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Top 30 Most Popular Kratom Strains Online

What are kratom strains?

Different kratom strains are like varieties of coffee or cannabis: each type may have a different flavor profile, set of effects, and country of origin that defines it. Each stain tends to be characterized by a combination of all three of these things.

Kratom strains are also heavily defined by leaf vein color.

This is the color of the leaf’s vein from the kratom tree from which this strain is harvested. There are red, green, yellow, and white kratom categories. White vein strains may be considered more energetic and intense. In contrast, green vein kratom varieties are more balanced, and red vein strains are more relaxing or soothing (yellow is considered a combination of green and red vein kratom).

Most popular kratom strains – how did we come up with this ranking?

To come up with this comprehensive list of the most popular kratom strains, we studied critical criteria for users and completed general research on kratom’s broad spectrum of effects. Then, with our professional tools and deep, authoritative knowledge of kratom, we completed a thorough scan of online searches done by both experienced kratom lovers and the newly kratom-curious.

For example, we studied closely what analytics popped up when using search engine terms like “kratom review”, “kratom capsules,” “kratom dosage,” and more. Which strains were most associated with these terms? What were users most likely to be curious about?


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We also gleaned through reviews on various strains undertaken by legitimate kratom knowledge sources and reputable companies. Which were the most commonly examined in review articles? Which ones were most likely to be put in the #1 spot?

image of kratom strain popularity score how we calculate

Popularity score – how we calculate

Each of our following choices for the most popular kratom strains, with help from the above criteria, is further calculated for its popularity in the following ways:

  1. Search volume

    Looking at US analytics specifically, we added the search volume of related queries focusing on specific kratom strains and how often they were looked up. (E.g., keywords like “kratom red Bali”, “red Bali kratom review”, and “red Bali effects”). The larger the search volume, the more popular the strain could be considered to be.

  2. Popularity score calculation

    To get the actual number score to rate each of the following entries, we divided the number of the search volume (per month) by 1000. (E.g., search queries on Green Malay Kratom every month are about 8200, giving it a popularity score of 82.)

  3. Compare and contrast

    We generated this tool to help the kratom curious and adventurous. Experienced users have an easy way to quickly and conveniently grasp strain popularity when compared. (E.g. Green Malay kratom is nine times more prevalent than Green Hulu kratom. Green Malay has a rating of 8.2, while Green Hulu has a rating of 0.9).

Top 30 Most Popular Kratom Strains (from Least to Most)

image of white hulu kaupas kratom popularity score

30. White Hulu Kapuas

Popularity score: 0.5

Sometimes also called White Kapuas kratom, White Hulu hails from a specific region of Indonesia along the banks of the Kapuas River, just like all other Hulu strains. Part of why it may be lower on the popularity score is because it is not a well-known strain— but it is still rated highly by users, especially for energy, focus, and mood-boosting.




29. Yellow Borneo

image of yellow borneo kratom popularity scorePopularity score: 0.5

You won’t find too many yellow varieties on our popularity list because “yellow” kratom, to some, can be a tricky category of kratom to define, and many don’t consider it a “primary” kratom category. Still, we found Yellow Borneo (named for being cultivated on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo) to be one of the most popular yellow vein types, best known for sedative and soothing effects more than anything else.

28. Yellow Vietnam

image of yellow vietnam kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 0.7

Another yellow strain and considered “new on the market” in the western world, Yellow Vietnam rates very high on rating scales for calming and relaxation support. Being cultivated in Vietnam means it comes from some of the luscious kratom-growing areas in the world. Yellow Vietnam also provides strong relaxation support, so it is not a strain for energy seekers. We predict this one will become the most popular yellow vein kratom strain.

27. Green Indo

image of green indo kratom popularity scorePopularity score: 0.7

Indo strains, named for coming from Indonesia, are widely regarded as very easy and accessible for first-time kratom users. Their effects are not intense or overwhelming; Green Indo, in particular, is strongly recommended for beginners. Its trademark qualities give you some extra pep and step in your step in the morning, like a strong cup of coffee.

26. White Sumatra

image of white sumatra kratom popularity scorePopularity score: 0.7

Many would consider White Sumatra a very powerful and popular strain (it just turns out there are even more popular strains). Sumatran strains from the island of Sumatra are considered very complex and fascinating. What makes this strain, in particular, so desirable: is its unique effect profile, which is very strongly sedating and energetic.

25. White Elephant

image of white elephant kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 0.7

Elephant kratom varieties come from plants with large, droopy leaves like elephant ears, thus the name. White Elephant is by far the most popular of all Elephant varieties, according to our analytics and our representative candidate for this list. White Elephant boosts energy while also causing a wave of relaxation.

24. Green Hulu

image of green hulu kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 0.9

Also called Green Hulu Kapuas kratom, you’ll want to grab this strain off the shelf when some mental energy and focus are needed. It’s also no slouch in the mood-boosting category and supporting relaxation. You can call this one the “jack of all trades” of the kratom world.

23: Red Indo

image of red indo kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 0.9

Another excellent strain for beginners, Red Indo, is another “utilitarian” variety with unique effects that make it highly sought out by users. In the case of Red Indo, you can experience significant calming effects and mood-boosting. According to reviews, high doses are more calming, and lower doses can give you energy.

22: Green Thai

image of green thai kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 0.9

Energy lovers rejoice: Green Thai is one of the best-recommended strains for getting a natural little lift in the day when you need it. Thai strains (from Thailand) are relatively new to the kratom scene, so they have many facets to explore. That said, reviewers find Green Thai to rate highly in other effect categories besides energy—calming benefits and mood-boosting. Like Red Indo, getting the target effect you want could be controlled by dose (higher doses being more calming).

21: Red Sumatra

image of red sumatra kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.0

Another Sumatran kratom strain in our lineup, Red Sumatra, is notorious above all else for supporting the body. Second in its repertoire is helping with relaxation and improving mood. This strain made our popular list not just for the analytics but because there may hardly be a better kratom type to turn to when you need a reliable red vein kratom strain.

20: Red Malaimage of red malay kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.1

Like the previous strain Red Sumatra, Red Malay is a top choice for red vein kratom enthusiasts. Called “Malay” because the strain originates from Malaysian cultivars; you’ve also got to try this type if you favor relaxation and improved mood. All around, this is a very calming strain though it does not rate high on giving you energy.

19: Red Horimage of red horn kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.1

Horn varieties of kratom get their name from the spiky or pointed nature of the leaves of these kratom trees. As for Red Horn kratom strains specifically, their effects right out of the bag are on the more subdued and low-key end of the scale: focused on soothing effects. Interestingly, Red Horn kratom tends to be in very low supply because it comes from unique-shaped kratom leaves, making it more attractive to people (and more popular).

18: Green Bali

image of green bali kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.3

Bali strains, called such because of their Balinese export origins, are overall considered very powerful and long-lasting. They remain one of the most popular categories based on origin, and it’s no doubt that they are so strong. Green Bali is especially famous for packing a punch — to the point where some users do not recommend it for beginners at all or to start at very small doses. Its signature effects are a significant surge of energy.

17: White Indo

image of white indo kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.5

Want a strain that can help you wind down while giving you an energy boost? White Indo is the ideal balance between these two polarities, helping users get the best of both worlds and experience simultaneous effects in perfect harmony. It’s fantastic for improving mood and boosting energy and soothing the body. It may be the “just right” strain to try for a late evening gathering or post-work chores before sleep.

16: Red Hulu

image of red hulu kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.7

Not much seems to be known about Red Hulu kratom. And yet, it is one of the most popular strains…and growing. Sources and users say it is rare and consistently in low supply but with very powerful effects and thus highly prized— which may be why so many people buy it. It packs a heavy punch regarding energy and mood-lifting and tends to be strictly recommended for experienced users.

15: Green Dragon

image of green dragon kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 1.7

Dragon strains of kratom remain enduringly popular top sellers, though they are not named after a place of origin. Dragon strains are considered unique proprietary blends, and little is known about what goes into them— but one thing is sure: they are potent strains! Green Dragon, in particular, rates high on the energy and mood scale, giving you a considerable boost. It can also help soothe an overactive mind as well.

14: White Bali

image of white bali kratom popularity score



Popularity score: 1.8

Around the world, people love White Bali kratom. Despite the strain’s name, Bali strains are only imported and then sold through Balinese connoisseurs; they are grown on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo and not in Bali. White Bali, in particular, comes strongly recommended for elevating mood and easing an overactive mind.

13: Green Vietnam

image of green vietnam kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 2.5

Vietnam strains are considered unique, rare, and hard to obtain; Green Vietnam is no exception. Considered one of the most “balanced” kratom strains, this variety gets very high marks in the energy and body support categories. Secondary to these, it’s an all-around great choice for improving mood and soothing an overactive mind. If you get your hands on Green Vietnam kratom, you can bet you have one of the most versatile stains in the kratom business.

12: White Horn

image of white horn kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 2.6

Another Horn kratom strain (from “horned” or spiky kratom leaves), White Horn probably makes our top most popular kratom strains online thanks to its very strong mood-boosting effects as its primary forte. It is also extremely rare to find, adding more to its mystique and, thus, its popularity. If you want a good energy boost and an improved mood, this strain is worthwhile to try to find and try out for yourself.

11: White Thai

image of white thai kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 2.7

Thai strains are not very definable, and there isn’t a whole lot that people know about White Thai kratom. Nevertheless, because it’s mysterious, people are set on trying it. Like any white vein kratom strain, White Thai ranks high in the energy department: giving you a pleasant, stimulating, and revitalizing lift throughout your day. Some sources say it’s excellent for both mental focus and athletic performance.

10: Red Thai

image of red thai kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 3.0

Another Thai kratom strain, Red Thai, is exceptional in calming and relaxation, which might be what positions it to a more popular position than White and Green Thai strains. It may also be because this variety is a bit more well-explored. It gets top marks for supporting relaxation.

9: Red Dragon

image of red dragon kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 3.0

Dragon kratom strains will probably always remain ferociously popular, not unlike their name— probably also owing to their secretive proprietary nature. Though a red vein kratom variety, it is also famed for some stimulating and energy-increasing effects alongside the trademark soothing and mind-relaxing qualities so well known with red kratom types.

8: Red Borneo

image of red borneo kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 3.0

Kratom users worldwide have likely taken a shine to Red Borneo because you can get a broad spectrum of effects— and it all depends on what dose you take. Low doses supposedly bring a surge of energy and mood enhancement, while the more you take, the more relaxing and serene your experience will be. Be warned: all Borneo strains have long-lasting effects compared to other strains.

7: Green Borneo

image of green borneo kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 3.4

Yet another from the Borneo kratom strain category, expect the same signature marathon-type kratom experience from Green Borneo: a slow come-up, very long-lasting effects, and qualities that could be described as very Zen, grounding, comforting, soothing— and somehow also invigorating and energizing all at the same time. On the whole, Green Borneo is revered as a very balanced strain.

6: White Borneo

image of white borneo kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 5.6

You may notice more than a sizable jump in the popularity score between Green Borneo and White Borneo here. That’s because people who love kratom for its energy-boosting effects find White Borneo irresistible in this department: not only does it provide a stimulating effect, but it can also improve focus, and mental clarity, and support mood; and, like all Borneo strains, the effects last much longer than other types.

5: Green Maeng Da

image of green maeng da kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 6.2

Maeng Da kratom strains are widely considered the crème de la crème or “top shelf” varieties of the kratom world. Translating in Thai to “pimp” (a slang term for the “best of the best”), all Maeng Da vein colors are exceptionally popular, with the least popular being Green Maeng Da— though by all kratom strain standards, Green Maeng Da is wildly popular for incredibly balanced mood-boosting, focus-boosting, and energy stimulating benefits.

4: White Maeng Da

image of white maeng da kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 7.7

This strain remains one of the most sought for a good energy and mood boost. Because it is both a white vein leaf strain and a Maeng Da strain, this combo makes it incredibly strong with its stimulating effects. Beginners might find it a bit overwhelming or want to try it out in low doses first.

3: Green Malay

image of green malay kratom popularity score


Popularity score: 8.2

Kratom users worldwide seem to love Green Malay for its perfect balance of all. It might offer energy support, calming, relaxation, clarity, and focus. It’s also shown to have more alkaloids than other strains. Though very popular, it’s a more low-key and subdued strain than the famous and more potent strains, such as Maeng Da or Dragon types.

2: Red Bali

image of red bali kratom popularity score




Popularity score: 11.3

You’ll notice another big hike in popularity score between Green Malay and Red Bali here. To say the least: Red Bali kratom is hugely popular, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a kratom vendor that doesn’t carry the strain. One of the many reasons it’s so beloved is for packing that typical kratom punch while not being too overwhelming. Many will say it’s the best red vein strain for beginners, as red strains can be more intense.

1: Red Maeng Da

image of red maeng da kratom popularity score



Popularity score: 11.4

This kratom strain may be considered the most powerful and intense of all kratom strains— the “espresso” of kratom if you will. Being a Maeng Da strain means it is of some of the highest quality around the globe that you can find, while red strains are notorious for being very strong and heady. Above all other qualities, Red Maeng Da has powerful stimulant effects that both kratom newbies and veterans will appreciate.

How to choose the best kratom strain for your needs

With so many popular strains, where do you begin to choose the kratom strain best for you? Here are some simple steps to help narrow down your choice:

Are you new to kratom or an experienced user?

If the former, you may want to look at gentler strains like Indo. If you are experienced and think you’re ready for the strong stuff, the most popular types, like Maeng Da or Bali, is fair game.

What effects are you after?

After narrowing down your “experience level” and the best strains to match, you’ll want to look at the next leaf vein color and the strain’s overall reputation for effects: do you want an energy boost, more focus, relaxation, or body support? Choose the kratom leaf color and strain accordingly.

What is your budget?

Kratom is fast becoming an artful world full of herbal connoisseurs in its own right. This means some of the most popular strains are getting expensive. That said, there is something for everyone within every income bracket. You’re bound to find the perfect strain for you depending on what you seek— energy, soothing relief, or mood support— and that fits your budget while still having an unforgettable experience with this incredible herb.

image of frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the most potent kratom strain?

Red Maeng Da is often considered the most potent strain of kratom known. However, everyone is different, and strains can affect different people.

Which kratom strain is best for energy?

Any Maeng Da strain will be very good for an energy boost. White Borneo is another strain good for energetic effects.

What strain has the most alkaloids?

According to a recent study, Green Malay kratom had more alkaloids than all other strains it was compared to. However, it was not compared to all other strains.

Can you mix kratom strains?

Of course. Most users will mix different kratom strains based on their leaf vein color: green vein kratom and white vein kratom blends are very popularly sold, as they are tailored to people seeking an energy boost that isn’t too overwhelming (which can be the case with white vein kratom strains on their own).

Another popular blend is red and green kratom, designed for people who want a bit of sedation that doesn’t wobble too much over into downright drowsiness (which can happen with red strains). People may combine red and white vein kratom strains but find that green kratom strains are more or less identical to most red and white vein kratom combos.

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