How to Toss and Wash Kratom for Maximum Benefits

how to toss and wash kratom for maximum benefits

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When people receive their first container of raw kratom powder, they often wonder how to get this herb into their system. Since kratom strains are so new in the West, it will take a bit of experimentation to find the “best” kratom delivery method. However, the “toss and wash” technique has become immensely popular in kratom circles. So, what is the “toss and wash” method, and why has it become such a standard way to consume kratom powder?

What is the toss-and-wash kratom method?

In the kratom community, “toss and wash” refers to placing some kratom powder in your mouth and quickly swallowing it with water or juice. While toss and wash isn’t the only way to take kratom, it has become one of the most dominant delivery methods in recent years.

Fans of the toss-and-wash method often highlight its simplicity and convenience. Learning how to start “tossing and washing” a batch of kratom powder is not difficult. If people have their kratom and a glass of water, they can perform this method anywhere in a few seconds. Plus, many customers argue the toss-and-wash method helps get kratom into your system quickly, which may result in potent and near-immediate effects.

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The simplest toss-and-wash method

Everyone has their own “toss and wash style,” but the classic technique goes as follows:

  1. Measure your preferred dose of leaf powder.
  2. Fill a glass with water or juice.
  3. Carefully place the kratom powder in your mouth.
  4. Quickly drink your liquid and swallow the powder.

Again, there’s a lot of room for variation when performing these four steps, but that’s as simple as the toss-and-wash method gets.

Pros and cons of tossing and washing kratom powder

Although the toss and wash have become a classic kratom delivery method, it has some disadvantages. It’s helpful to weigh the pros & cons of tossing and washing before deciding whether to try it.


  • Quick and convenient: Even if it’s your first time trying to toss and wash kratom, it shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete. Plus, all you need to use this method is a liquid and some kratom powder, which makes it very convenient to use no matter where you are.
  • Easy to understand: Although there is a technique behind the toss and wash method, it isn’t very complicated. This makes toss and washes one of the simplest ways for newcomers to try kratom.
  • Easy to modify: Even if you don’t like the traditional toss-and-wash technique, it’s simple to make changes to this method. For instance, you could pre-mix your powder in a drink beforehand to make it easier to swallow. It’s also easy to swap out beverages for different flavors or effects.
  • It may have potent effects: Many people who use toss and wash rave about its immediate and noticeable impact. Although these are all anecdotal reports, many people claim toss and washing profoundly affect their bodies.

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  • You will taste kratom: You can’t avoid tasting kratom powder when using the toss-and-wash method. Even experienced kratom users often struggle with this herb’s extraordinarily bitter taste and earthy aromatics. Some customers may not be able to get over kratom’s distinctive flavors.
  • Potential for gagging and “cough back:” kratom’s flavor and grainy texture increase the odds you will either gag or cough some of this powder up. People new to tossing and washing often struggle to get their kratom powder into their stomachs on the first couple of tries.
  • Not as efficient as other kratom methods: There’s debate over how well the human body can absorb kratom powder with the toss and wash method. Arguably, it’s more efficient to use a kratom tincture sublingually rather than swallow kratom powder whole. Plus, if people cough back some kratom while tossing and washing, they will lose some of their powder.

Tips to toss and wash kratom more effectively

Despite the simplicity of the toss and wash procedure, a few “advanced techniques” can boost this method’s effectiveness. Employing a few of these tips may enhance the benefits you experience from tossing and washing kratom.

  • Break your kratom powder into multiple doses: Instead of taking your entire kratom dosage in one go, consider breaking it up into two sessions. Whether you take these half-doses quickly or spread them throughout the day, you’ll find it easier to toss and wash smaller amounts of kratom.
  • Always have your chaser at hand: When you have kratom in your mouth, you don’t want to fumble to the fridge to find a water bottle. Double-check everything prepared before you start your toss and wash procedure.

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  • Watch your breathing: If you breathe in or out while putting kratom in your mouth, you will increase the odds of coughing and losing your powder. It’s best to take a few deep breaths before using kratom powder to increase your lung capacity. Take a large inhale and hold it before putting kratom in your mouth. Only exhale after you’ve swallowed your kratom to avoid coughing.
  • Experiment with different beverages: If water isn’t working out, see how other juices mix with kratom’s flavor. Many kratom customers rave about using orange juice when tossing and washing but feel free to find the beverage that works for you.
  • Mix powder in water beforehand: “Mix and wash method” is a variation on “toss and wash” that involves pouring your kratom dose in water or fruit juice before swallowing it. Many people find that this simple switch makes getting the kratom into your body easier.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main ways of taking kratom?

Besides the toss-and-wash method, most customers swallow kratom capsules. However, there are now a few kratom liquid tinctures that people can take sublingually (i.e., under the tongue). Mixing kratom powder into smoothies, brewing kratom tea, or eating kratom gummies can also alleviate kratom’s taste.

What is the best way to take kratom?

The best way to take kratom largely depends on your preferences. Arguably, sublingual kratom tinctures have the highest absorption rate, but these tend to be expensive, bitter, and difficult to find. Today, the two most common kratom consumption methods are tossing, washing powder, and swallowing capsules. Many customers enjoy these two techniques because they are simple, quick, and highly accessible.

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What is the best alternative to tossing and washing kratom?

Kratom capsules offer many of the same benefits as tossing and washing kratom powder. However, unlike toss and wash, you won’t taste kratom capsules as you swallow them. On the downside, some customers argue tablets have a slower absorption rate than directly tossing and washing powder.

Why might you be getting a burned throat while tossing kratom?

Recent studies suggest kratom powder is hydrophobic. In other words, this supplement doesn’t absorb well in liquid. Even if you mix your kratom well before swallowing it, a few particles will likely get lodged in your throat after tossing it.

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