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Can Kratom Cause Dreams and Nightmares?

Sure, kratom might not be the best-documented herb out there. But with all the articles and reports published about the plant, the general population has a pretty good idea of what it does — including any side effects it can cause. Everything has side effects, even a cup of coffee can make you feel jittery, on edge, and lightheaded. So kratom is no exception, and many ask “Can kratom cause dreams and nightmares?”

Some of the most commonly reported side effects of kratom include dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, and an upset stomach. But did you know that some people are reporting that the herb might also be the culprit for changes in dream patterns? The science is definitely scarce on this claim, but there are some sources that could help shed light on the phenomenon.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains chemical compounds called alkaloids. These naturally occurring compounds are widely used for their alleged benefits that support various functions of the body. In kratom, the two most prolific alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These alkaloids interact directly with receptors in the brain, which explains the similarities between the effects of kratom and some controlled substances. And while they can affect sleep patterns by inducing drowsiness and even causing unconsciousness in copious amounts, there are no studies to suggest that such substances increase or decrease the frequency of dreams and nightmares.


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But what about kratom?


Can Kratom Cause Dreams and Nightmares?

If you’ve ever experienced vivid, life-like dreams or nightmares after taking a dose of kratom at night, you’re not alone. There are increasing reports of people going through similar experiences and blaming the effects of the herb.

Many of these anecdotal reports claim that users experienced vivid, lucid dreams that they could fully remember upon waking. Others claim that the intense dreams and nightmares occurred almost every night, and would be absent if they didn’t take kratom prior to falling asleep.

However, there are also a number of kratom users who claim that the nightmares and dreams are isolated to only a select population. Some also claim that the nightly occurrences might be linked to other substances entirely since numerous people claiming to have experienced these dreams and nightmares also indicate that the occurrence followed the use of kratom along with other substances like alcohol or hemp.

All things considered; we’re drawn back to one of the basic truths of kratom’s effects — they’re not the same for everyone. No two people will ever respond to kratom’s effects in exactly the same way. So, while it’s possible for some people to experience dreams and nightmares as a result of kratom use, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should encounter the same thing.

How to Tell If Kratom is Causing Nightmares and Dreams

While most of the people who report experiencing dreams claim that they don’t really get in the way of sleep quality, those who encounter vivid nightmares and lucid dreaming typically want to find ways to stop them from happening.

If you want to find out whether kratom is causing unwanted sleep occurrences for you, here are some things you can try:

  • Check your drink – For users who take their kratom via the old toss and wash method, it helps to check what kind of drink you’re using. Black tea, green tea, chamomile tea, and even caffeine has often been linked to nightmares and vivid dreams.
  • Inspect your kratom – Good quality kratom should provide balanced effects with minimal side effects. If the dreams are too troublesome, then there might be an issue with the kratom batch you purchased. Try a different strain or brand and see if the side effect persists.
  • Consider other aspects of everyday life – Are you in a particularly stressful season of your life? Did you start taking new supplements or medication? Have there been any changes in your diet? Are you going through a transition in-home or work life? All of these things (and many others) can cause increased dreams and nightmares.

can kratom cause dreams and nightmares

What to Do If Kratom Causes Dreams and Nightmares

If you pinpoint that kratom is the true culprit behind the increased frequency of nightmares and vivid dreams, then you can fix the situation in one of a few ways:

  1. Change your kratom strain and brand. Quality issues can cause side effects when using kratom. Switch to a different brand or strain and color vein and see if the nightly occurrences stop.
  2. Switch your schedule. Some users speculate that taking your dose too close to bedtime can increase the chances of nightmares. Schedule your doses earlier in the evening. That way, the effects are closer to the tail end by the time you fall asleep.
  3. Avoid nighttime use. If all else fails, just try avoiding kratom before bed. Other sleep aids like melatonin can help you wind down and fall asleep if that’s an issue for you.

Sleep Tight

Although the science is scarce, you can’t really discount the question: Can kratom cause dreams and nightmares in some people? After all, the effects are different for everyone. Do you feel that your nighttime kratom use might be causing sleep disturbances? Don’t forget to try out these helpful tips to curb the nightmares and enjoy a peaceful evening.

2 Responses to “Can Kratom Cause Dreams and Nightmares?”

  1. Dave says:

    Kratom is powerful. Been taking Alot every day for 6 years now. It totally effects my dreams. I also vape nicotine and consume Alot of caffeine. Cut out all your addictions and replace with exercise, water and healthy diet. That will help with your well being the most. 😊 Stay Hopeful, you can do it!

  2. Marilynne says:

    I get nightmares from Kratom, however I end up being the ‘winner’! I have literally come to enjoy the action movie Starring ME that might await when I drink my evening Kratom. Considering the fact I’m retired, being able to outsmart and outperform some horrendously evil forces in my suddenly youthful self is welcome! Plus I remember the dream far more detailed from start to finish and it usually has creative plot. Yes there are intense scary moments. If …in my case, Kratom puts a face on that enemy and then helps me conquer it in a kind of Charlize Theron action movie? I welcome bedtime. 😁

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