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Mixing Kratom Strains : The Best Kratom Strain Mixes to Try at Home

Mixing kratom strains is one of the best ways to overcome strain fatigue—a condition where your body develops tolerance to the strain and its effects become less pronounced. This condition occurs when you’ve been using a particular kratom strain for too long. While you might get your desired effects by increasing the dosage, it’s important to note that taking too much kratom could lead to some nasty side effects, such as seizures and liver damage.

You can avoid such nasty side effects by mixing different kratom strains. Doing this gives you the best of both worlds and potentiates kratom’s overall effects. It also gives you a chance to customize your kratom experience by creating a personalized kratom blend that suits your needs.

Below, you will learn how to mix kratom strains at home. You’ll also learn why you should try out individual strains before mixing them.

Mixing Kratom Strains: Get the Basics Right

All kratom strains fall into three different vein categories. The first step to making your own kratom mix is to be familiar with the aroma and effects of each vein color. 


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From there, you can choose specific strains under the different vein color categories and mix them to get your desired effects.

1. Red Vein Kratom

They have red vein colors and produce relaxing and sedative effects. Users consume red vein kratom before bedtime or after an exhausting workout.

2. White Vein Kratom

They are the direct opposite of red vein kratom. White vein kratom is popular for its stimulating effects, just like coffee. As such, they are suitable for mornings or can be taken before or during tough assignments.

3. Green Vein Kratom

Offers a middle ground of red and white vein strains. Green vein kratom produces both energy-boosting and relaxation effects. 

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Which Are the Best Kratom Strain Mixes?

Some kratom strains mix well, while others are not compatible. That’s why you should do some research before mixing your favorite strains.

Essentially, you should try out each strain on its own so you can master its aroma and effects. By doing so, you can know which strains match or complement each other. You don’t want to waste a batch of kratom because the blend produces an aroma and effects that you didn’t envisage.

That being said, here are some of the best kratom strain mixes that you can try out at home:

1. Mixing Red and White Kratom Strains

Do you love the relaxing effects of red kratom but also want energy-boosting effects? A blend of red and white kratom produces effects similar to but more powerful than those of green vein kratom.

2. Mixing Red and Green Kratom Strains

Perhaps you love everything about red vein kratom except for its sedative effects. Well, mixing it with a green vein strain may help with that. That’s because green vein kratom has fairly balanced energizing effects and will counteract the sedative effects of the red kratom strain.

3. Mixing White and Green Kratom Strains

Are you a white vein kratom lover but find the stimulation a bit overwhelming? Well, mixing it with a green vein strain may help to bring the energizing effects to a fairly balanced level.

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How to Mix Kratom Strains at Home

Step 1: Pick out Your Desired Strains

What effects are you looking for? Do you want to feel relaxed, energized, or sedated? Your desired effects will determine the ideal kratom strains you can mix.

You shouldn’t pick a strain that you’ve not tried personally if you don’t know how it will impact the blend. Essentially, you should go for powdered kratom over crushed leaves. That’s because it’s easier to measure the right kratom dosage with powder than with leaves.

Step 2: Mix the Strains Together

Start with a smaller amount of each kratom strain when blending. This allows you to have a feel of the different aromas.

The ratio of kratom strains in the mix is another important consideration. If you’re a first-timer, you should start with an equal mix of each strain. For example, mix 5mg of Red Bali and 5mg of White Borneo. Over time, you can customize the ratio to suit your needs.

Step 3: Stir the Mixture to Form a Perfect Blend

Don’t use a blender to mix the strains. It’s less efficient and may spill the kratom over the counter. Instead, use a hand-held whisk to mix both strains in a bowl. Continue stirring the mixture for about 2 to 5 minutes until it’s mixed evenly.

To mask the bitter taste of kratom, you can brew the powdered mix into kratom tea and add a sweetener. You could also blend it with your favorite drink, like coffee, chocolate milk, yogurt, or orange juice.

image of the benefits of homemade kratom blends

The Benefits of Homemade Kratom Blends

Besides fighting off strain fatigue, there are other important reasons to whisk your own kratom blend at home, including the following:

  • A personalized kratom experience: Different kratom strains produce different effects that may or may not suit your needs. For example, if you want a boost of energy before you hit the gym, you can mix your favorite white and green vein strains and enjoy more powerful energizing effects.
  • Become knowledgeable: The more you mix kratom strains, the more you learn about their unique individual properties and how they interact with each other when blended.
  • Create specialty blends: This is an opportunity to try out new kratom mixes. Who knows, you might create your own signature specialty kratom blend. 
  • Stretch your kratom supply: Mixing kratom strains enhances the effects of each strain making the blend stronger. This means you will only need a small amount to feel the desired effects. As a result, your batch of kratom won’t run out quickly.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy and quick to mix kratom strains. As you get more involved with the process, you can experiment with different ratios depending on your desired effects. You can also try out mixing more than two kratom strains and make large amounts of kratom blends to share with your friends and colleagues.

While you’re at it, make sure to buy lab-tested kratom strains from a reputable online kratom vendor. You should ask to see the lab test report before making a kratom order.


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