy kratom online but don’t know which color variant to choose, then read the descriptions below to help assist you.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein is one of those kratom products in the top ranks of popularity. Red veins get their name from the veins’ color when the leaves are dried. The leaves of red strains are harvested later and dried for longer than their green and white vein counterparts.

Those looking to buy kratom online for a sedative and relaxing experience should turn to reds. Red strains have higher relaxing and sedative effects due to their differing alkaloids from late harvesting and extended sun drying.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is a mix of effects between the red vein and white vein kratom strains. If you want to buy kratom online that falls into a middle ground between red and white veins, then green is your best choice.

Green kratom leaves are harvested at a perfect time in the maturity cycle. The color variety has a strong and stable mix of alkaloids leading to a prolonged and steady effect profile. Next to reds, green veins are the next most popular color varieties.

White Vein Kratom

White vein is an excellent choice for those wanting to buy kratom online; it gives them energetic effects and packs a punch. Leaves of white kratom are harvested earlier in the maturity cycle and carry a different range of effects that fall into the slightly more stimulating and energy-promoting category.

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We are confident you will also be happy when you buy kratom capsules and powders from our online store. New Dawn Kratom has sold kratom to thousands of happy customers since our inception in September 2020. Our 49 kratom strains give our customers a wide selection of choices, whether red, green, white, or yellow vein kratom.