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Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom may be the market’s oldest and most time-honored kratom strain. This classic cultivar from Southeast Asia boasts a rich history and great cultural significance. It is among our most potent kratom strains.

Indo Kratom is a highly invigorating strain with a well-balanced aroma and an enduring duration. Our Indo kratom powder is sifted and milled using state-of-the-art technology for a velvety grind that’s never clumpy and always helps you unwind.

The Origins of Indo Kratom (History, Production & More)

Indo Kratom has been growing in the lowlands of Indonesia for centuries. Unlike its neighbor, Malaysia, Indonesia has never passed any law restricting kratom cultivation, sales, or possession. As a result, many farmers have taken the cuttings of kratom trees from the country’s National Park and transplanted them to their plantations.