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Best Kratom Capsule Filling Machine: How To Choose

If you’re not too keen on tossing and washing bitter, coarse kratom powder, capsules should be for you. The only problem? They can cost significantly more than powders. That’s why for most penny-pinching kratom users, filling their own capsules has become a simple way to save on each kratom haul. If you want to join the trend, keep reading to learn about kratom capsule filling machine.

For the uninitiated, stepping into the wonderful world of the best capsule-filling machines can be a confusing venture. So, if you’re not quite sure which machine to get for your personal or family use, here’s a quick lowdown on everything you need to know.

What to Consider When Buying a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

Interesting fact: there are way more capsule-filling machine models and types than you probably realize. So, before you go ahead and buy the first machine you spy on, here are a few worthy considerations to guarantee you’re getting the best kratom capsule-filling machine for your needs:

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1. Types of Machines

There are three main types of capsule-filling machines. These will tell you how much work you need to put into the process of filling capsules.

  • Hand-operated – Also called manual capsule filling machines, these are ideal for personal and family use. Manual kratom capsule filling machines require separated capsules since they usually don’t have a feature that separates the capsule.
  • Semi-automatic – These machines can work with both separated and joined capsules. They work faster than hand-operated machines but might be slightly more complex to use. Most of those who purchase these machines use them for personal use or for small businesses.
  • Automatic – An automatic machine requires the least intervention from an operator across all types of machines. Ideal for large-scale capsule production, automatic machines work on joined capsules and do all the heavy lifting so you can just load the system with empty capsules, and kratom powder, and turn the machine on.image of kratom capsules

2. Capsule Size and Machine Capacity

More sophisticated machines can handle capsules of all sizes. But then again, options like hand-operated machines might not provide as much versatility. Most of the manual kratom capsule filling machines available on the market only accept 000 and 00-sized capsules.

Another thing to consider would be the capacity of the machine you’re getting. Manual kratom capsule-filling machines can make between 20 to 800 capsules per session. But there are some designs that can make a modest 5 or 6 caps per session.

Semi-automatic machines can produce a minimum of 200 capsules every 10 minutes. And then, of course, automatic machines churn out thousands of caps with each cycle.

3. Added Features

Manufacturers can toss in any number of features to make their machines more convenient. These vary from model to model and don’t really affect the capsule filler’s function since they all work toward the same end. But even then, some users find that having these extra features can help make the process much more efficient.

  • Fixing minor capsule defects – The soft capsule material is prone to minor deformities. Some machines have a feature that fixes these little dents.
  • Separation and rejoining of caps and bodies – Semi-automatic and automatic machines can work on joined capsules, separating the caps from the bodies so you don’t have to. However, almost any machine can rejoin caps and bodies.
  • Ejection feature – While manual kratom capsule filling machines require that you remove filled and closed capsules by hand, more advanced machines can eject all loaded capsules in one go.

The 3 Best Kratom Capsule Filling Machines

There are tons of kratom capsule-filling machine models on the market. And while that might confuse you as to which one you should get for your personal, home, and family use, these top five picks consistently come out as top-rated options based on customer reviews.

1. Herb Affair Capsule-It At-Home Capsule Filler

This manual kratom capsule filler machine uses four separate parts to get the job done. Able to fill up to 100 capsules in a single cycle, the set comes with a tray for bodies, caps, and preventing spills. The whole bundle also includes a spreader that you can use to get your kratom powder evenly distributed over the open bodies.

Simple and easy to use, Herb Affair’s Capsule-It lets capsule bodies and caps fall right into place with just a few shakes. The spreader also helps make sure that every last grain of kratom powder falls into the capsules for minimum waste. Plus, because it’s dishwasher safe, you don’t really need to worry too much about cleaning up.



  • Simple, easy operation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Makes 100 capsules per session


  • Capsules don’t always fall right-side up
  • Only works on one capsule size

2. The Capsule Machine

You’ll find lots of kratom vendors offering The Capsule Machine through their websites. Producing a modest 24 capsules in one go, this machine provides easy operation that’s perfect for individual use.

According to reviews for the popular machine, the manual choice provides maximum convenience with its compact size and limited parts. It’s also particularly sturdy and well-made, so you can be sure to enjoy its simple performance for years to come.


  • Fewer parts and easy operation
  • Durable material
  • Compact size


  • Doesn’t fill capsules with the same amount of kratom
  • Bodies need to be manually placed in each hole

image of kratom capsules

3. Capsule Supplies Manual Capsule Filler 240-Count

If you were hoping to fill up a bunch of capsules to last you several weeks to a month, then Capsule Supplies’ Manual Capsule Filler might be for you. This design works to produce 240 capsules in one go. It features an all-transparent design that lets you see exactly what you’re working on.

Complete with a tamper and a spreader, the simple machine provides more accurate filling per capsule. That means you should be able to produce capsules with relatively the same amount of kratom powder inside.


  • Fills 240 capsules at a time
  • Transparent construction allows users to see how much powder is in each cap
  • Well-built and heavy duty


  • Not the easiest to clean
  • Requires manual placement of each individual cap and body

Finding the Best Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

Kratom capsules make taking a kratom dose just that much easier. But with the cost of these caps and the limited selection, it might be high time to take matters into your own hands.

Turn your favorite kratom powders into your very own pills using these top-rated kratom capsule-filling machines. Easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective, these machines can help you sustain your personal needs or start your very own small kratom business.

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