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Green Indo Kratom is abundantly present on the territory of Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country with an impressive archipelago that numbers more than 17,000 islands. Indo Kratom is more likely to be found in the vicinity of Sumatra’s and Kalimantan’s rainforests, while the plant has no specific traits as such. 

Instead, Green Indo is the general designation of Kratom grown and harvested on Indonesian territory. The strain offers a balanced mix of effects that includes an increase in relaxation and motivation, to begin with. This makes it a favorite baseline ingredient in premium blends that mix together several strains. For less tolerant or select individuals, Indo can also provide slight stimulation. 

Green Indo Kratom – Best Features:

  • One of the more moderate Green strains, known mostly for mood improvement,
  • Suitable for all types of consumers,
  • Fine-grain powder that facilitates absorption,
  • Sourced from farmers from across the Indonesian archipelago,
  • Tested for purity.

The balanced spectrum of Green Vein Indo Kratom makes it an excellent choice for new Kratom consumers. Just remember that Kratom works best in small doses and if a strain proves to be overpowering, switching to a different one is advised. Our Green Veined Indo Kratom is constantly tested for contaminants, thereby ensuring that our end-product is always clean and pure.

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