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Green Dragon Kratom

Green Dragon Kratom


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Green Dragon Kratom is the connoisseur’s green kratom strain. Arguably the most bracing of all green veins, Green Dragon is bold, elevating, inspiring, and unpredictable. It is also a consumer favorite that has gained notoriety on kratom forums. Green Dragon is one of the oldest examples of the ancient Mitragyna speciosa family of plant species. Its vibrant color and rich veins provide an experience you won’t get from any other green kratom strain.

The Story Behind Green Dragon Kratom

The kratom community is abuzz about this phenomenal kratom blend. Green Dragon consistently ranks in the top five strains of all time. It is often synonymous with Maeng Da but is more complex than simple “pimp-grade kratom.”

Green Dragon Kratom is among the best strains for its potentially uplifting properties. This green vein kratom powder’s robust aroma delivers a solid earthy finish. Historically, it gets harvested in North Kalimantan.

Green Dragon was once mistaken for plain-leaf kratom, but it is a mix of two or more kratom powders. Some natives prepare Green Dragon Kratom by combining Green Bali and Borneo, but we believe in going bolder for the perfect balance. Our proprietary mix features a calculated ratio of green and white vein kratom.

Combining these two distinct vein colors may produce a far more pronounced aroma. While the green vein kratom may ease tension and enable you to unwind, the white vein may invigorate and exhilarate. Together these two vein colors make an ideal blend.

The Benefits of Green Dragon Kratom

Green Dragon kratom effects will vary from person to person. That is true of all green strains, but it is especially true of blends. Green Dragon Kratom is a mix of green and white vein kratom, which may be more bracing than typical plain-leaf kratom strains.

Green Dragon shares several potential benefits with other kratom strains, such as Green Maeng Da Kratom. Dragon kratom powder gets its name from naga, the mythical winged serpent of Indonesian lore. This kratom powder is billed as Dragon Kratom because it is considered as formidable as the creature of folk tales.

The total effect of Green Dragon Kratom may include invigoration, endurance, clarity, and more. Some have said it possesses the staying power of White Dragon Kratom with the potential elevation and comfort of red strains.

Green Dragon Kratom may instill the ability to think clearer and feel more inspired at low doses. Many users have noted the focus they experienced after enjoying such a blend. Others have compared it to Maeng Da, noting its strength while acknowledging the lack of overwhelming qualities.

Green Dragon kratom effects may include any or all of the following:

  • Mild boost
  • Moderate relaxation
  • Potential focus
  • General sense of well-being

Green Dragon Kratom vs. Maeng Da (and Others)

As mentioned above, Green Dragon is often likened to a Maeng Da strain, perhaps because both get harvested in Indonesia and because of their incredible power. This curious blend delivers all of the potency of Maeng Da without the couch lock typical of high doses of M.D.

Green Dragon and Green Maeng Da may be similar regarding fortitude and inspiration, but Dragon kratom powder shares more in common with red strains than other strains in the green family. This stellar genus is sometimes confused with Horn Kratom, AKA Horned Leaf. The differences are as significant as the similarities.

While the two strains may share a particular attentiveness and clarity in common, Green Horn tends to be more invigorating. At the same time, Green Dragon may exhibit more pronounced restful attributes at high doses. The same is true of Red Horn.

These purported benefits may depend on several mitigating factors, including diet, lifestyle, and sensitivities. Only believe some of what you read on forums. Everyone is different.

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