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Can You Take Kratom on a Cruise Ship?

If you’ve been using kratom for a while, then it’s probably become a fixture in your everyday routine. Heck, some people who benefit from kratom chemistry might find that it’s tough to go through a day without a dose. In most cases, a low level of dependence should be normal and harmless, but it isn’t without its discomforts especially when going for a while without a fix. Especially if you’re going on a cruise, you may need to bring kratom on a cruise ship.

But what if you were going on vacation on a cruise ship for a few days? Can you take kratom on a cruise? Find out here.

The Legal Status of Kratom

Here’s where things get tricky. To make things plain and simple, it’s important to lay out the fact that kratom isn’t illegal on a federal level in the United States. However, there are a few local governments that have placed certain limitations or restrictions on the use, sale, and possession of kratom within their borders.

However, while kratom is federally legal, that’s not really the only point of contention. The Food and Drug Administration has gone on to say that kratom isn’t approved for human consumption. So any kratom products that are advertised or sold in a form that suggests that they can be eaten or taken orally are in direct violation of FDA guidelines.


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Can You Take Kratom on a Cruise Ship?

Now we arrive at the original question — is kratom allowed on a cruise ship? The short answer is that it depends on a variety of factors. If your cruise is set to travel to cities and states where kratom is legal, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re passing through or docking at areas where kratom is banned or restricted, then you might run into a few problems.

As a general rule, you should always check with local laws to find out whether the possession and use of kratom might cause you any trouble. Even better, you can reach out to the cruise ship management to ask about their rules and the possibility of taking kratom on the cruise to get a precise answer for your situation.

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Tips for Taking Kratom on a Cruise

If you’re set to sail on a cruise and you’re thinking about taking some kratom with you, then it’s important that you prepare for any roadblocks and mishaps that might come your way. Here are a few tips for taking your speciosa on a vacation cruise:

1. Pack just what you need

It’s tempting to throw your whole stash into your luggage, but packing large quantities of anything for a cruise vacation will raise eyebrows for sure. Consider how many days you’re sailing and calculate just how much kratom you’ll need to cover that period of time. Pack an extra day or two’s worth of kratom for good measure, but see to it that you pack light.

2. Bring original packaging, labels, and certificates

If you’re passing through places where kratom is legal, it’s still important to bring along the original packaging, labels, and certificates that came with your kratom purchase. This can come in handy in case any authorities ask about your kratom stash while you’re on vacation. Being able to prove what the stuff is and that it comes from a reliable, reputable source that advertises the product as ‘not for human consumption can help clear you of any problems.

3. Leave it in your stateroom

Avoid keeping kratom in your pockets or on your person while you’re on board. If you need a dose, head back to your stateroom and take it there. If there’s a safe in your stateroom, it might help to keep your kratom stash safely concealed and locked away while you’re not around just to make sure it doesn’t steal any unwanted attention.

4. Opt for capsules

If push comes to shove, there are some kratom users who have successfully taken kratom on a cruise ship by packing along with capsules. Do so by loading them into an empty supplement bottle. There’s no way to identify kratom unless it is sent to a lab for testing. This one’s a pretty surefire way to get your dose on board without any fuss. Keep in mind though that it’s always better to ask the cruise ship management first whether or not they allow kratom to where you’re going.

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Smooth Sailing: Taking Kratom on a Cruise Ship

It’s always unnerving to take kratom to new places. That’s true, especially when you’re not sure whether or not it’s completely legal in those areas. But that’s not something a little research can’t fix.

Before you head out on that cruise, make sure you check local laws along your route. Or reach out to the cruise management to ask whether you can take kratom on board. Keep your stash small, and avoid bringing a kratom dose with you as you disembark the ship or explore its amenities. Lastly, pack just what you need to keep your kratom consumption hassle-free.

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