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Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky?

September 28, 2023LegalityNo Comments »

Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky? This is a question that many individuals are asking. As the popularity of kratom continues to grow, so does the curiosity about its legal status in various states.

LegislationLegal Status
No specific laws or regulationsKratom are legal

With the legal status of kratom in Kentucky firmly established, individuals can explore the uses of this herbal supplement without fear of legal repercussions. However, it is important to note that while kratom is legal in Kentucky, it is still crucial to exercise caution and responsible use when consuming any supplement or substance.

image of current legal status of kratom kentucky

Current Legal Status of Kratom in Kentucky

Kratom remains legal in the state of Kentucky. There are no specific laws or regulations that prohibit the possession, use, or sale of kratom within the state. This absence of legislation means that kratom is readily available in various forms, including powder, capsules, liquid shots, and gummies.

The lack of statewide regulations has led to the proliferation of kratom products in smoke shops, gas stations, and online vendors. However, the absence of production mandates and quality control measures raises concerns about the purity and safety of some kratom-related products.

Efforts for Regulation and Consumer Experiences

While kratom is currently legal in Kentucky, there have been ongoing discussions and attempts for prohibition. In fact, In 2016, the state introduced KY SB136,That was introduced by Sen. Whitney Westerfield,  proposed legislation aiming to classify kratom as a Schedule I substance. Fortunately, this bill did not progress beyond the committee stage. Had it been approved, it would have resulted in the prohibition of kratom and its classification as a synthetic relaxation.

At the current time, there are no age limitations or restrictions on the sale of kratom products. This raises concerns about the accessibility of kratom and the potential for it to fall into the hands of minors.

Despite the lack of legislation, kratom consumers in Kentucky have reported various experiences, with some seeing it as an option to other substances. However, it is crucial for consumers to be knowledgeable about the dosage and potential interactions with other substances.

image of kratom consumer protection act of kentucky

House Bill 569 – Kentucky Kratom Consumer Protections Act.

On March 29th, 2022, House Bill 569 was introduced by State Representative Josh Calloway. HB 569 also known as Kentucky Kratom consumer Protection. This act prohibits the production and sale of specific kratom extracts and kratom products. Here’s everything you need to know about House Bill 569 and the rules it suggests.

The proposed bill outlines the following rules and limitations:

  • Prohibiting the sale of kratom products to minors under 21 years old. This helps protect children and adolescents.
  • Requiring kratom products to have labels stating they are not intended for human consumption. This was meant to limit the FDA’s ability to restrict kratom.
  • Providing penalties for fraudulent labeling or selling kratom intentionally to minors. This enforces the regulations.
  • Defining kratom products as those containing mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the main active alkaloids.
  • Exempting kratom from Kentucky’s controlled substances laws. This effectively legalized kratom for adult use.

This bill is a good move because it’s making fair rules for kratom instead of completely banning it. When the bill passed, it was a big win for kratom supporters in Kentucky.

Kratom Advocacy, Opposition and Education

Kratom Advocacy, Opposition and Education play important roles in shaping public perception and influencing the legal status of kratom in Kentucky.

Kratom Advocacy Groups in Kentucky

In Kentucky, the American Kratom Association (AKA) plays a significant role as a proponent of Kratom use. This advocacy group operates with the aim of increasing public awareness about Kratom and its potential benefits. AKA also actively engages with policymakers to advocate for responsible regulation rather than a complete ban on Kratom. Their efforts are focused on ensuring that Kratom remains accessible to those who use it for various purposes.

During February 2022, the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee convened a hearing to discuss proposed bills aiming to prohibit kratom. Advocates, notably the American Kratom Association, testified during the hearing, emphasizing that kratom offers safe relaxation and Feelings of Well-Being. These advocates firmly opposed the idea of implementing a ban on kratom.

image of kratom advocacy opposition and education

Opposition and Concerns

Despite the advocacy for Kratom, there are concerns and opposition from different quarters. Some law officials have expressed apprehensions regarding potential risks associated with Kratom use. There are also concerns about Kratom’s unregulated status, leading some individuals and organizations to call for stricter controls and oversight. Health officials in Kentucky have raised concerns about the potential for adverse effects and misuse, further contributing to the ongoing debates surrounding Kratom’s legality and safety.


Kratom supporters are actively engaged in teaching lawmakers, police, and some concerned citizens in Kentucky about kratom through talks, meetings, and telling people more about it. A group called the BEA (Botanical Education Alliance) is helping with kratom research and teaching in Kentucky. They give useful stuff to the people who make the rules.


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