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The Best Places to Buy Kratom Seeds Online

Indigenous to the tropics of Southeast Asia, kratom is an evergreen plant that’s closely related to coffee. Once a humble herb used in traditional folk medicine, kratom is now a worldwide sensation. It’s so popular in fact that the global kratom industry is estimated to cost $1.3 billion dollars.

Today, you can get kratom almost anywhere — gas stations, convenience stores, farmers’ markets, and smoke shops. And while availability doesn’t seem to be an issue for most buyers, there’s a growing number of kratom enthusiasts who want to make the herb even a little more accessible. That’s where kratom seeds enter the picture.

Where to Buy Kratom Seeds Online

Kratom seeds serve exactly the purpose they seem to — they let you grow your own kratom at home. These seeds are delicate and require specific conditions to stay viable, so it’s important that you buy your seeds only from trusted vendors. Exactly which vendors can you rely on to send you a pack of quality kratom seeds? Here are some vetted bets.



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Mitrascience has long been selling kratom to the eager kratom market. These guys are best known for their potent powders and interesting kratom selection that includes rarities like edibles and seeds. Their seeds are shipped straight to them from farmers and cultivators in partner farms in Southeast Asia.

There are tons of threads all over the web of previous buyers explaining their experiences with Mitrascience’s seeds. While it’s inevitable to get a dud in every pack, the vendor’s seed packets have more consistently helped sprout living kratom plants even in less than ideal conditions.

Texas Kratom Co

The Texas Kratom Co has been hailed as one of the most reliable kratom seed vendors presently on the western market. These guys have tons of reviews that testify to the quality of their seeds and prove that their seed packets are more than just a small collection of duds.

But if you’re looking to start your own kratom garden and you don’t have the patience to start with seeds, Texas Kratom Co may have choices for you yet. Their live plants and clones are well-established and are ready to be transferred to your garden as they continue to grow seeds, leaves, flowers, and fruit.


image of kratomleaf.us logo

What sets the Kratomleaf.us seed selection apart from others is that their kratom seeds come from kratom plants that are grown in North America. This simply means that the seeds are more likely to be fresher and more accustomed to the North American climate.

People living in areas where sun and rain aren’t too common might have a better chance of cultivating kratom in less than ideal conditions by choosing the Kratomleaf.us seed pack. They’re also sold at fairly reasonable prices that are great for buyers who want to buy in bulk for bigger chances of success.

Choosing the Best Kratom Seeds for Growing Kratom at Home

Not all seeds will give you a living, leaf-growing plant. A lot of the seeds you’ll find on the market might not even sprout anything, to begin with. That’s because kratom seeds tend to be delicate and fickle, requiring unique and special care to survive even before they’re planted in the soil.

So to make sure you’re buying kratom seeds that have the best chance of growing an actual plant, you might want to consider these tips.

  • Choose fresh

Vendors that are selling their seeds from overseas might be enticing, but it helps to consider the long time it would take for the seeds to reach your location. The moment a seed is plucked from the mother plant, it starts to degrade. While a years-old seed might still produce a healthy plant, it will lose its viability while in storage.

image of kratom seeds

  • Read reviews

You might feel inclined to jump on the first kratom seed ad listing you find but beware. There are loads of vendors out there just hoping to make a quick buck off of unwary consumers. Read reviews and try to ask on forums like Reddit to learn more about a vendor and the quality of the seeds they sell.

  • Check prices

Any price that’s way over the standard or much too low should be a red flag. Before you make a purchase, shop around and compare prices between vendors. Don’t fall for price tags that are too good to be true, and avoid shelling out cash on seeds that are way overpriced.

How to Grow Kratom Seeds at Home

Growing a tropical evergreen plant in temperate conditions is both an art and a science. For most first-time, at-home, kratom gardeners, it’s not going to be successful on the first try. But knowing how to care for that kratom seed should improve your chances of growing a viable plant on your first go.

  • Choose the proper growing conditions

Kratom seeds should be grown in nitrogen-rich soil that’s fertile, moist, and well-draining. Think soil that you might find near the banks of a lively, flowing river. The soil must be soft and loamy, but also not too thick that it retains too much water.

In its natural habitat, kratom can grow up to 30 meters in height. But of course, that depends on the kind of space available. Most at-home kratom cultivators prune the tops of the plant to allow a more horizontal growth pattern and to make the leaves easier to harvest.

image of how to grow kratom seeds

  •  Look for proper sunlight and temperature conditions

According to experts, kratom must be grown in a location that’s at least 65°F. Summer in the tropics can easily exceed 100°F, so don’t worry about heat since the plant is definitely accustomed to a little extra warmth.

As for sunlight, it’s ideal to have the plant under direct sunlight during the day and then protected from harsh rays towards noon. This means you have to find a place in your garden where the kratom plant can get just enough sunlight before those harmful UV rays start to take over.

  • Consider water and moisture needs

Kratom plants love water. They’ll survive the harshest flooding in tropical countries where stormy weather makes up half of the year. As long as you plant the seeds in well-draining soil, you shouldn’t be too worried about fungal formation.

Aside from providing water down into the roots, it’s also ideal that you keep conditions humid. Spraying the plants regularly can help keep ambient conditions a little moister. Kratom plants will easily dry out when there’s not enough humidity.

Is It Possible to Grow Kratom in North America?

The short answer is yes, you can. But that depends on how well you replicate the conditions in the Southeast Asian tropics. For the most part, people living in the warmer areas of the United States have better chances of growing kratom because of the similarities between their climate and that found in the places where kratom naturally grows.

While proper care does play a major role in whether or not the kratom seed will actually sprout a plant, there’s also strength in numbers. See to it that you plant more than just one seed pod to increase your chances of breathing life into the little seed.

image of is it possible to grow kratom in north america

Is It Easier to Grow Kratom from Seeds?

Not exactly. The whole germination process can be a bit of a gamble especially if you’re not really much of a gardener. The best way to increase your chances of caring for a live plant would be just that – but a live plant.

Cuttings are much easier to take care of since they’re often shipped out as well-established plants. All you need to do is to figure out the proper watering schedule as well as the ideal location to place the plant for proper sun and soil.

Once your plant reaches maturity, you should be able to harvest its leaves. This can take up to three years. However, some at-home cultivators have managed to cut that time short by providing their plants with lots of fertilizer and water.

Ready, Set, Grow

Sure, kratom might not be native to North America, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own stuff at home. When it all comes right down to it, cultivating kratom simply relies on your ability to replicate those tropical conditions.

So with a bunch of viable seeds and some careful cultivation tactics, you might just be able to start your very own kratom garden — right in your backyard.

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  1. I live in the south west coast of Florida and I was thinking how to generate a little cash flow. Last year, I started planting Moringa trees around the perimeter of a 5 acre peice of property. I am going to continue planting moringa this spring and I would like to plant some Kratom trees as well. I have approximately 650 ft by 300 ft and was thinking in planting kratom trees ever other row. I am looking at kratom seed pods or possibly cutting. If you could email or call some information on your pricing and growing of Kratom it would very helpful. Thank in advance.

    • New Dawn Kratom says:

      Hi Bradley, there is one kratom farm in Florida, I forget the name, but just google Florida kratom farm. They are pretty responsive to their email.

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