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Magnesium and Kratom: Combining For Tolerance Reduction

Combining magnesium and kratom may just be the answer to your high kratom tolerance. Back when you first started taking kratom, you probably only needed 4g or 5g to get the effects you needed. But with time, you might have noticed those small doses just don’t cut it anymore. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Lots of people who have been taking kratom for years may need upwards of 15g per dose just to experience even the slightest effects.

This is the result of a built-up kratom tolerance. While it might be a little problematic to have such a high tolerance for kratom, there are things you can do to dial it back down and bring your dose to a more manageable amount. And according to some sources, magnesium might help.

Why You Need to Keep Your Kratom Tolerance Down

Most people will tell you that kratom is a natural substance, so you shouldn’t be too worried about side effects and adverse reactions — and that’s true to some extent. But just like coffee which can be dangerous in copious amounts, so too can kratom cause potentially risky effects when taken in large doses.

Taking kratom over a long period of time may cause your tolerance to increase. That means that the small doses that used to get you by might no longer be enough to meet your needs after some time. The recourse for most people is to simply add a few grams. But think about it — every time your tolerance increases, you’ll have to keep adding to your dose.


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With time, you might find yourself having to take 20g to 25g of kratom just to feel its effects. This might cause you to experience significant side effects and adverse reactions, canceling out whatever benefits you might be using kratom for in the first place.

How Does Magnesium Work?

There are thousands of published studies about the effects of magnesium on addiction management. Now, just to be clear, kratom is not a drug, and neither is it an addictive substance. The Drug Enforcement Agency has not banned the substance, and neither is it considered an illicit drug. But even then, understanding how magnesium works in addiction treatment may help unlock the mystery of why so many kratom users swear by the benefits of magnesium versus tolerance.

One publication released in 2011 explored the effects of magnesium on people with opiate addiction, among many others. They found that magnesium can help reduce the symptoms of addiction by interacting with reward pathways in the brain. That is, taking magnesium can help stimulate the same receptors that kratom does.

image of how does magnesium work

The effect? A heightened response to the benefits of kratom. And since magnesium makes your system more sensitive to these effects, you won’t have to take as much kratom as you presently do.

According to kratom users across the web, taking magnesium together with kratom has helped them dial down their doses from upwards of 25g to a mere 5g in just a few weeks’ time. Of course, the reduction of doses is gradual and may have to happen over the course of several days or weeks before you reach the floor dose.

How to Use Magnesium with Kratom

It really depends, and the doses might be different for everyone. Across most anecdotal reports, however, kratom users claim that a magnesium dose of 400mg a day can be sufficient to help reduce kratom tolerance.

Most of them also state that it’s important to take the magnesium dose at least an hour before taking kratom. This allows the magnesium to prep the central nervous system, so to speak, so that when kratom finally enters the system, the receptors that respond to its chemistry will be sufficiently sensitive.

Is It Safe to Take Magnesium with Kratom?

image of is it safe to take magnesium with kratom

On their own, kratom and magnesium are generally safe. However, there are no scientific sources that support the safety of taking substances together. As with any other health supplement or natural medicine, always consult with a physician before starting the regimen.

In case you get the go signal, start small and check to see how your body responds to the combination. Stop the intake of magnesium together with kratom the moment you feel any significant side effects that might indicate a poor response from your body.

Keeping Your Kratom Tolerance Down

It’s ideal to keep your kratom tolerance as low as possible, but it might also be inevitable to see that tolerance rise if you’ve been using kratom for years. So, if you’re looking to dial down your dose, a potentiator like magnesium might help. Of course, its safety is still in question, and results tend to vary from user to user. But if you’re willing to take the chance and you have your doctor’s support, then it might be the answer to your situation.

One Response to “Magnesium and Kratom: Combining For Tolerance Reduction”

  1. Hayley says:

    I think it’s really misleading to say kratom isn’t an addictive substance. That’s absurd. There’s so so so many people ADDICTED and get WITHDRAWAL from kratom. Me being one. And the withdrawal is just as bad as other things. I know because I’ve been there too. Kratom is good for people that aren’t prone to addiction. Even people who aren’t. If you take it everyday you’re going to become dependent on it and you’re going to get withdrawal if you stop it. Which is why people taper off and look for things like magnesium to help them. I found this article helpful. And will use the magnesium to help cut back on my kratom to hopefully quit with the least amount of withdrawal possible. But please don’t lie in your articles. I think you guys know too that it’s addictive. And people are going to read this and see that and go start kratom and become addicted because y’all wrote that it’s not.

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