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How to Measure Kratom Powder: A Guide to Serving Sizes

The best kratom experience involves understanding the correct serving size of kratom powder. This includes understanding the proper dosage and measurement conversions to ensure you’re taking the right amount.

Taking kratom in powder form is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to take your kratom daily however, the method does come with some cons, such as having to measure each dose manually. Luckily, this guide will help you understand the conversions of teaspoons and tablespoons, some common dosages of kratom powder, and the most popular ways to take kratom powder.

image of kratom powder measurement conversion guide

Kratom Powder: Measurement Conversion Guide

It is important to understand the conversions of teaspoons and tablespoons when measuring kratom powder, especially if you don’t plan on using a scale to weigh out your doses. Kratom powder may vary slightly in density as well as concentration of alkaloids, and although these discrepancies are minor, this is something to keep in mind. Here is a conversion table for your reference when taking kratom powder; however, it is important to note that this is only a rough guide and that nothing will ever be accurate to the milligram when using the spoon format to weigh:


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MeasurementGrams of Regular Kratom Powder
One teaspoon2 - 2.5 grams
One tablespoon6 - 7 grams

Understanding Kratom Dosage

An excellent way to reduce the risk of experiencing kratom’s side effects is by providing accurate powder measurements and staying within the recommended dosage and usage guidelines. Keep in mind, though, that it is impossible to eliminate the risk of side effects and that more severe side effects are more likely when mixing kratom with certain medications and drugs. For these reasons, one should always review their plan to use kratom, as well as their dosage, prior to using it.

If you’re a beginner, a test dose of less than 1 gram is usually enough to assess your sensitivity and compatibility. Make sure to wait a sufficient amount of time (4 hours) between the test dose before increasing, and stay away from using high doses to reduce changes of excessive tolerance build-up and negative effects.

<1 gramTest doseBefore increasing the amount, always begin with this dose to assess your body's tolerance and reaction.
1-3 gramsLow dosageUse one tablespoon of kratom powder or around 6 to 7 grams if you're using a scale.
3-6 gramsMedium dosageUse two teaspoons or one tablespoon (or better yet, use a scale of accuracy)
6+ gramsNot recommendedNot advised due to increased risk of adverse effects and tolerance.

image of active alkaloid concentration per serving of kratom powder

Mitragynine per Serving

Kratom contains 2 primary alkaloids: about 50 to 60% of mitragynine and 1 to 2% of 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloid concentrations may slightly differ in quantity per strain and specific batch. Many kratom vendors display the alkaloid concentration on their labels, or you can also ask the vendor for their lab-testing certificate, which should show this.

The metric system is pretty straightforward, so it is easy to calculate the mitragynine content per gram of kratom powder. There’s usually about 1.2%-1.6% mitragynine in most kratom strains, which is typically around 12-16 milligrams of mitragynine per gram of powder.

After computing the amount of mitragynine per single gram, it’s easy to multiply it by your specific serving size. Let’s say you take a 3-gram kratom powder serving; this would net out to around 36-48 milligrams of mitragynine per serving, depending on the strength.

image of popular ways to take kratom powder

4 Ways to Take Kratom Powder

One reason kratom users are drawn to the powder is due to its affordability and convenience. There are several ways to take kratom powder, each with its own pros and cons and we’ve detailed these down below for you:

1. Toss and Wash

This is probably the quickest and most straightforward method to take kratom powder. The first step is to measure the kratom powder either with a teaspoon or using a scale, toss it into the back of your mouth (careful not to inhale) and then wash it down with a drink. Some users just use water, while others opt for flavored water, orange juice or other juices. The upside to the toss and wash is convenience; the downside is the nasty bitter taste that some people just can’t stomach.

2. Parachuting

Parachuting works best for users who wish to avoid kratom’s bitter taste. You can parachute kratom by wrapping the measured kratom powder in an oblate disc or a piece of rice paper, then swallowing the entire thing with a glass of water or other beverage. The upside is that oblate discs or rice paper are fairly cheap and have no bitter taste. However, the downside is that it could be hard to swallow and create a choking hazard, so this method is often best avoided.

3. Mixing with Other Food and Drinks

Users who can’t handle the bitter taste of kratom powder can alternatively mix it with foods like Greek yogurt or with drinks like smoothies, fruit juices, and even milk! Brewing kratom tea is also a favored way of consuming the powder, and this can be done using a coffee maker, french press, or by purchasing empty fillable tea bags for steeping in hot water. The pros of these methods are that they help to mask the bitter taste, and the cons are it is slightly less convenient or quick than the other two methods.

4. Capsules

Some prefer the conventional capsule forms when taking kratom powder, especially when they don’t want to hassle themselves with manually measuring kratom powder each and every time. Capsules also avoid any bitter taste. Most capsules are sold in size 00 capsules, which usually contain around 0.5 to 0.625 grams of kratom powder. The upside of using capsules is there is no need to measure each dose, but the downsides are that they are more expensive, and some people find swallowing 4-12 capsules at a time to be hard on their stomachs.

image of using a miligram scale to measure kratom powder

Using a Milligram Scale to Measure Kratom Powder

The most accurate way to measure kratom powder is using a weighing scale, particularly scales that can measure in milligrams. Milligram scales are effective, readily available, and very affordable (usually under $30)

Buying on Amazon is one of the most convenient and hassle-free ways to obtain a good milligram scale for measuring kratom powder. Here are our top picks based on cost-friendliness and the features they offer.

  1. THINKSCALE Milligram Scale: This precision scale features accurate powder measurements in milligrams. Its easy-to-use calibration and interface make it a favorite among kratom users.
  2. Weigh Gram Digital Jewelry Kitchen Scale: This versatile scale is perfect for those wishing to weigh their kratom powder, and it won’t break the bank.
  3. Milligram Scale by MAXUS: The MAXUS scale is great for measuring powders and it offers a great price, easy instructions and a great display screen.Best for weighing smaller amounts of kratom powder and features professional calibration and easy-to-read displays.

Using A Milligram Scale: A Step By Step Guide

Regardless of the brand and style of your milligram scale, the way you use mg scales is very similar across devices. Instructions should also be included with each device but here are the general steps you would do to measure kratom powder

  • Calibrate: Calibration is key to an accurate dosage measurement. Always calibrate your scale before measuring your kratom powder. The instructions will show the proper steps to calibrate the scale successfully.
  • Tare: Add the weighing tray or the weighing platform (included with the scale) and press the tare button. This will exclude to weight of the weighting tray from your total measurement of kratom powder.
  • Add Kratom Powder: Carefully add kratom powder to the container until you reach your desired weight.
  • Adjust: Once you’ve added the kratom, wait for the scale to stabilize, and then adjust up or down as needed for a very accurate measurement.

image of additional tips for measuring kratom powder serving

Additional Tips for Measuring Kratom

Besides the basics about measuring kratom powder, you should be aware of optimal serving and dosage; the following valuable tips are essential for kratom users.

1. Know the Risks

Stay informed of kratom’s potential risks and side effects. Avoid mixing it with medications and drugs, and consult a doctor prior to use, especially if you have a health condition. Also keep in mind that kratom could be habit-forming and using it daily for long periods could increase this risk.

2. Understand What’s in Your Kratom

Only purchase kratom from reputable suppliers and vendors where you can verify the products’ purity and authenticity. Read the label regarding the ingredients as well as the specific concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, most reputable vendors should include this on their packaging along with the batch number.

3. Scales are Recommended

If you use a spoon instead of an electronic milligram scale, go for an actual baking teaspoon, then level and compress the kratom powder using a flat utensil. This will be less accurate than a scale but more accurate that just “eyeballing” a regular utensil spoon.

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