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What Are Kratom Bars? (+ List of the Top Kratom Bars in the U.S.)

Kratom is a medicinal herb gaining popularity in the United States and worldwide. While it may not provide the same kind of buzz as alcohol, kratom gives users a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation. This is why many people are now turning to kratom bars—bars that specialize in serving kratom drinks instead of alcoholic drinks. Read on to learn more about these bars and their advantages over traditional alcohol bars.

What is a Kratom Bar?

Kratom bars are a cross between a cafe and a bar that specializes in serving kratom drinks. These bars offer a natural alternative to traditional alcohol-serving bars and a selection of kratom teas, tinctures, coffee, and other beverages that involve various plant strains. Some kratom bars provide different food items, such as snacks and desserts.

Kratom bars have a relaxed feel, with comfortable seating and often low lighting. These hubs function as a hotspot for kratom lovers to congregate, discuss the benefits of kratom, and try new concoctions. As such, they provide a safe space for people to enjoy the effects of kratom products without judgment or stigma associated with other substances.

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Why Are Kratom Bars Becoming More and More Popular?

There are several reasons why kratom bars are gaining popularity. Firstly, the relaxing effects of kratom are well-known and provide an alternative to alcohol-induced intoxication. Secondly, kratom bars are safer than alcohol bars, as kratom beverages can’t lead to disorderly behavior.

Thirdly, these specialized venues offer patrons access to knowledgeable baristas who can help them find the best strain for their needs and create customized drinks. Finally, kratom bars provide an excellent opportunity for people to meet and socialize in a comfortable and accepting atmosphere without the pressure of alcohol.

Advantages of a Kratom Bar Over an Alcohol Bar

While a kratom bar is like a traditional bar in many respects, it offers a few distinct advantages, which we’ll discuss below:

1. Lack of Stigma of Alcohol Bars

Firstly, kratom bars don’t have the same stigma and judgment as alcohol bars. This allows patrons to feel more relaxed and accepted without worrying about any potential judgments or adverse reactions they might receive if they choose not to drink alcohol. More importantly, when consuming kratom-infused drinks, you won’t have to worry about any adverse side effects of drinking too much alcohol.

2. Access to More Information About Kratom

Traditional bars have baristas that serve your beverage of choice but rarely — if at all — do they provide any information about what’s in the drink. On the other hand, kratom bars have knowledgeable baristas who can provide you with more detailed information about the different strains of kratom and their effects. This way, you can make an informed decision about which strain suits you best and create customized drinks tailored to your needs.

3. Increased Variety of Kratom-Based Drinks

Finally, kratom bars offer a wide variety of drinks that feature a range of flavors and combinations that can be hard to find in traditional alcohol bars. This diversity of options allows patrons to experiment and explore new tastes and effects through their drinks.

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What Makes a Good Kratom Bar?

Plenty of kratom bars are sprouting up across the United States, so it’s important to know what to look for when choosing one. Here are some key elements that make an excellent kratom bar:


Kratom bars should have a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that encourages conversation and socialization. The space should be clean and well-lit, with comfortable seating options for patrons. Mellow music, such as jazz or instrumental, can help set the mood and add to the ambiance. A relaxed vibe is critical for an enjoyable experience.


The menu of a kratom bar should feature an extensive selection of both hot and cold beverages. It’s essential to have a variety of flavors, as well as customizable options to choose from. Kratom-infused drinks must have quality ingredients, and patrons should be able to create unique concoctions.


The baristas at kratom bars must understand the different types of strains and their effects. They should be friendly and welcoming, explaining each strain in detail so patrons can decide which one is best for them.

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Kratom Bars vs. Kava Bars

Aside from kratom bars, one of the other popular options for non-alcoholic bars is kava bars. While there are many similarities between kava and kratom, some essential differences make one better suited to your needs than the other.


Kratom and kava bars provide a place where patrons can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere where they can enjoy their preferred choice of a kratom- or kava-infused beverage. Both can offer a great way to socialize with friends or even meet new people, and both types of bars offer an extensive range of drinks tailored to suit individual tastes. Lastly, both feature baristas that can provide patrons with more detailed information about the drinks.


The main difference between kratom and kava bars is in the type of available beverages. Kratom bars serve kratom-infused drinks that provide a range of mental and physical effects, from relaxation to energy boosts. On the other hand, kava bars serve beverages made from the root of the kava plant, which produces calming effects.

Best Kratom Bars in the US

The rise of kratom bars in the United States has led to several establishments offering top-notch experiences for patrons. From California to North Carolina, here is a short list of some of the best kratom bars in the US:

image of kratom kava bar in california


Kratom Kava Bar

Kratom Kava Bar sits at 3021 State St. in Carlsbad. It is famous for engaging customers in in-depth consultations that allow clients to determine the best way to enjoy a kratom beverage or product. The bar also has educational pamphlets that can help make choosing the right strain as simple as possible. These handouts also provide plenty of answers to frequently asked questions about kratom that new and experienced users might have.

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Kapua Kava Bar

Kapua Kava Bar is Southwest Florida’s first full-service kava bar and lounge, located in Fort Myers, Florida. The bar serves only the highest quality kava, kratom teas, and ethnobotanical elixirs. Kapua’s atmosphere is perfect for those who want to relax and have fun. The environment is engaging, making it easy to socialize with others. If you want to relax, visit the bar or lounge, where you’ll relish comfortable furniture and delightful music.

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New York

Ka-Vá Kava Bar

Ka-Vá Kava Bar is a cozy hotspot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It serves kava, kratom, smoothies, and other teas sure to delight. The bar also has a unique hookah menu with several flavors, giving customers the perfect place to socialize. Ka-Vá provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone looking to unwind or have an enjoyable evening out with friends.

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Lacuna Kava Bar

Lacuna is a kratom community gathering spot during the day and an evening destination for botanical elixirs. The conversations here are just as important as the quality of the products, all of which are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.

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image of noble kava at north carolina

North Carolina

Noble Kava

Noble Kava is a vibrant hotspot in Boone, North Carolina, wherein botanical users can gather, connect, and discover the power of plants. The bar serves a variety of kava and kratom-infused drinks that are sure to delight your taste buds. Noble Kava’s inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place for relaxation or socializing.

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Final Thoughts

Kratom bars provide a great alternative to traditional alcohol bars, as they offer a more natural way for people to relax and have a good time. Plenty of people head to these hubs because of the unique kratom-infused beverages served, which can provide a range of mental and physical effects. While these bars are still new in the United States, they’re becoming more commonplace as people become aware of their benefits.

Finding kratom bars can be tricky, but if you’re looking for a kratom community to have fun or relax with, you should check out some of the best kratom bars in the US today. Who knows, you might find a new favorite hangout spot.

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