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K-shot vs. OPMS Liquid

New kratom products are hitting the market now and then, thanks to kratom’s increasing popularity. Among the recent entrants in the market are K-shot and OPMS liquid. The two products feature super-concentrated liquid extracts that deliver quicker and most intense results than your regular kratom powder. They are available in small packaged bottles, making them some of the most unique and convenient ways to take your regular kratom dose while on the move.

The best way to decide which option appeals to you is to learn what to expect from the two products. Read on for more insight.

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What is a K-shot?

A k-shot, also known as kratom shot, is a type of liquid kratom that features a liquid kratom extract blended with ingredients commonly found in energy drinks. Some of these additives include Boswellia, L-Theanine, vegetable glycerin, passionflower, and natural and artificial stabilizers.


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The final product is a beverage that is similar to an energy drink. It comes in delicious flavors that help mask the earthy, bitter taste of natural kratom. And just as the name suggests, k-shots are packaged in pocket-sized bottles that resemble the energy shots you’d usually find at convenience stores, grocery stores, and smoke shops. The bottle is single-use, meaning you have to take the entire kratom shot at once.

Kratom shots boast a high number of concentrated alkaloids that are responsible for the energy-boosting and mood-enhancing effects. The onset of effects takes minutes and wears off after a few hours.


What is OPMS Liquid?

OPMS stands for optimized plant-mediated solutions. The brand has existed since 2010 and is behind the famous OPMS liquid kratom extract.

Just like k-shots, the OPMS liquid kratom extract is a form of liquid kratom. It’s made up of a blend of concentrated alkaloids derived from the Maeng Da kratom plant and packaged in a tincture bottle. In terms of the strength of its effects, OPMS liquid is far superior to k-shots, thanks to its unique extraction process.

The OPMS Liquid Extraction Process

OPMS does not use alcohol or hot water to harvest the alkaloids from the Maeng Da kratom leaves. Instead, the brand uses a patented technique involving the use of distilled cold water and extremely high pressures. This extraction technique helps preserve the integrity of most of the natural alkaloids in their true form.

Compared to other extraction methods where solvents or hot water are used, this patented technology produces a full-spectrum liquid extract that’s rich in concentrated alkaloids. More importantly, the OPMS liquid extract is free of the harsh taste that puts off users when they think about extracts.

OPMS liquid extract users say that it produces an energy boost accompanied by a nice, ecstatic feeling that puts you into a state of relaxation.

Because of the intensity of this extract, users can expect to experience the effects within the first minute as the body efficiently takes in the active ingredients.

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The Difference Between K-shots & OPMS Liquid Extract

Extraction method

The main difference between K-shots and OPMS liquid extract is the process of extracting alkaloids from the kratom leaves. OPMS liquid stands out with its unique extraction method involving cold water and high pressure. As such, the liquid extract boasts more concentrated natural alkaloids in their true form.


Both k-shots and OPMS liquid extracts are highly concentrated forms of liquid kratom. But the extract is much stronger than the k-shot. That’s because it is not mixed with any other artificial substance that may impact the strength of the active alkaloids in the kratom leaves. Its effects kick in immediately after intake and quickly rise to a peaceful peak within an hour.

On the other hand, the effects of the liquid extract have a short duration and can last for three to four hours. What makes k-shots not as strong as the liquid extract is that they are not 100 percent all-natural; they contain other additives commonly found in energy drinks.


OPMS liquid extract isn’t for the frugal. It’s more expensive compared to kratom shots. But on the bright side, the liquid is more powerful than k-shots, so you might need less of it to achieve your desired effects.


You just need a drop of OPMS liquid kratom extract added to your coffee or tea to experience your desired effects. But for k-shots, you may start feeling the effects from a third to half the bottle.

Suitable Users

This boils down to your experience with kratom. OPMS extract is not suitable for new users as it’s incredibly strong. This product may be ideal for more experienced users who have used different kratom products, and they should start with a small dose. In contrast, new users can experiment with k-shots, as the alkaloid concentration differs from one manufacturer to another. But they should tread lightly. They should also have a light meal beforehand to avoid adverse side effects.

Delivery method

Most users prefer adding a drop of OPMS liquid extract to their coffee or tea. Others administer the extract under their tongue for faster absorption through capillary action. On the other hand, k-shots come in delicious flavors. As such, most consumers drink them directly.

Side effects

Both kratom shots and OPMS liquid extracts have a higher risk of undesirable effects when ingested in large doses. These may include:

  • Nervousness
  • Runny nose
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle and joint discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Unusual aggression
  • Restless leg

image of k shot and opms liquid side effects

The Bottom Line

Both kratom shots and OPMS liquid extract are concentrated forms of liquid kratom derived from Maeng Da kratom. But the liquid extract is a lot stronger than the kratom shot, all thanks to a unique, all-natural extraction method that uses cold water and high pressure.

That being said, you just need a drop or two of OPMS liquid to achieve your desired effects. But it doesn’t come cheap so be prepared to pay more. For k-shots, you’ll need to take at least a third to half the bottle for the effects to kick in.

Whether you prefer kratom shots or OPMS liquid extract, remember to start off with a small dose to avoid unwanted side effects.

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