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Kratom and Weight Lifting : Effects and Benefits

October 4, 2022GeneralNo Comments »

Kratom is a popular herbal supplement with many purported benefits. Kratom users claim that the plant can improve focus and energy levels. People also report that it is helpful with relaxation. People do not tend to discuss kratom in tandem with physical exercise. The fact remains, though, that many active people are turning to kratom for one reason or another.

If you like lifting weights, you are probably interested in the effects all sorts of food or supplements have on your body. For example, some supplements promote muscle building, other foods promote burning fat, and many work against these two processes.

Does kratom help or hurt muscle building? What about cutting? The short answer is: it’s complicated. There are many factors to consider concerning kratom and weight lifting. Plus, there are few general rules for kratom since its function varies from person to person.

That said, this article will give an overview of kratom and discuss how it may help or hurt your weight-lifting activities. Also, be sure to consult a health professional before considering weight lifting or using kratom.

Kratom Overview

Kratom is a tropical plant from tropical Southeast Asia. People in its native range have cultivated and consumed kratom for centuries. People in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bali consider it an important social plant. Whether chewing its leaves or brewing it as tea, southeast Asian people throughout time have enjoyed kratom in some form.

These days, kratom is popular throughout the world. People purport many benefits, continuing with the same reasoning used by traditional folk medicine practices. That said, there is little evidence supporting kratom’s therapeutic benefits. Most of what people attribute to kratom is anecdotal, including thoughts on how it relates to weight lifting.

That said, there is likely a reason so many are drawn to kratom. It is an ever-expanding industry with centuries of history, so science just needs to catch up.

image of kratom overview

Kratom’s Supposed Beneficial Effects on Weight Lifting

Kratom is thought to have many beneficial effects. People think it can improve relaxation and focus. Both of these mental states are important for healthy and safe weight lifting. Being calm can motivate you to perform better in the weight room. By having less to worry about, your mind can focus completely on the task of picking up and putting down heavy objects.

There is also the thought that your muscles need to relax after a hard workout to heal. If kratom can help you unwind and melt into your stretches after a hard workout, then it should help you rebuild muscle. While people think of weight lifting as requiring chaotic bursts of energy, the truth is it requires sustained, controlled energy. More calm and controlled lifts also work better.

Kratom also is meant to provide energy, not sap it. Of course, red vein kratom might make you too relaxed for the gym. If you plan on using kratom before going to the gym, be responsible. Do not overdo it and consider sticking to white vein kratom. Also, take all the precautions you normally would when lifting, bringing a spotter, and not overexerting yourself. There is no reason to let kratom or weightlifting get in the way of a healthy and enjoyable life.

Kratom’s Negative Effects on Weight Lifting

Kratom also may have several negative effects on weight lifting and weight training. For starters, it can be too relaxing. Red vein kratom tends to have more calming effects than white vein or green vein kratom. This can interfere with the workout process.

Similarly, kratom is thought to indirectly reduce testosterone levels. Low testosterone can make it difficult to maintain the necessary energy levels for lifting. Your body also relies on a balance of hormones for muscle rebuilding, so kratom can interfere with that.

In all, kratom’s main negative effects on weight lifting have to do with potentially reduced energy levels. You should become more familiar with kratom and how it affects you before lifting it. In this regard, treat new kratom strains like trying kratom for the first time. Even if you are used to lifting on kratom, you might find a new strain that does not work as expected and end up with unsafe results. Lifting is serious, so be sure to practice caution when introducing kratom into the mix.

Conclusion on Kratom and Weight Lifting

As a zero-calorie supplement that works to improve your energy, kratom can have benefits with weight lifting. It might also interfere with testosterone and wakefulness, so be sure to exercise caution when exercising on kratom. You should have no problem building muscle while taking kratom, but you should weigh the pros and cons yourself. Perhaps talk to fellow kratom users who also lift weights about their preferred brands.

You can also consult a doctor or nutritional expert for advice. Overall, kratom and working out do not come with any glaring problems, but you should always be as safe as possible where these two activities are concerned.

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