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Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, kratom is not a controlled substance, which means it’s accessible in all cities. You can easily find kratom shots or teas in specialty bars. Local smoke shops also carry the herb in powder, capsule, or tincture form. The only restriction is you must be at least 18 years old to buy kratom.

Read on for more information on kratom’s legal status in Minnesota and the best local stores offering high-quality kratom.

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Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota: The Legal Journey of Kratom in Minnesota

In the past, anyone could buy or possess kratom in Minnesota, regardless of age. But a multistate epidemic of Salmonella infections brought about legal changes in 2018. The victims complained of fever, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort leading to hospitalization. In the end, there were 199 reported cases from 41 states. Minnesota had 11 cases.


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A multi-pronged investigation revealed that contaminated kratom was behind the widespread outbreak. Most victims reported taking kratom powder from physical stores and online vendors. Laboratory evidence showed the contaminated kratom product had different strains of Salmonella bacteria.

In response to these events, senate legislators introduced Senate Bill 2578. The bill aimed to list Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine as Schedule I substances. However, state lawmakers removed kratom alkaloids from the proposed list of controlled substances. The amended bill spelled out violations on the sale or possession of kratom. Its provisions included the following:

  • It is a gross misdemeanor to sell kratom products to individuals below 18 years.
  • It is a misdemeanor for individuals below 18 to possess kratom.

The bill was ultimately passed on May 29 and became effective on August 1, 2018. It established the minimum age requirement of 18 for kratom users.

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Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota: Understanding the Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Currently, Minnesota only imposes an age restriction for kratom buyers. However, this still exposes consumers to the potential dangers of contaminated or adulterated products. As such, regulatory controls are necessary to clean up the market from adulterated kratom and safeguard the health of consumers.

The American Kratom Association created the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), which aims at regulating instead of banning kratom. Each state can adopt its version of the KCPA to regulate the processing and sale of kratom products within its borders. In April 2022, Minnesota lawmakers introduced House Bill 4815 to establish the Minnesota Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Under this bill:

  • A kratom retailer may not manufacture, prepare or sell a product contaminated or adulterated with a hazardous non-kratom substance.
  • A kratom extract should not contain levels of residual solvents that exceed the allowed levels by the U.S. pharmacopeia.
  • A kratom product should not contain a level of 7-hydroxy mitragynine that is higher than 2% of its entire alkaloid content.
  • A ban on the sale of kratom products containing synthetic kratom alkaloids.
  • A kratom product must have adequate labeling, which provides direction for safe and effective use by consumers, including the recommended dose.
  • Impose fines and penalties for violations of these kratom provisions.

After its first reading, the bill headed to the Committee on Commerce Finance and Policy. Until its enactment, kratom remains unregulated in Minnesota.

Top 5 Kratom Shops in Minnesota

Since the herb is unregulated in Minnesota, any vendor can sell kratom without strict quality controls. That’s why you must be selective about where you buy your products. Otherwise, you’ll risk encountering stale or contaminated kratom.

That said, here are five reputable local shops that sell kratom in Minnesota:

image of nean tobacco in mn

  • Nean Tobacco

Address: 9639 Anderson Lakes Pkwy, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, United States

Website: nean-tobacco-cigars-cbd-kratom-delta-8-e-cig.business.site

  • Super Smoke Oakdale Tobacco

Address: 1029 Helmo Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128, United States

Website: super-smoke-oakdale-tobacco.business.site

image of minnepolis tobacco and vapor

  • Minneapolis Tobacco and Vapor

Address: 4614 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419, United States

Website: minneapolis-tobacco-and-vapor.business.site

  • New Hope Smoke Shop

Address: 2767 Winnetka Ave N, New Hope, MN 55427, United States

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  • Smoke Shop

Address: 11888 Round Lake Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433, United States

Why You Should Order Kratom Online

When you buy kratom online, you’ll see many advantages that local stores can’t match. For starters, online kratom vendors offer lower prices than physical stores. That’s because they directly source kratom from farmers, so they bypass middlemen who drive costs up. They also don’t need to maintain a physical store, which means that they have fewer operational expenses and can afford to give you the best prices and still turn a profit.

Moreover, online stores guarantee high-quality kratom as they process their products and adhere to strict manufacturing standards, which include third-party lab testing.

Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota: The Bottom Line

Kratom is legal in Minnesota, so you can buy the herb online or at a physical store, provided you are 18 years and above. So far, there are no active bills seeking to ban the herb in Minnesota, which means kratom legality is not in jeopardy.

That said, there’s a pending bill seeking to establish the Minnesota Kratom Protection Consumer Act. If passed, the legislation will ensure kratom consumers can access safe, all-natural products.

Until then, you should exercise caution when purchasing kratom in-store. For added safety, consider shopping from reputable vendors who are AKA-certified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kratom legal at the federal level?

Yes, kratom remains unregulated at the federal level, granting individual states the authority to determine their own approach to kratom within their respective borders.

What is the FDA’s stance on kratom?

The FDA has not granted approval for any use of kratom. The agency cautions that kratom has a high likelihood of being an addictive drug. As a result, it advises consumers to refrain from using the herbal supplement.

Will Minnesota ban kratom?

At present, there is no active proposal to ban kratom in Minnesota. Instead, there is a pending proposal to establish the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) that seeks to protect kratom consumers from adulterated or contaminated products.

Has Minnesota passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)?

No. The Minnesota Senate is currently deliberating on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). Currently, nine states have enacted the KCPA, including Virginia, West Virginia, Utah, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

Is it legal to mail kratom orders?

If you live in a state where kratom is legal, such as Minnesota, you can certainly receive the natural supplement by mail.

What are the known benefits of kratom?

Consumers praise kratom for its ability to boost energy, enhance mood, induce relaxation, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

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