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Points & Rewards Program

New Dawn offers points and rewards for all purchases on our website. Points are attached to user accounts on our website and can be viewed in your my account section. You can use your points anytime on purchases on newdawnkratom.com.

How Points are Earned and Spent

10 pts = $1100 pts = $1100 pts2500 pts.

Through our program, you earn 10 points per $1 spent and can redeem points at a rate of $1 off per 100 points. Additionally, you can check out our friends and family referral program to earn $25 points per referral over $50.

How to Access and Spend Points

1. You can access your points activity log at my account > points and rewards

2. Redeem points on the cart or checkout page by clicking “Apply Discount.”


1. Do points expire?

Points will expire five years from the date of being earned.

2. Do you need an account to earn points?

Yes, you must have an account to earn points.

3. Can I transfer points?

No, points cannot be transferred between accounts.

4. Can I exchange points for cash?

No, points can only be redeemed for purchases.

5. Can I use points for sales, promotions & specials?

Points cannot be utilized in conjunction with any temporary sales, promotions, or special offers.