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Refer Friends & Family Rewards

Here at New Dawn, we sincerely appreciate customer referrals. We often heard how customers would refer their friends and family to us. Therefore, we have decided to compensate our customers with $25 reward points per referral over $50.

$25 in reward points when your referral spends $50 or more through their account.$10 off their first order when opening an account through the link

Our cash rewards are offered through our points program attached to customer accounts. We currently offer $25 in points rewards for referring a friend, family member, or new customer to us who spends $50 or more.

The process is simple; you get a unique link through your “my account” section on our website. Give this link to friends and family or share it on social media.

Instructions to share with friends & family:

How to get $10 off New Dawn Kratom!

    1. Sign up through my link and get $10 in rewards.
    2. Select the item(s) you want to purchase.
    3. On the cart or checkout page, click “Apply Discount”.
    4. You will see the $10 discount applied to your purchase
    5. If you spend $50 or more, I receive $25 in rewards!

Instructions for you

  1. Go to the “my account” section and select the referral link.



You can access your referral link here: https://newdawnkratom.com/my-account/referral-link/


2. Share this link with your friends or family or on social media


Your referral link will look like this: https://newdawnkratom.com?friend=myusername


3. Your referral will be directed to the sign-up on our website.


4. When your referral makes a purchase, you will see 2500 points added to your account

5. The 2500 points are equivalent to $25; redeem these on any future purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start sharing to earn $25 points per referral over $50 now!

Rules and Policies

  1. No Medical Claims

Medical claims include references to pain, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, or any specific medical claim.

  1. No making fake accounts for discounts

We regularly screen for fraud in our refer friends and family program. If we catch you taking advantage, it will result in a permanent blacklisting from our website.

  1. No double dipping through the affiliate program

New accounts cannot sign-up through an affiliate link and are not eligible for commissions. Double-dipping will result in a ban from both programs (and possibly our website).


  1. Is this the same as your affiliate program?

Our refer friends and family is not the same as our affiliate program. The affiliate program is for marketers, while the referral program is more for your average customer. The affiliate program pays in cash, and the rewards program pays in rewards.

  1. Can I transfer my reward points?

Points are non-transferable to other accounts.

  1. Do the points expire?

Points are set to expire after 5 years.

  1. Can I transfer points?

Points are non-transferable.

  1. Can I exchange points for cash?

Points do not have cash value and can only be redeemed on future purchases through your account.