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The Best Kratom for Productivity: Exploring the Diversity of Kratom Strains

The Maeng Da strain is arguably the best kratom for productivity. It is a popular kratom strain with incredibly strong effects. The high amount of alkaloids enhances the brain’s performance by modulating receptors in the brain.

Other strains that give stimulating effects include the White Indo Kratom strain, the Super Green Malay, and the White Borneo Kratom strain.

Different Types of Kratom Strains

Similar to how there are numerous species of a plant, there are also multiple kratom strains. Their names are usually derived from their places of origin. This is because certain climates in areas where they grow can affect the substances in kratom plants.

Here are some of the common kratom strains and what we know about them:


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Malay – Many enthusiasts love this strain for its many benefits. Some of these include muscle relaxation, feelings of well-being, and increased focus. The effects can also last longer compared to other strains. At times, people combine Green Malay kratom with other strains for better effects.

Maeng Da Kratom – This is one of the most popular strains out there. Maeng Da is a Thai kratom, and its name literally means “Pimp Grade.” This is a term that they use for the strongest strains of kratom.

Maeng Da kratom is a potent strain best used for productivity. Some kratom users even take Green Maeng Da kratom as a substitute for coffee.

Sumatra – This variant comes from a kratom tree native to Indonesia. This kratom strain is excellent for relaxation and energy boosts.

Its effects are not as strong as other strains. However, they last comparably longer, and the effects can put the user in a positive mood.

image of different types of kratom strains

Borneo – Mistakenly referred to as Bali kratom, this kratom strain actually comes from Borneo. However, the name “Bali” stuck, so these terms are usually interchangeable. This kratom strain is known to offer a slight boost of energy.

Vein Kratom – This type of kratom is derived from the parts of a kratom leaf that aren’t usually consumed. It’s a recent discovery that some users found by experimenting with kratom veins and stems. Users said that the effects of this variant are relaxing and mood-enhancing.

Kratom Strains by Color

One way to identify a kratom strain is to look at the color of the veins. Red, green, and white are the color classifications:

Red Vein Kratom – This is the most popular type of kratom strain sold in the market. Red vein kratom strain is often described to have calming effects.

The effects can entirely depend on the dosage per person. But in general, red vein kratom is the most potent strain usually consumed for relaxation.

White Vein Kratom – Kratom users usually go for the white vein strains for their mood-enhancing and energizing effects. It’s also popular for its stimulant effects in improving focus.

If you normally experience jitters when taking coffee, you’ll most likely experience it with this strain. It can also make the user restless, leading to restless sleep.

Green Vein Kratom – The green vein kratom strain is usually described as the balance between the two previous strains mentioned. It’s also used to boost energy levels and improve focus.

Green vein kratom is sometimes mixed with other strains of kratom for a more potent effect. Some kratom users take it to feel more comfortable and at ease.

Different Kratom Products and How to Take Them

Since its arrival in the U.S., people have been trying to find new ways to enjoy kratom. Today, the options for kratom products are endless. Here are some of the most common forms of kratom:

image of kratom powder

Kratom Powder

This is one of the most common kratom products sold in the market. Kratom leaf powder is often mixed into drinks and recipes to mask the bitter taste.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom in capsule form is best for people on the go. Users can take them just like any regular herbal supplement. Kratom capsules are usually just encapsulated kratom powder.

Kratom Shots

Shots are usually kratom extracts sold in little bottles. These sometimes go by the name “liquid kratom”. They’re also mixed with other substances or flavors to appeal to the consumer market. You’ll usually see them marketed as kratom coffee shots or sold with ginger and lime.

image of kratom tea

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea using Maeng Da kratom is the best kratom for productivity. The warmth of the tea gives you a relaxing feeling that helps you slow down and focus on your tasks. The Maeng Da kratom strain is also known to energize and serve as a mood enhancer.

Where Can I Buy the Best Kratom for Productivity

You can buy kratom online or in stores, though this would largely depend on whether kratom is legal in your area or if it’s under certain restrictions.

If it’s legal and you’re over 21, you can find kratom in dedicated stores or in smoke and vape shops. Ask for Maeng Da kratom, and they’ll point you to other variants like the White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da kratom.

If you like, you can simply ask the storekeeper about their best kratom for productivity, and they’ll be happy to provide options. From there, you can choose the appropriate strain for your needs.

Shopping for Your Kratom Online

If you need kratom to boost productivity, you can also opt to order kratom online. Just look up Maeng Da kratom and browse the top results. Pick a store to order from and decide what form you want for this natural supplement: kratom powder, capsules, shots, etc.

Try comparing prices and offers before hitting the checkout button. Keep an eye out for stores that offer free overnight shipping if you need your fix immediately.

While many rank the Maeng Da kratom strain as best for productivity, the White Borneo kratom strain comes in second. However, kratom strains won’t always work the same way for every person. So try experimenting with different strains from different brands to see which works best for you.

image of frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native to countries in Southeast Asia. This tropical tree grows leaves containing chemicals that bring health benefits when ingested. Many say that low doses of kratom boost energy levels and improve mental clarity.

How much kratom should I take for productivity?

Dosage can vary depending on the kratom strains’ potency. If you’re unsure how much to take, try starting with a small dose and slowly moving up. The key is to listen to your body and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Is kratom legal in my state?

One way to check whether kratom is legal in your state is by looking it up on the internet. You can also go to the American Kratom Association website. It features a map that lets you track kratom status in every state.

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