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Best Places to Buy Quality Kratom in Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie, PA, is a city well known for its old-fashioned vibe, stunning sunset views, and memorable destinations. And it is home to 92,732 people, many of whom buy kratom regularly. Thus, you can buy kratom in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Because of the growing popularity of kratom in the Erie area, many smoke shops, herbal shops, and even gas stations now offer kratom powder, extracts, liquids, and capsules. In fact, at least nine retailers within the city have kratom for sale.

Of course, buying from a local store does not always guarantee quality kratom products or reasonable prices. But there’s no need to stress yourself out. We’ve already compiled a list of the best places with kratom for sale based on quality, prices, and excellent customer service.

Is It Legal to Buy Kratom in Erie, Pennsylvania?

You should be happy to know you won’t be breaking the law if you buy kratom in Erie, Pennsylvania. In fact, you can legally buy kratom anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. But there’s a caveat. You can only purchase, possess, and use kratom in the city as long as you’re 18 years or older.


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According to House Bill 2357, passed by the Pennsylvania House just last year, selling kratom to individuals younger than 18 is prohibited. Stores that violate this law will be fined an amount ranging between $100 to $500. This is just for the first offense. The fines can reach up to $5,000 after the fourth offense.

image of is it legal to buy kratom in erie pa

While there’s currently no attempt to ban kratom in Erie right now, there have been attempts in the past. In 2019, several state house representatives proposed a resolution, HR460, which requested regulation on kratom from the FDA. One of its proponents, Rep. Scott Conklin, even announced to the press his intent to ban kratom in the state.

Fortunately, a lobbyist from the American Kratom Association (AKA) and Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones asked to meet with him to discuss the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This bill provides guidelines for the manufacturing, selling, and use of kratom.

A petition to implement the KCPA in Pennsylvania has been submitted. The AKA continues to advocate for KCPA to be adopted in every state. So, you can go enjoy kratom products in Erie without worry.

Fresh From the Source: The Best Stores Where You Can Buy Kratom in Erie, Pennsylvania

fgreen Because there are no regulations for kratom in Pennsylvania, you have no guarantee that the products for sale in local shops are sourced from reputable vendors with no additives or contaminants. If you want to buy top-quality kratom in Erie, PA, here are three you can trust:

image of hippie and the hound in erie pa

1. Hippie and the Hound

Address: 664 W 26th St, Erie, PA 16508, United States

The Hippie and the Hound is no ordinary vape shop. It was the first of its kind in Erie, providing locals with a reliable source for CBD products, glass pipes, and vape juice. More importantly, it offers one of the largest selections of kratom strains in the city.

The types of kratom available include Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Red Thai, Red Hulu, Green Borneo, Green Ketapang, Green Bentuangie, White Bali, White Hulu, and Yellow/Gold Maeng Da. The store even has blends for sale. Take note that this retailer only offers kratom powder.

Of course, that’s not enough to make this store stand out. The staff is knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. There’s even a coffee bar where you can hang out with friends. Then there’s the price, comparable to what you’ll see online. The Hippie and the Hound is the go-to place for kratom consumers in Erie.

image of pa botanicals in erie pa

2. PA Botanicals

Address: 5158 Peach St Unit #70, Erie, PA 16509, United States

PA Botanicals is an online vendor with three physical stores in Pennsylvania, including Erie. This family-owned business provides more than ease of access to the residents. It also has an extensive range of kratom products offered at reasonable prices. You can even get a discount through their loyalty program.

Because it is an online vendor, you can purchase kratom through its website or by stopping by the shop. You can opt for curbside pickup if you’d rather not mingle with the crowd. The in-store staff provides excellent customer service. They’re friendly and extremely helpful.

They know what they’re talking about and can even create special blends to suit your needs.

PA Botanicals stands out among all the other kratom retailers in the area because of its quality control process. All kratom products undergo rigorous testing by Wonderland Labs. The lab tests for contaminants, yeast, lead, mold, Salmonella, and E. Coli. It also tests the kratom’s alkaloid content. You can view all lab results online.

Aside from kratom powder, you can also buy kratom capsules, gummies, tinctures, and tablets. Other herbs and botanicals available here include Kava, Akuamma, Isolate powder, CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD kratom.

image of smoke buddys in erie pa

3. Smoke Buddys

Address: 4504 Peach St, Erie, PA 16509, United States

This local retailer has just about everything. It’s a smoke shop and convenience store all rolled into one. You can buy vape supplies, CBD products, cigars, lighters, pipes, snacks, drinks, etc.

The store is quite large but very easy to navigate. You can browse all the items in the store and not feel crowded by other buyers. They have a wide selection, which includes red and green kratom strains. More importantly, their prices are just about average.

The staff is cool and friendly. They know their stuff and are very patient when answering questions. Newbies are welcome here. Plus, they offer discounts if you work in the cannabis industry. This is a well-loved shop by residents and travelers alike.

Another Choice for Kratom From Erie, PA

You can also visit one other shop that carries kratom products. Smoker Friendly features a great selection of products, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the kratom product you need.

  • Smoker Friendly

Address: 1210 W 26th St #5, Erie, PA 16508, United States

Should You Buy Kratom Online or Locally?

The best thing about local retailers that sell kratom is the ease of access. You can replenish your stash as soon as you run out. You don’t need to wait for your kratom to be delivered. However, there are several reasons why many users prefer to buy online.

Despite its popularity in Pennsylvania, there are still no safety standards that can monitor the quality of kratom products sold by a local retailer. Some retailers may not even possess the expertise to handle such a product. They may be unable to answer your questions regarding the right dosage or storage.

In addition, the cost of running a store, which includes the rent, utilities, and salaries of the staff, will be included in the price of the product. This is why many online vendors can offer kratom at much more reasonable prices.

image of should you buy kratom online or locally

In comparison, online vendors purchase kratom directly from the source, which lessens the likelihood of contamination or unsafe handling. There’s no shelf space to consider, so they tend to have a wider selection. In fact, they can offer many strains, including those that do not have much demand.

In addition, most online vendors ensure the safety of their products through third-party testing. Professional labs rigorously test their kratom products for purity and potency. You can view the lab results on their website.


Obviously, you can easily buy kratom from various retailers within Erie and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, not all of these shops provide top-quality kratom that you can safely enjoy. If you want to get your money’s worth and avoid risking your health, just buy from an online vendor certified by the AKA.

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