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Super Indo Kratom Strain Review

The Super Indo Kratom strain is becoming incredibly popular despite it being new in the market. Dubbed the “Superstar” of the Kratom strains, Super Indo has earned an unmatched reputation among many Kratom enthusiasts. Some of its most adored characteristics include its jaw-dropping potency and longer-lasting effects.

But despite its growing popularity, only a few Kratom enthusiasts fully understand what this variety has to offer. This is why we’re going to profile the strain to give you in-depth knowledge about it. Read on for more insight.

Where Does Super Indo Kratom Come From?

Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) is a tree commonly found in Southeast Asia. It also goes by other names, such as:

  • Thom.
  • Thang.
  • Ketum.
  • Kakum.
  • Biak.

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Kratom strains such as Bali Kratom, Indo Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom derive their names from their places of origin. Indonesia is the origin place of Indo Kratom strains, including Super Indo Kratom, thus the name Indo.

Indonesia’s climate augurs well for the growth of Kratom strains. The sunlight, rainfall, and humidity levels there contribute to the best-quality Kratom than anywhere else.

Besides the weather conditions, Indonesia’s culture is well attuned to Kratom cultivation and harvest. Farmers use time-tested and legal farming practices that guarantee crop purity and safety. This, coupled with the climate factor, yields a unique Super Indo strain with high-quality alkaloid content.

Why the ‘Super’ Designation in Super Indo Kratom?

Is the designation ‘super’ a marketing gimmick, or does it refer to something unique that this strain has to offer? This is undeniably the burning question on everyone’s lips. Well, what distinguishes Super Indo Kratom from regular Indo Kratom is its super-sized leaves.

Unlike regular Indo Kratom, Super Indo originates from the larger Kratom leaves. The leaves are much larger because harvesting occurs at an advanced phase of maturity. These large-sized, mature leaves produce more primary alkaloids. These include:

  • Mitragynine.
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Remember, alkaloids are the natural compounds that produce Kratom’s distinctive and enjoyable effects. Thus, the high alkaloid content in Super Indo translates to greater potency and performance. This is how the name ‘Super’ was birthed.

What Are the Effects of Consuming Super Indo Kratom?

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The popularity of Super Indo Kratom stems from its distinct blend of attributes. The key alkaloid in Kratom is Mitragynine. It binds to certain brain receptors, bringing a host of effects, as mentioned by Kratom users.

The strain combines the exuberance and sharpness of Green-veined Kratom with the calmness of Red Kratom. This induces stimulation and relaxation concurrently. In simple terms, it makes you high, but with a sense of calmness.

As a result, you can study, work, and remain alert after consuming Super Indo Kratom. It also has mood-uplifting traits that increase your confidence, making you more sociable. This makes it a perfect strain for social events.

While every Kratom strain is typical of a powerful fragrance, few are as inimitably as sweet-scented as Super Indo Kratom. Super Indo boasts a range of flavonoids and terpene profiles that work in unison with its high alkaloid content. The resulting effect is an appealing aroma with notes of lavender and green tea. This Kratom strain is your best bet if you wish to feel rejuvenated, motivated, outgoing, and in control.

Available Vein Colors

Super Indo Kratom comes in three vein color varieties: Green, White, and Red. Here’s a breakdown of these veins.

  • Super White Indo

Due to its exceptionally high Mitragynine concentration, Super White Indo is a great energy booster. It aids with physical and arduous tasks while keeping exhaustion at bay. Users claim high energy levels for a longer duration. This makes it the perfect strain to kick-start a day or when you’re about to start a night shift.

  • Super Red Indo

Super Red Indo boasts the highest content of Mitragynine of any red strain. With just a small dose, Super Red Indo users experience a combination of anesthetizing and an ecstatic mind state. This potential frame of mind is generally smoother and calmer.

  • Super Green Indo

Super Green Indo shares some attributes with other strains like Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, or Green Bali. Users encounter a mild experience when it comes to energy, calmness, and stimulation.

Super Green Indo is the perfect middle ground between red vein and the very energizing white vein. It is the ideal strain for those trying out Kratom for the first time.

Super Indo Product Types

Super Indo Kratom is available in two forms: powder and capsules.

Powder Form

The magical powder consists of ground Super Indo leaves. It has the natural flavor of herbs, though a little bit bitter. There are various ways to enjoy Super Indo powder:

  • Brew it in the same way as you would coffee/tea.
  • Add it to your juice or smoothie.


image of super indo kratom capsules

You might not like Super Indo powder. Perhaps because of the taste or the mess associated with powder. In that case, the alternative is Super Indo capsules.

Capsules are a convenient and portable form of Super Indo Kratom powder. You have the option to buy capsules in various gram sizes. Each capsule contains a specific amount of Kratom powder in grams.

The Bottom Line

Super Indo Kratom is the latest sensation in the Kratom space. It is your best bet if you want a strain that induces stimulation and relaxation all at once. You can choose between the green, red, or white vein colors available in powder or capsule form. Whether you buy Super Indo in powder or capsules, make sure your storage area is a humidity-free, dry area.

While you’re on your purchase, you should look out for unscrupulous vendors that use the ‘Super’ designation as a marketing gimmick to lure you in. Ideally, check out the Super Kratom strain customer reviews for each vendor. And make your purchase from a vendor with positive customer reviews and a money-back guarantee.

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