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Cultivated in the tropical evergreen forests of Indonesia, Red Indo Kratom is a red-veined Kratom variety that is obtained from matured leaves of Mitragyna speciosa trees.
Like other red vein strains, Red Indo Kratom contains a high concentration of alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitragynine. This alkaloid makeup characterizes the strain’s potency.
According to Kratom connoisseurs, Kratom Red Indo offers milder but long-lasting effects making it a perfect choice for new and seasoned Kratom users.
Here are some of the best features of our Red Indo Kratom.
• High concentration of alkaloids
• Suitable for beginners
• Top-quality, fine-ground powder
• Sourced from local farmers throughout Southeast Asia
• Tested for purity


2 reviews for Red Indo Kratom

  1. demers2021 (verified owner)

    i have been very satisfied with new dawn kratom . its fresh and doesnt break the bank, thank you new dawn

  2. Dana Shoemaker

    New Dawn is amazing I have placed 3 orders with them and received my order in 3 days.The kratom is very high quality and the customer service is the best.Thank you

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The Origin of Red Indo Kratom

Red Indo Kratom as the name suggests is a unique red vein Kratom variety that grows in abundance in the lush, tropical evergreen rainforests of Indonesia where the most potent and oldest Mitragyna speciosa trees are found.

Traditionally, Red Indo Kratom was used by local tribesmen as a painkiller and even as an aphrodisiac. The locals would chew the leaves or brew up a tea to cure their pain.

Today, Red Indo Kratom is used for its various properties including the ability to stimulate the brain and manage various health conditions.

Growing, Harvesting, and Processing of Red Indo Kratom

Like other Kratom strains, Indo Kratom thrives well in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. These forests are known to produce the most potent Kratom strains thanks to their nutrient-rich and acidic soils that help boost alkaloid concentration.

As a tropical evergreen plant, a Red Indo Kratom tree can grow up to a height of 70 feet or more and is ready for harvest when it reaches a height of 20 feet. However, it’s important to note that the quality of the Red Vein Kratom is not as much influenced by the height of the tree but rather by when it was harvested.

That said, Red Indo Kratom is obtained from the mature Kratom leaves – when the little netted veins, the veins, and the midrib are dark red. At this age, the Red Indo Kratom leaves contain high levels of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine which explains its high potency.

During harvesting, the Red Indo Kratom leaves are carefully picked by experienced harvesters who have worked in the industry for decades. The harvesters carefully select the best leaves and then strip them from the stem by hand.

After harvesting, the leaves are cleaned to remove debris and dirt. They are then hung in racks to get rid of moisture. However, unlike the Green and White strains, Red Indo Kratom is dried out in direct sunlight and under the shade for an extended period of time until its desired form is met.

After drying, some of the Red Indo leaves are sent to processing plants where they are used to produce several other Kratom products while some are ground into fine powder using industrial grade grinders.

To make sure that all of the leaf is ground finely during the process, farmers monitor this closely by looking at residue. The powder that comes out should be completely without lumpy or rough parts from the leaves themselves in order to produce a normal texture. The farmers however control the extent of grinding, depending on specific requirements.

What makes Our Red Indo Kratom Special?

Red Indo shares several qualities with other red vein strains, however, it also has a few unique attributes. Though the differences may not be obvious at first, they can make Red Indo a great choice for customers who are looking for something new and exciting.

That said, let’s see some of the unique features that make Red Indo Kratom a special yet classic red-veined strain.

High concentration of alkaloids

Red Indo Kratom, like other red-veined varieties, is high in the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These two alkaloids are responsible for Red Indo Kratom’s potency and long-lasting effects.

Unique processing technique

The way that the leaves are processed can have a huge impact on the resulting quality of the product, as well as its properties- both physical and chemical. It is for these reasons that our Red Indo Kratom leaves are air-dried under direct sunlight, which is a more natural and traditional processing technique compared to other methods that are used in the industry.

Suitable for beginners

Red Indo Kratom has a relatively low level of stimulant alkaloids. The strain has relatively low levels of potent alkaloid mitragynine and high levels of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine. This makes it a good choice for those new to Kratom or those looking for a milder but long-lasting experience.

Top-quality, fine-ground powder

Our Kratom leaves are finely ground to the consistency of powdered sugar. This is done to ensure quick extraction of alkaloids present in the powder when mixed with water or your favorite fruit juice.

Sourced from local farmers throughout Southeast Asia

To ensure that we deliver the best quality Kratom to our customers, we ethically source our Red Indo Kratom from our trusted and reliable Kratom growers based in Indonesia and other Southeast Asia regions. Our farmers practice sustainable agricultural practices to conserve the environment and ensure that our Kratom leaves are not contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals.

Tested for Purity

At New Dawn Kratom, every Kratom batch we receive is tested for purity and potency to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality Red Indo Kratom on the market. Among some of the tests that we run include: alkaloid analysis, microbial screening, and Heavy Metal Testing

Red Indo Kratom vs. Green and White Indo Kratom

If you have been using White or Green Indo Kratom for quite some time but are looking out for a milder alternative then switching over to Red Indo Kratom may be the perfect choice.

Unlike White and Green Indo Kratom, Red Indo Kratom has a higher concentration of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine than mitragynine which is responsible for the strain’s milder effects.

How Does Red Indo Kratom Taste Like?

The Red vein strain offers a sour, earthy taste. This is more pronounced when the Kratom leaves are consumed with lemon or lime juice. The bitter taste of this Kratom variety can be masked by drinking milk, eating chocolate, or taking a small dose of stevia to add sweetness in its place.

Is Red Indo Kratom Legal Status in the U.S.?

Kratom is legal throughout most of the U.S. with a few exceptions which include Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Rhode Island. Some states such as Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Illinois have not banned the product but instead imposed age restrictions.

Buy Premium Grade Red Indo Kratom at New Dawn Kratom

At New Dawn Kratom, we are committed to delivering excellence, and that why our Kratom products are sourced from trusted suppliers. We offer the most potent Red Indo Kratom in the market in several variations such as powder, capsules, and extract to suit your needs.

With our outstanding customer service and product quality, you know that we will continue delivering nothing short of an exceptional Kratom experience every time. Place an order today!

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