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Super White Kratom

Super White Kratom


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Super White Kratom is a dynamic “super strain” from the Malay Archipelago of Southeast Asia. This exotic strain is a subtle and youthful specimen from the coffee family. It is harvested in the tropical lowlands of Kalimantan. This super white vein kratom powder is one of the world’s most coveted white vein kratom strains. More than White Maeng Da or Sumatra, Super White is known to be potent and enjoyable at low doses. Super White is as refreshing as it is exhilarating.

What is Super White Kratom?

Super White is a white vein super kratom strain from Southeast Asia. Shrouded amid the imposing mangroves of Kalimantan’s lowland rainforests, Super White begins its life as White Kali. This distinguished strain boasts a higher alkaloid content and a fuller chemical makeup than standard strains.

As a coffee genus, super white vein kratom may provide invigorating properties that offer a caffeine-free pick-me-up. Moreover, Super White may deliver unsurpassed energy in the kratom marketplace. Many users report an aroma lasting several hours at low to moderate doses.

How is Our Super Kratom Made?

Super White is derived from the Kali kratom tree, which grows in small batches in remote pockets of Kalimantan Island. White Kali has similar effects to White Bali when produced by conventional means. This plain leaf kratom powder typically requires larger doses.

The young but fertile White Kali strain is transfigured into Super White, a more elevated blend. This super strain is achieved through modification. Once the kratom leaves have been harvested, the youngest, healthiest-looking specimens undergo a signature curing process.

Super White receives minimal sunlight for an alkaloid profile distinct from the plain leaf. This partial sun exposure alters the cell wall density of the kratom leaves, resulting in longer-lasting quality.

Why Buy Your Kratom from Us?

Super White is unlike any other white kratom strain; it is more invigorating than a green vein, more soothing than a red vein, and possesses energy levels on par with Super White Maeng Da.

Our Super White achieves its superior aroma when cured. We offer a refined, clean brew at New Dawn Kratom without other brands’ graininess and impurity. Our quality control protocol includes state-of-the-art moisture removal, Smart grinding, and KCPA-compliant packaging.

We regularly participate in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program and test our products via a reputable third-party lab. Our involvement with the GMP program means an AKA auditor assesses our facility annually.