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Earn Reward Points

Earn points for all purchases on New Dawn Kratom. Points are credited to your account and can be redeemed on purchases. Additionally, you can check out our friends and family referral program to earn $25 in points per referral.

Earning PointsSpending PointsFriends & Family Referral
Spend $1.00 – Earn 10 pointsRedeem 100 points – for $10 offEarn 2500 points – (Equivalent to $25.00)


Spending Points

Redeem points by clicking the “Apply Discount” button on the cart or checkout pages. You must be logged into your account to earn and spend points.

View Points Balance

You can access your points balance at My Account > Points & Rewards.


Do points expire?

  • Your points never expire.
Do you need an account to earn points?

  • Yes, you must have an account to earn points.
Can I transfer points?

  • No, points cannot be transferred between accounts.
Can I exchange points for cash?

  • No, points can only be redeemed for purchases.
Can I use points for sales, promotions & specials?

  • Yes, points can be used on any purchase.