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White Maeng Da vs Red Maeng Da – Which One is Right for You?

We’ve all heard of kratom by now and all of the wonderful benefits that the herb provides. But before you head down to the local kratom shop to get your fix, it pays to know that there’s more than just one kind of kratom. In fact, there are dozens of kinds of kratom especially if you know where to look.

Perhaps one of the most iconic kratom varieties presently available comes in the form of Maeng Da. Sold in a number of color veins, Maeng Da’s white and red choices come out on top as the most beloved. But what exactly sets these two apart?

What is Maeng Da?

First things first — what exactly is Maeng Da? The Laotian word literally translates to ‘pimp’, and is taken to mean ‘pimp grade’ in reference to the kratom variety it identifies. The reason for its (interesting) nomenclature points to the fact that it’s considered the strongest kratom you’ll find on the market.

Maeng Da originally comes from Thailand, but has since been naturalized in many other parts of Southeast Asia. That’s why today, it’s impossible to tell exactly where a Maeng Da batch might have come from since it grows as wildly as a weed.


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In terms of effects, Maeng Da is generally an uplifting strain. The herb delivers a dose of powerful mood-boosting effects that help to take its user out of any sour disposition. The variety has also been known to lend a jolt of energy at lower doses. Take a dose that’s a little closer to your maximum limit, and Maeng Da can provide significant calm.

But while that might not sound too different compared to all the other kratom varieties out the market, Maeng Da’s real benefit lies in the fact that it’s much stronger than other kratom varieties. Rightly dubbed ‘pimp grade’, Maeng Da doesn’t call for such high doses to deliver its effects.

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Red vs White Maeng Da

Now, we get down to the actual point of debate — red or white? Remember that kratom tends to change its effects depending on the color of the veins underneath the leaves. According to kratom cultivators and experts, white vein kratom tends to be more energizing while red vein kratom offers more relaxing effects. Green vein kratom sits in the middle of those two, providing balanced effects for people who want to stay calmly productive.

Red Maeng Da is a bit of a contradiction considering the variety’s inherent effects. Maeng Da itself is an energetic variety, so red strain MD tends to come with a slight tinge of soothing relaxation. All together, taking red Maeng Da can make you feel upbeat, sociable, and elevated without being jittery or frantic. A higher dose can teeter you over the edge into a more subdued calm that could keep you stuck to your couch.

On the other hand, white vein Maeng Da tends to be far more lively. This specific type of MD has been known to keep its users up and running for extended periods of time. This makes it an ideal choice for people who might want to power through a mountain of work, or who might need that extra dose of vitality to complete a workout.

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What’s Right for You?

Stuck choosing between red and white Maeng Da? They’re both iconic strains. And that’s what makes it such a tough choice. Nonetheless, you should be able to zero in on the best pick by considering these factors:

Choosing between the two varieties really depends on what you’re hoping to achieve with your kratom use. While you might definitely be able to get away with just randomizing your choice, it always helps to consider what you really need.

Red and white vein Maeng Da work in completely different ways. So if you were hoping to experience its more energetic effects, then white vein should be your best choice. Otherwise, you could try out the red vein variety to help you wind down into a sense and state of calm and relaxation.

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Same Plant, Different Effects

You’d be surprised just how different two varieties of the same herb can be. On the surface, it might seem that red and white Maeng Da isn’t entirely that different. But with completely distinct effects, these two choices might as well come from completely different plants. Make sure you consider your need before you make a decision so you can land a kratom variety that’s right for you.

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