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2-Way Split Caps (2 x 700 Caps)

2-Way Split Caps (2 x 700 Caps)


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Choose 2 strains; you’ll get 2 x 700 caps for just $119.99

We believe variety is the spice of life. As a result, we have introduced our two-way split deals on kratom caps. Now you can try two of our top-shelf kratom strains for significantly less than you would from retailers. We have rolled out our full line of veins for this exciting split capsule sale. Please avail yourself of our entire additive-free collection at affordable rates.





What is a Two-Way Split?

The two-way split describes any combination of two disparate kratom strains in one order. When you purchase a two-way split from New Dawn, you receive two pouches of 700 kratom capsules. That saves you the trouble of investing big in strains that disappoint.

We conceived our two-way split with first-time buyers in mind; newcomers should have options outside bulk buys that may not appeal. With that in mind, we have rolled out our two splits.

Seasoned kratom users should appreciate our two-way split for its affordability. That allows you to try new strains for less than most spend on the same-old basics. The freedom (and savings) belong to you.

Choose Your Strains

Our two-way split lets you pick the strains you want in the colors that suit your needs. Whether it’s a “fast” green you desire or a “slow” and soothing white kratom you crave, you’ll find it right here. That includes each of our sun-dried strains and kratom blends.

Picking the right strain has never been easier with our background info. Product pages provide detailed information about origins and cultivation methods. As a result, you will learn about the history of kratom and what to anticipate.

For example, our green vein pages describe their inspiring and vigorous aroma. In contrast, our red vein kratom pages describe the restorative properties of reds. Finally, you see white kratom evince a restful, serene quality.

Mix Things Up

The two-way split enables you to create your custom blend. Some users mix kratom to produce a more potent sensation. Some enjoy combining greens with whites, while others favor alleviating reds and whites.

We’ve got it all for one low price. Indulge your need for diversity while discovering your go-to kratom caps.

What Makes Our Kratom Capsules Special?

New Dawn Kratom may be the first vendor to offer cut-rate splits on capsules. Our economy pricing allows everyone to afford the strains they’ve been craving. Meanwhile, our secure packaging ensures your experience is fresh and overflowing with fragrance.

We ethically source our kratom from a sustainable farm. Every batch gets manufactured in GMP-compliant packing facilities for your protection. We proudly support the efforts of the AKA (American Kratom Association) and the KCPA (Kratom Consumer Protection Act).