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 We proudly source only the finest and freshest Horn kratom leaf cultivated by expert Southeast Asian growers. Dive into our Red variety for a potential harmonious boost, get lifted by the White’s potential energetic vibes, or find your perfect middle ground with the Green’s potential balanced effects.

Each variety we offer is a testament to the subtle yet rich array of alkaloids, showcasing the exceptional quality of leaves our master growers harvest. We invite everyone to sample these Horn varieties, knowing a complete satisfaction guarantee backs them behind every purchase.



RedRelaxation + Calm
WhiteEnergy + Motivation
GreenMood + Motivation


Red Horn

Red Horn might offer soothing sensations of total relaxation while retaining mental clarity and function. Effects might include profoundly calming properties complemented by tranquil mood enhancement – ideal for potentially releasing daily tensions in the evening hours.


  • Relaxation + Soothing
  • Mood + Mental Clarity
  • Evening + Night Use


White Horn

White Horn may offer a surge of motivation and concentration paired with mood elevation. Our smooth white might offer lively stimulation that energizes productivity and focus.


  • Energy + Motivation
  • Mood + Focus
  • Stimulation + Productivity


Green Horn

Green Horn may offer smooth motivation fused with calm bodily relaxation – allowing for potentially increased productivity. Effects might include uplifted energy and mood, making everyday tasks more enjoyable.


  • Motivation + Calm
  • Energy + Productivity
  • Mood + Concentration