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How Much Kratom is in a 000 Capsule?

August 23, 2022GeneralNo Comments »

Medicinal herbs typically have an unpleasant taste, and kratom is no exception. The taste of kratom powder is often sharp and bitter. It also gives off an extremely earthy and herbal flavor. Thus, many prefer capsules. But how much kratom is in a 000 capsule?

Other kratom users try to mask the horrible taste by infusing kratom powder in a smoothie, juice, or tea. Luckily, you can entirely avoid kratom’s terrible taste and chalkiness by using it in capsule form.

Capsules come in various sizes, which may be somewhat confusing when you’re trying to take the right dosage for your desired effects. One of the many customer questions on kratom capsule size is how much kratom fits into the 000-sized capsule.

After reading this post, you’ll have the answer to that question and how to encapsulate your own 000 capsules at home.

image of kratom capsules

How Much Kratom is in a 000 Capsule?

Generally, one gram of kratom powder can fit into a 000-sized capsule. Of course, you can stuff more kratom inside, but this is the average weight after filling a 000 capsule. The amount you can fit into this size of the capsule will depend on the density of the kratom powder. You can also use a tool to squash the powder into the capsule if you want to pack more powder.

The Basics of Capsule Sizing

Capsule sizes come labeled in numerical values, for example, 000. This may seem confusing, given the fact that higher numbers correspond to smaller capsules, not larger ones. For example, a #4 capsule is smaller than a #2 capsule.

You may also come across capsule sizes labeled with “0.” In this case, the more the number of 0s, the larger the capsule size. For instance, 0-sized capsules are smaller than 000-sized capsules, which are the largest. So, 000 capsules will obviously hold more kratom powder.

image of the basics of capsule sizing


The Appropriate Dose of Kratom in a 000 Capsule

The first thing you need to do before filling your capsules is to figure out your daily kratom dosage. The typical dosage for most people is between 1 to 5 grams. Let’s say you want to consume 5 grams of kratom. Having bought a bottle of 000-sized kratom capsules, how do you calculate the proper dosage?

Each 000-sized capsule holds 1 gram of kratom powder. In this case, you will need to take five capsules sized 000 at 1 gram each to reach your standard daily dose of 5 grams.

How to Encapsulate Your Own Kratom in a 000 Capsule at Home

Purchasing pre-filled capsules may be slightly costlier than making them on your own. Some of the premade capsules may contain fillers and binders that can contribute to poor disintegration rates and ineffective results. That’s why home encapsulation makes more sense.

Besides that, making capsules at home allows you to control the quality of the kratom powder packed in your capsules. It’s also cheaper to make them at home, especially if you have to take them daily.

image of how to encapsulate capsules at home

What You’ll Need:

Amazon is an ideal place to get the tools you need to pack capsules at home.

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to buy empty capsules. In the Amazon search bar, specify the type and size of capsules you want. For example, you can type in “size 000 Gelatin capsules”. The search phrase will generate several results, and you can choose whether to go with the 100, 500, or 1000 count. You can expect to pay around $18 to $30 for 1000 capsules.
  • A capsule machine. Make sure the device is the same size as your capsules. In this case, size 000.
  • A glass baking dish for cleaning up once you’re done.
  • A glass jar for storing the filled capsules.


  • Put the capsule machine to stand centrally in your glass baking dish. Then position the capsule machine base above the stand.
  • Open each empty size 000 capsule. You’ll notice that you have two halves, the longer one and the shorter one. Put the longer half in the capsule machine base. Repeat until you fill the floor of the machine with the capsule halves.
  • Take the remaining shorter capsule halves and put them on the top of the capsule machine.
  • Take your powdered kratom and fill the capsule machine base with it. You can either use a measuring cup or spoon to do the pouring.
  • The capsule machine comes with a spreader card. Gently work the spreader card back and forth over the kratom powder to evenly distribute the powder into the empty capsules.
  • Use a tamper to press down the kratom powder. This action seeks to pack the powder snugly into the capsules.
  • Once jam-packed, sweep off the extra powder using the spreader card into the glass baking dish.
  • You can also fill the tops based on a similar method, but that could be a tedious experience. Instead, leave the tops unfilled for easier encapsulation.
  • Take the base off the stand and position the top section of the capsule machine on the bottom. Press down on the top central part of the machine for solid compression.
  • Press down on the back of the encapsulating machine’s top to eject the finished capsules from the filling machine into an open jar.
  • Sprinkle some of the kratom powder into the jar containing the finished capsules. Shake the jar to distribute the kratom powder on the outer surface of each size 000 capsule.
  • There you have it. Your capsules are ready.

image of 000 size kratom capsules

The Bottom Line

Apart from masking the bitter taste of kratom, it’s also easier to dose the kratom with capsules compared to powder. Another advantage is that you’re better off making kratom capsules on your own than buying already encapsulated ones. This is because it’s cheaper and you can control the quality of kratom that goes into the capsules.

Once you have the kratom powder and empty capsules you want to use, you can start packing. A capsule-making machine can make your work easier and faster. Just make sure you match the size of the machine with your preferred capsule size.

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