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Maeng Da

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One of our most sought-after kratom strains is our Maeng Da varieties imported directly from veteran growers in Southeast Asia. The core varieties available include our signature Red, White, and Green vein colors, denoting the hue of dried leaf veins and unique alkaloid profiles. Maeng Da has rightfully earned renown among kratom enthusiasts for its high potency. The strains’ abundant active alkaloids lead to a rapid onset of effects and a potential for stimulation or relaxation depending on the variety. ​

We encourage our customers to sample all three vein color varieties to attune with your ideal match. Experienced connoisseurs may also explore blending strains for a customized experience.

GreenEnergy + Mood-Boost
RedRelaxation + Calm Focus
WhiteStimulation + Energy

Green Maeng Da
Green offers potentially smooth feelings of energy and mental clarity. It allows for a potential increased ability to focus usefully on work or creative activities. These potential effects make Green Maeng Da extremely flexible across different needs and times of day.


Energy + Mood Boost
Relaxation + Clarity
Focus + Motivation

Red Maeng Da
Red offers potential relaxation and mood enhancement. It offers a potential subtle stimulation alongside further potential calming and sedating properties at different ranges.


Relaxation + Soothing
Energy + Calm Focus
Motivation + Clarity

White Maeng Da
White offers potential motivation, concentration, and stimulation. It can potentially energize the mind and body, whilst leaving the body potentially relaxed without excessive stimulation. The variety might help with productivity, inspiration, or sociability.


Motivation + Focus
Stimulation + Fatigue Reduction
Calm + Mental Clarity