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Is Kratom Legal In North Carolina?

After much deliberation, the DEA decided to make kratom legal in North Carolina. As long as the user is 18 years old and above, they’re free to indulge. Anyone over the set age limit is also free to sell, buy, or possess kratom without any legal repercussions as long as it’s within the state.

Banning Kratom in North Carolina

Despite being legal today, kratom was once almost criminalized at a federal level. Several victims of substance overdose were once found with traces of kratom in their blood. This made proposers think that the herb would cause an even bigger problem soon.

However, this was quickly countered by many enthusiasts. The Kratom users claimed that the herb is actually effective against addiction to some substances. Some have even said that kratom has contributed to helping them beat the addiction. It was, therefore, inaccurate to blame the deaths of the victims on kratom use.

Activists have put together petitions to stop the state from banning kratom. Supporters across the globe also shared their thoughts on the matter, which included their own experiences with kratom and why it should be legal.


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image of state senate passes house bill hb747

State Senate Passes House Bill HB747

The Senate was ultimately convinced that kratom might not be as big as the threat they thought it was. Shortly after, they passed House Bill HB747. There, the question “Is kratom legal in North Carolina?” got an answer.

Here, it states that kratom consumption is legal but with an age limit. Even so, minors won’t even get charged with a felony if found dabbling with or in possession of kratom. Though they will still face infraction charges, the offense will not reflect on their permanent record.

Malicious Narratives Surrounding Kratom in North Carolina

Though already permissible, many people still disagree with making kratom legal. Occasionally, local media will make reports on kratom’s association with other addictive substances. There were even reports on where kratom received the nickname “herbal heroin.”

It’s also common to see an anti-kratom narrative online from time to time.

Unfortunately, it’s not only people that oppose kratom that contributes to the malice surrounding the herb. People within the community have also participated in activities that dragged kratom.

A kratom vendor based in North Carolina got caught selling unapproved and misbranded products. They also had unproven claims to treat certain illnesses. This news made it easier for people to assume that kratom was unsafe.

image of kratom consumer protection act

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The distribution of unapproved kratom products led people to question kratom’s legal status. The American Kratom Association, along with Botanical Education Alliance, then helped to create the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

KCPA’s goal is to oversee and enforce regulations in matters concerning kratom. This includes:

  • Registering with federal regulatory bodies for quality control
  • Labeling the product with ingredients and adding expiration dates
  • Manufacture, distribution, and sale of kratom
  • Testing of products

Unfortunately, North Carolina still hasn’t adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This means that in North Carolina, kratom is still not a controlled substance. There also isn’t any implication that it will be on the controlled substances list anytime soon.

What Kratom Varieties Can You Find in North Carolina?

Many use kratom in North Carolina, so it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly how many varieties there are. However, some strains are more popular than the rest. One can classify kratom by the colors of the vein on its leaves. They’re usually classified as red, white, and green vein kratom:

  • Red vein kratom is the most potent due to the high concentration of ingredients.
  • White vein is equivalent to drinking coffee to boost energy.
  • The green vein is the most widely sold and has equal amounts of active ingredients.

image of most popular strains you can buy in north carolina

Most Popular Strains You Can Buy in North Carolina

The Maeng Da strain is arguably the most popular strain you can find on the market. It comes from Thailand and is a very potent variety with a lot of 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids.

Another crowd favorite is the Red Bali Kratom. But far from popular belief, it actually isn’t just found in Bali, Indonesia. You can find it everywhere in Southeast Asia. However, it got its name based on the relaxing feeling you can get from it. Some say it’s reminiscent of how one would describe vacationing in Bali.

Other popular strains you can find in North Carolina are Borneo Kratom and Green Malay Kratom. These are widely available and are also a common choice.

How to Choose the Right Kratom Strain

It can be hard for first-timers to find a strain they’ll really like. Especially with so much variety in the market, buying kratom can get confusing.

The key is to try different kratom strains until you find the right one for you. The same active alkaloids make up all kratom strains. They only differ in potency, which is usually affected by the quality of the leaf.

Some local shops that sell products can even give you free samples in smaller doses. But if you already know what you like, you can ask for their highest quality kratom. They’re usually more than happy to offer their best products in stock.

image of where can you buy kratom in north carolina

Where Can You Buy Kratom in North Carolina

You can find kratom almost anywhere in North Carolina. You can buy kratom online or go to your favorite smoke shops or vape stores. Most local shops will have it.

If you’re new to an area, you can do a quick web search first for terms like “buy kratom in NC,” “kratom nc,” or “where to buy kratom in NC.” This will give you a list of local shops that carry kratom and how far you are from them.

The good thing about buying your supply in-store is that you get your purchase instantly. You won’t have to wait for shipping, and you can enjoy your merchandise sooner. You are also able to support local businesses. Though legal in North Carolina, the age restriction will still be in place, so make sure to carry an ID with you.

Pros of Buying Kratom Online

As the herb grows more popular, more kratom users want to get their hands on the substance quickly. Despite the ease and speed at which you can get kratom from physical stores, it also comes with a few disadvantages. For this reason, you can buy kratom online instead.

Here are some of the pros of buying your kratom from online vendors:

  • More choices – One of the usual cons of buying anything from a physical store is the limited choices. It can get disappointing if you’ve already visited several stores and still can’t find the type you want. On the other hand, choices are usually endless when you shop online.
  • Order anytime – Physical shops have operating hours. Online, you can shop for kratom any time you want.
  • Savings – With multiple online stores offering kratom, they’re bound to compete for online sales. This is usually done through promos, bundles, free shipping offers, and special discounts. Buying online and comparing these offers will help you find the best deal.
  • Privacy – No one can really tell what you’re buying online. Even if kratom is legal in your area, you can look to online stores for anonymity. Some even let you know on their website that your orders are in discreet packaging. And if not, you can request it.

Kratom Products You Can Buy in North Carolina

Since the local government decided to keep kratom legal, kratom products have been very accessible in the state. And with the help of the internet, there are tons of options for kratom enthusiasts today. Here are just some of them:

  • Kratom TeaKratom tea is the leaves of the plant traditionally boiled. Now, they’re sold in little tea bags for convenience.
  • Kratom Shots – Kratom enthusiasts can enjoy the effects of kratom in a small beverage bottle.
  • Kratom Powder – Another product kratom users love is the powder form. It’s made from crushed leaves and is the same type made into capsules.

image of is kratom legal in north carolina forever

Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina Forever?

As of now, there are no signs that kratom legality in North Carolina will change in the near future. Despite the opposing camp’s efforts, the answer to “Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina?” looks like it will be “Yes” for a long time.

However, they’ll still most likely pursue their attempts of trying to get state laws to ban kratom.

These ban efforts will focus on the downsides of kratom and its supposed negative effects. They are also likely to group kratom with other drugs because, although it’s legal now, it’s still recognized as an addictive substance.

Kratom supporters, on the other hand, will put up a fight to keep kratom legal in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kratom?

Kratom is a tropical plant that’s native to Southeast Asia. Depending on the variety, most kratom leaves are oblong in shape and have pinnate veins.

What are the effects of kratom?

According to the DEA, low doses can give feelings of relaxation and a boost in physical energy. However, some say that kratom consumption can still lead to addiction.

How can I take kratom?

One can experience the effects of kratom by orally ingesting it. It’s available in many forms, including capsules, powder, extracts, and kratom tea. You can also chew fresh kratom leaves to get the effects.

Which states have banned kratom?

There are only six states left where kratom is illegal. These are Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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