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Renowned as potentially energetic or deeply relaxing, Indo kratom varieties offer a potential of clear-headed daytime motivation or tranquil evening sedation. Available varieties include invigorating Green, relaxing Red, mood-lifting White, and our exclusive Yellow fusion blend. Each potentially offers slightly distinct properties owed to the careful cultivation, harvesting, and curing. We ethically source these varieties from experienced local farmers who have perfected the aromas over many years of cultivation practices.



GreenEnergy + Motivation
WhiteStimulation + Positivity
RedRelaxing + Calming
YellowBalanced Blend


Green Indo

Green Indo might offer clean energy paired with a clear-headed calm. Effects might include invigoration ideal during active hours without overstimulation. Our Green remains potentially versatile for daytime needs.


  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Productivity


Red Indo

Red Indo may initiate relaxation and unwinding paired with a calming ease. Effects might include calming properties that unwind while avoiding excessive sedation. Our Red might fit evening and night use well.


  • Relaxation + Calming
  • Evening + Night Use


White Indo

White Indo might offer clean stimulation and optimism. Effects might include increased energy and social mood elevation, ideal for active hours when clear-headed motivation thrives. Our White may fit well for those seeking a productivity boost.


  • Stimulation + Energy
  • Mood Lift
  • Productivity + Focus


Yellow Indo

Yellow Indo may offer a balanced motivation blended with relaxation. Lower amounts might provide gently focused energy, while higher quantities might progress into deeper calming vibes. Our Yellow may offer versatility from day until evening, potentially fitting a diverse range of needs.


  • Relaxation + Motivation
  • Balanced
  • Day + Night Use