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Why You Can’t Buy Kratom Products at Walgreens: Shopping Alternatives Explored

In today’s Western world, where kratom has become incredibly popular, debates and controversies regarding legality, legislation, and regulation continue with no end in sight. This is just one of the many reasons why national retailers like Walgreens are cautious with kratom products and refuse to sell them in their stores across the United States.

This guide will explain exactly the reasons why you won’t see kratom in Walgreens or similar stores, either now or in the unforeseen future. So read on to get the full scoop and reasons you won’t find kratom in Walgreens, including associated products like kratom drug test kits. We’ll also explore some great alternatives to Walgreens to purchase kratom both online and locally.

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Four Reasons Why Walgreens Doesn’t Kratom

You’ll find many compelling reasons why kratom products are not stocked on Walgreen’s shelves or other big-box stores. Because these are huge corporate companies with shareholders to be accountable to, they meticulously assess the advantages and risks of selling each and every product on their shelves.


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1. Safeguarding The Brand Reputation

Large corporate companies like Walgreens carefully protect their public image in order to maintain a positive brand perception, which ultimately benefits the shareholders of the company. Because kratom is already a controversial product, these retailers are keenly aware of how selling kratom may negatively impact their brand reputation.

If the company decides to promote kratom, boycotts and public backlash may occur, which would definitely not be great for business or publicity. Moreover, selling kratom may also affect customer loyalty, share prices, and investor relationships. Basically, deciding to sell kratom may hurt retailers like Walgreens in the public and private eye just for selling one product, which may have a bleed-over effect on their whole business model.

2. Risk of Lawsuits & Litigation

When large retailers like Walgreens encounter a potential risk of lawsuits with any product, they especially tend to stay clear. When legal controversies arise, selling third-party products can expose them to individual lawsuits and class actions. Instances of litigation against other big box retailers like 7-Eleven further highlight the potential legal complications and the associated financial and reputational risks involved with selling kratom.

image of regulatory risks and fines

3. Regulatory Risks & Fines

The FDA, an essential regulatory body, is another feat Walgreens would need to overcome if they decided to sell kratom. Since the FDA has strictly stated its position against kratom, it would put Walgreens in an awkward position and against shareholder interests to sell kratom. In this scenario, it is possible that the FDA can suspend Walgreens’ ability to sell any health-based products and even issue fines to them.

4. Finance & Insurance Issues

Banking and insurance relationships are also critical elements when looking at the potential reasons why Walgreens might not sell kratom. Because kratom products are considered high-risk to finance-based industries, relationships in terms of banking and insurance policies would likely be affected. This would likely lead to higher costs for banking and insurance services, therefore classifying Walgreens as part of the higher-risk bracket and affecting the business as a whole.

Does Walgreens Sell Kratom Drug Test Kits?

Unfortunately, Walgreens currently does not sell or offer kratom drug tests, which is likely due to brand and reputational risks by wanting to stay out of the controversy. However, as kratom continues to emerge in popularity and even be discussed at the highest levels of government, there’s a high chance these types of test kits might become available at Walgreens in the future.

Alternative Places to Buy Kratom Drug Tests

1. Amazon.com

Amazon is only one of the several online retailers that offer various kratom drug testing kits. For instance, on top of the list is a product by 12panelnow.com, offering a 20-pack of urine test cartridges. These kits cost $39.99 or $2.00 per set, which are advertised to show reliable and accurate results in under 5 minutes in urine at a 500mg/ml cutoff level.

2. Preferredmedsupply.com

Kratom Test Strips are also offered online by Preferred Medical Supply. They are advertised to detect the presence of kratom in the urine with more than 99% accuracy. The results are advertised as quick, in under 10 minutes. Each box of these urine test cartridges comes with 25 units and is sold at $37.00 per box at the regular retail price.

3. Drugtestingforless.com

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, Drug Testing for Less’s online store offers a one-panel kratom test by Healgen Scientific for only $19.50 for a box of 25. This kit is designed for quick and easy use, and results are advertised to show in under 10 minutes.

image of alternatives to buying kratom at walgreens

Alternatives to Buying Kratom at Walgreens

Besides big box retailers like Walgreens, you can purchase kratom from a whole other bunch of stores, including online and locally, at smokeshops, c-stores, and certain independently owned gas stations.

Buying Locally

Kratom products are readily accessible in big cities, particularly in smoke shops and headshops. It’s in your best interest to be cautious and do proper due diligence when buying from these shops and gas stations. Because these places are mostly distributors, they might not be aware of what’s in the products they sell, including product composition and manufacturing processes of the brand.

The best practice when buying kratom products locally is to research the store and specific brand, read reviews, and ask about the products in the store, asking for lab-certifies (COA) and other information relating to the quality of the kratom.

  • Cons: Prices may be higher than online.
  • Pros: You get the product immediately, with no waiting time.

image of buying online

Buying Online

When you purchase kratom online, you usually have more selection options to choose from, from specialized small-batch sellers to larger bulk sellers. Customers who prefer getting their kratom online can better compare a wider range of prices and strain selections and easily see online reviews. It’s also common for online vendors to post their certifications like AKA-GMP, lab-testing results, and user reviews for a more open and transparent process.

Another advantage of online kratom vendors is the often lower prices due to direct overseas sourcing and lower overhead costs than local sellers. Plus, you may also buy kratom products in larger quantities online than in local stores, which may further decrease your cost by buying in bulk.

  • Cons: Waiting for delivery in the mail and the potential risk of scams
  • Pros: Access to a broader selection of products, better prices, higher privacy, and due dilligence

Wrapping It All Up

Large national retailers like Walgreens and their decision not to sell a popular product like kratom shows the controversial and complicated nature of the kratom industry. The decision for a company to sell kratom is about finding the right balance between legal, regulatory, reputational, and financial concerns that can also impact the store’s overall brand image and existing customer base. With all the factors in mind, it appears unlikely that Walgreens will carry kratom either in their local stores or online unless significant shifts happen within the regulatory and legal frameworks of the kratom industry.

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