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How Many Grams of Kratom Are in a Teaspoon?

Most vendors give kratom recommendations in grams since mitragynine content relies on mass....

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Kratom Isolate vs Extract – What are the Differences?

Since kratom first landed on the US market, people have devised clever ways...

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Best Kratom E-Juice Brands

If you use kratom, you have probably vaped or been around someone vaping....

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Can You Buy Kratom at CVS?

There’s a buzz around kratom’s health benefits. Kratom enthusiasts wax lyrical on its...

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Can Kratom Cause Dreams and Nightmares?

Sure, kratom might not be the best-documented herb out there. But with all...

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Brown Kratom: A Review of This Obscure Strain

In the kratom industry, you'll find white, green, and red kratom strains labeled...

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Rainbow Kratom Blend Review

Kratom comes in three major vein color categories: white vein, green vein, and...

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Magnesium and Kratom: Combining For Tolerance Reduction

Back when you first started taking kratom, you probably only needed 4g or...

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Kratom and Grapefruit Juice: Can it Potentiate?

People love using kratom in different ways, including mixing it with grapefruit juice...

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Agmatine and Kratom: Is it a Good Idea to Combine?

Those first few months of the kratom experience are often the most exciting....

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Kratom vs. Delta 8: Similarities & Differences

Kratom and delta 8 are naturally-occurring plant-derived substances often mentioned in the same...

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Kratom Extract vs. Kratom Powder: What’s the Difference?

Kratom is originally from Southeast Asia and belongs to the Rubiaceae family, just like...

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Gold Bali Kratom Vs. Red Bali Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical plant with many variants. To start,...

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Green Borneo vs. Green Maeng Da

Green Borneo and Green Maeng Da are two of the most sought-after kratom...

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Does The Vitamin Shoppe Sell Kratom?

Kratom has taken the nutraceuticals market by storm, with the entire kratom industry...

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Green Maeng Da vs Red Maeng Da

Walk into any kratom shop and ask the attendant for their best stuff,...

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Green Tea and Kratom Combination

Kratom's origins can be traced back to Southeast Asia, where natives used it...

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Best Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

If you’re not too keen on tossing and washing bitter, coarse kratom powder,...

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Super Red Kratom Review

Super Red kratom is a rare kratom variety that comes with a host...

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image of green malay vs green bali kratom page banner

Green Malay Kratom Vs. Green Bali Kratom

Kratom comes in many forms. For starters, kratom has different strains. You have...

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Kratom Tea vs Pill

For all of the benefits that kratom provides, it sure doesn’t taste good. ...

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Best Kratom Strains for Lasting Longer in Bed

Do you wish you lasted longer in bed? Don’t worry; you’re not alone....

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Mixing Kratom and Valerian – Safety, Doses, and Benefits

Despite having been on the North American market for over a decade, the...

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Black Seed Oil and Kratom – Effects, Usage, and Safety

For most kratom neophytes, a dose of between 2g to 3g can be...

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image of ginseng and kratom page banner

Ginseng and Kratom – Safety, Effects, and Usage

Is there anything that kratom can’t do? As one of the most popular...

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image of page banner sakae naa

What Is Sakae Naa?

Shrouded in controversy, kratom has been subject to unprecedented government efforts to subdue...

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image of kratom powder vs kratom leaf page banner

Kratom Powder Vs. Kratom Leaf

The market is brimming with different kratom products. So if you're shopping for...

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Kratom and Melatonin — Is It Safe and Does It Work?

Kratom’s effects tend to go one of two ways. Depending on the strain...

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Kratom and Turmeric – Should You Use Them Together?

Scout the kratom market, and you’ll find that the options are always the...

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Best Kratom Strains for Socializing

Like coffee, tea, and beer, kratom is one of the world’s oldest social...

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image of traveling with kratom page banner

Traveling with Kratom – Is Kratom Allowed on Planes?

Kratom has become so tremendously popular that you can find the stuff being...

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image of maeng da vs borneo kratom page banner

Maeng Da Vs. Borneo Kratom

With so many kinds of kratom to choose from, it can make sense...

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Whole foods store

Can You Buy Kratom At Whole Foods?

The short answer is that, no, you can’t buy kratom at Whole Foods....

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Kratom Nutrition Facts – What’s in a Spoon of Kratom?

Kratom Nutrition Facts – What’s in a Spoon of Kratom?

Almost everyone knows what kratom is and what it does. Sure, many of...

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The Best Kratom Tea Recipe

The kratom tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia and is largely grown in...

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Kratom Stocks – Can You Buy Kratom Stocks?

In just a matter of a decade, kratom went from being a relatively...

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image of is kratom bad for your teeth page banner

Is Kratom Bad for Your Teeth?

By this point, you probably already know all the possible side effects of...

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Best Kratom Extract Shots – A Guide To The Strongest

Whether you are new to kratom or have plenty of experience using it,...

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image of super indo kratom strain page banner

Super Indo Kratom Strain Review

The Super Indo Kratom strain is becoming incredibly popular despite it being new...

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image of best places to buy kratom seeds online page banner

The Best Places to Buy Kratom Seeds Online

Indigenous to the tropics of Southeast Asia, kratom is an evergreen plant that’s...

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image of red bali vs red maeng da page banner

Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da – Similarities and Differences

Take some time to check out the most popular online kratom vendors, and...

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image of ashwagandha and kratom page banner

Ashwagandha and Kratom: A Lovely Duo

Kratom often draws comparisons to other botanical products, which makes sense. Part of...

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how to make your own kratom extraction

How to Make Kratom Extract

For all of the wonderful benefits that kratom provides, it sure can taste...

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Gas station kratom brand

Top Gas Station Kratom Brands

Kratom users often decry gas station brands, and often for good reasons. The...

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White maeng da vs red maneg da

White Maeng Da vs Red Maeng Da – Which One is Right for You?

We’ve all heard of kratom by now and all of the wonderful benefits...

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red bubble kratom guide

Red Bubble Kratom – A Guide To This Technique

Are you familiar with red bubble kratom? Red bubble kratom refers to the...

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smoking kratom

Is Smoking Kratom Safe?

Kratom enthusiasts are getting majorly creative with their kratom consumption methods. From the...

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freezing kratom guide

Freezing Kratom: A Guide to Creating Red Bubble Kratom

Freezing kratom is a method that extends your kratom's shelf life and makes...

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strongest kratom capsules guide

A Definitive Guide on the Strongest Kratom Capsules

It’s an instinct among kratom enthusiasts to find the strongest, most potent kratom...

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White Borneo vs White Maeng Da – What’s the Difference?

After some time scouring the kratom market, it’s easy to see that there’s...

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