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Among the white vein Kratom strains, White Horn Kratom is one of the rare and newer ones but still gaining immense popularity in the Kratom community. Due to its excellent alkaloid content, White Veined Horn Kratom is in high demand as it provides some outstanding benefits to users.

Thanks to its unique profile, White Horn is the perfect fit to add to any connoisseur’s collection. Rather than standing in line for your favorite cup of coffee at Starbucks, this white veined strain will give you an energetic and stimulating pick-me-up before you start your day.

Generally, it may be challenging to discover and try a new and rare strain, like Kratom White Horn, in the Kratom community. Luckily, here is a list of the unique features of Kratom White Horn.

  • Authentic and potent white vein Kratom strain
  • 100% pure and organic Kratom stain
  • High-quality finely ground powder available in different varieties
  • 100 Micron fast acting grind
  • Ideal for experienced users and connoisseurs
  • Grown and harvested in the dense jungles of Southeast Asia
  • Thoroughly tested for purity and quality

2 reviews for White Horn Kratom

  1. Tristan (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, less than impressive potency. Smells and seems fresh but it’s about the weakest I’ve tried. Price is very fair for the potency though.

  2. Calvin (verified owner)

    I have to say that the white horn that I bought from new dawn kratom has been a good experience. Very good price.

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The Origin of White Horn Kratom

Many Kratom enthusiasts know that Kratom derives its names from the region they are sourced from. But, there is no place in Southeast Asia called Horn. White Horn Kratom derives its name from the distinct shape of its leaves. The leaves of this Kratom tree have a spiky and edged form, allowing farmers to identify them easily.

Similar to other Horn Kratom varieties, we source our White Veined Horn Kratom from the remote and dense jungles in the West Kalimantan region on the island of Borneo, Southeast Asia. However, other vendors originate their White Horn Kratom from various areas in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, among many others.

Harvesting and Drying Of White Horn Kratom

The specific time of harvesting Kratom leaves determines its potency and type of Kratom strain. For instance, white-veined Kratom leaves can become green-veined Kratom leaves in just a matter of months and change into red-veined Kratom leaves.

When it comes to harvesting of White Veined Horn Kratom, it occurs during the earlier growth stages of the Kratom tree, when the leaf veins are lighter/white. Next, they are thoroughly washed in lukewarm water to remove any surface impurities and contaminants.

After drying, the dried leaves under a fermentation process, where they are put in airtight bags and left to ferment in a dark and indoor room. This process helps in modifying the alkaloid makeup of the Kratom leaf. The fermentation process lasts for about 24-72 hours and is then allowed to dry indoors.

Then, they are immediately dried by evenly spreading them out in a uniform layer within a fan-assisted indoor environment. These leaves are stored in large and dark holding rooms to prevent them from being exposed to direct sunlight. Industrial-grade fans aid in circulating indoor air and expelling moisture as the leaves dry.

The indoor drying process requires close monitoring and rigorous attention to proper sanitation. Without adequate sanitation and moisture management practices, mildew and mold may grow on the leaves, making them unfit for human consumption. Next, the leaves are prepared for crushing/grounding into a more acceptable consistency until we achieve the desired granularity.

What Makes White Horn Kratom So Unique?

Compared to Maeng Da in terms of popularity, White Horn Kratom is a newer variety of white vein Kratom strains that have become a favorite among many Kratom enthusiasts.

Its name ‘horn’ comes from the appearance of its jagged leaves, which aids farmers in identifying this strain when picking Kratom leaves. The leaves of this Kratom tree are long and ovular in shape, whose outline resembles small horn-like structures.

Other than its uniquely shaped leaves, White Veined Horn Kratom has several other distinct characteristics. They include:

An authentic and highly potent white vein Kratom strain

One of the main reasons White Horn Kratom is in such high demand is its high percentage of alkaloids, making it extremely powerful. Its two main active alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are responsible for its stimulating and energizing properties. In particular, this Kratom strain has higher levels of mitragynine than 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Additionally, it is vital to ensure you purchase superior quality White Horn Kratom powder to experience the intended effects. Thus, you must make sure that you are buying your Kratom from a legitimate vendor. At New Dawn Kratom, you are sure of high-quality and genuine Kratom products as we guarantee you reliability and safety.

100% pure and organic Kratom strain

The best quality of Kratom is one that does not have any chemicals, fillers, and pesticides. It is also preferable for farmers of Kratom trees not to use pesticides or other chemicals when growing them. In turn, our White Horn Kratom is grown naturally by the indigenous people in the region, who have grown these trees for hundreds of years.

Additionally, our team adheres to strict ethical standards to ensure they are free from contamination during the processing and packaging stages. We conduct these processes in closely monitored environments to ensure there is no exposure to impurities. As a result, White Veined Horn Kratom is a healthy diet supplement ideal for providing you with a set of desired effects.

Available in different consumption styles

Unlike coffee, there are a wide variety of consumption methods of White Horn. The most available and simplest method to consume it is in powder form. Upon drying the leaves, we finely grind/crush them to form a fine consistency, similar to that of sugar. Kratom enthusiasts use this White Horn Kratom powder to make hot tea. It is also possible to combine this strain’s powder form with your favorite meals and drinks, like smoothies, milkshakes, and fruit juices.

It is also possible to chew the dried leaves directly for instant effects. However, many avid Kratom users do not prefer ingesting it in this form due to its bitter and earthy taste. Similarly, it is likely to leave your mouth dry, interfering with your oral hygiene. Another consumption method of Kratom White Horn is through capsule or pill form. This method is perfect for those who do not enjoy the bitter taste, and it is also very convenient to carry around as they are discrete, making them ideal for people who travel often.

 An ideal fit for any Kratom enthusiast’s collection

Due to its highly potent nature and unique set of benefits, White Horn Kratom is best for Kratom users who have some experience in using Kratom. It consists of high levels of mitragynine, which give it robust and long-lasting effects.

So, if you are an experienced Kratom user looking for a new fix, White Horn is an excellent choice. In fact, it might grow to become your new favorite blend!

Grown and harvested in the dense jungles of Southeast Asia

As mentioned earlier, we source our White Veined Horn Kratom from the West Kalimantan region on the island of Borneo, Southeast Asia. We value our relationship with the indigenous farmers of White Horn in the area. Not only do they practice ethical and sustainable agricultural farming methods, but they also have years of experience and expertise in growing these Kratom trees.

Cultivation of this Kratom tree involves carefully hand-picking its young leaves, ensuring the tree survive for another season of harvesting in the future. Next, they gently wash the leaves with lukewarm water to remove surface impurities. Then, they uniformly spread out the leaves in a large and darkroom for drying. The closely monitored drying process ensures no contamination of the leaves by mold, mildew, and other impurities. Once the leaves are entirely, we crush them into fine powder.

Thoroughly tested for purity and quality

All our products undergo a thorough and rigorous lab testing procedure to ascertain their purity, safety, quality, consistency, and potency. Thanks to high-quality and third-party laboratories, our White Horn Kratom products are exclusively tested through a total of six tests to ensure they are safe for consumption and of premium quality.

Upon positive confirmation of the lab tests, we package the products in an air-tight bag within a safe environment. It is also vital to note that we follow the GMP standards on packaging guidelines to ensure our products reach our customers as fresh and potent as possible.

How Does White Horn Kratom Compare To Its Red Vein And Green Vein Counterparts?

Like other Kratom strains, Horn Kratom is available in three different varieties, green, red, and white, all depending on the color of the veins underneath the leaves. These three strains of Horned Kratom all have unique properties due to their unique harvesting and post-harvesting techniques.

For instance, the harvesting of Green Horn leaves is during the middle growth stages of the Kratom tree, Red Horn from a fully matured Kratom tree, making it the most potent form, and picking of White Horn leaves occurs when the tree is in its earlier growth stages. The different times in harvesting dictate the levels of the alkaloid content, which translates to their potency.

Finding the Perfect Kratom Strain for you

If you want an extremely potent, 100% pure, high-quality, and fast-acting white vein Kratom strain, we recommend White Horn Kratom. It is available in many distinct forms and tested for quality, safety, purity, consistency, and potency to ensure avid users get the best experience when using it.

At New Dawn Kratom, we offer Red, Green, and White Horn Kratom in powder and capsule form. Our products are tested for purity and potency. We are also committed to offering our customers a 100% customer satisfaction which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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