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Mixing Kratom With L-Theanine

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If you’re a kratom enthusiast, you are probably aware that consuming kratom regularly grows your tolerance level with time. So how can you potentiate the effects of kratom without necessarily increasing your dose? One of the most common ways is by mixing kratom with L-theanine.

When you mix kratom with L-theanine, they produce a synergistic effect. This is rewarding since you enjoy long-lasting effects for the better part of the day. You also use less kratom, which keeps your supply from running out quickly. Below is everything you need to know about mixing kratom with L-theanine.

What is L-theanine?

A potentiator is a drug, chemical, or herb that intensifies the effects of a substance.  L-theanine is a powerful potentiator of kratom. It’s an amino acid derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, commonly known as the tea plant. L-theanine occurs naturally in green tea, black tea, and specific types of mushrooms. The human body does not secrete this compound, as it is non-essential for humans. On its own, L-theanine has been said to help enhance cognitive function and eradicate mental stress and fatigue.


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Mixing Kratom With L-theanine: Is it Safe to Mix Kratom With L-theanine?

Unlike many other nootropics, the kratom-theanine combination is extremely safe. L-theanine has a similar chemical structure to the active alkaloids present in kratom. So they form strong bonds when combined and produce even greater effects.

You will need a lower kratom dosage if you take green tea or black tea. That’s because the L-theanine is the one that intensifies the effects of kratom.

So how do you dose kratom and L-theanine? Brew your green tea and add your ideal dose of kratom powder or leaves. You can then add a natural sweetener like lemon or honey to mask the bitter taste. Alternatively, you can take kratom capsules with green tea.

What’s even more interesting is that you can enjoy the kratom-theanine combo on an empty stomach, and its efficacy won’t be reduced.

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Benefits of Kratom and L-theanine

1. Increased Energy

Kratom consumers love the energy that the herbal supplement provides. White strains are known for their energy-boosting effects and mood uplift, while L-theanine soothes and calms without affecting your energy levels. By mixing kratom with L-theanine, you can “soothe” the buzz and experience the natural energy boost with no unwanted effects, like jitters or nervousness.

2. Relaxation

One of the most widely acclaimed benefits of kratom is its ability to promote both physical and mental relaxation. Red strains, like Red Sumatra, are especially popular for their relaxing effects. L-theanine can enhance the relaxing effects of kratom while reducing any potential side effects.

Red strains like Red Maeng Da can make some people drowsy. The combination of kratom and l-theanine can help fight those feelings of drowsiness without affecting the relaxation provided by kratom. L-theanine in black or green tea can add to the relaxing effects by reducing your resting heart rate.

3. Positive Mood

Kratom has an affinity to binding to mood-regulating receptors like serotonin and dopamine. After consuming kratom, the upbeat feelings may start within minutes or hours and may last for several hours, depending on the kratom strain and dosage. For mood uplift, white vein strains offer the most pronounced benefits.

L-theanine also contributes to a positive mood by affecting the production of certain brain chemicals. These include dopamine and serotonin, known for regulating mood. An increase in these feel-good hormones may translate to a positive mood.

image of effects and benefits of kratom and l theanine

4. Increased Sociability

It’s common for people to feel nervous in some social situations, such as giving formal speeches in front of a crowd or meeting strangers for the first time. But when you have a constant fear of social settings and interacting with other people, then you could be experiencing a social anxiety disorder.

A combination of kratom and L-theanine produces relaxing effects that soothe nerves and boosts your confidence. At the same time, you become less afraid to speak with other people, even strangers.

5. Improved Focus

Both kratom and L-theanine are nootropics. This means that they have the ability to enhance brain performance. When you consume the mixture, you feel a heightened sense of purpose, mental clarity, and alertness.

Both kratom and L-theanine may also have the ability to enhance the body’s ability to focus. With increased attention and focus, you can better handle your work or studies.

image of kratom and l theanine

The Bottom Line

A mixture of kratom and L-theanine is a wonderful addition to your wellness routine. You can replace the combo with your morning coffee because of its energy-boosting properties.

Apart from the energy boost, the mixture promises tons of other wellness benefits to users. Remember, because L-theanine is the potentiator, you should use a small dose of kratom in the mixture. You should also go slow with the mixture, especially if you’ve never used it before.

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