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Best Places to Buy Kratom in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, also known as the City Different, is the oldest state capital in the U.S. and also the oldest city in New Mexico. As tourism continues to grow in Santa Fe, so has the demand for kratom products. For that reason, you can find kratom in vape and smoke shops in the city.

The city is widely known for its world-famous cuisine, Native American culture, and art. In fact, Santa Fe’s art scene is so impressive that it draws millions of tourists from all parts of the world every year.

That said, if you’re visiting and looking to buy kratom in Santa Fe, NM, you can visit some of the best kratom vendors in the City Different.

Is Kratom Legal in Santa Fe, NM?

Kratom is legal in Santa Fe and all parts of New Mexico. Therefore, you can buy, sell, distribute, and use kratom and its derivatives in the city without worrying about getting in trouble with the law. Additionally, there are no age restrictions set for the consumption of kratom anywhere in Santa Fe.


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New Mexico also has no negative legislation regarding kratom production, commercialization, or consumption. Currently, there are no talks of banning kratom in the state or adopting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). In fact, the closest New Mexico ever came to outlawing kratom was in 2016 when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wanted to ban the herb.

Other than that, the state’s Senate and House of Representatives have never proposed any bills with the intention of banning kratom or its alkaloids. Additionally, both chambers have not tabled any bills to regulate the sale or consumption of the Mitragyna speciosa herb. That said, the possession of kratom remains perfectly legal in Santa Fe and other major cities in New Mexico, such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Taos, and Roswell.

Top-Rated Shops to Buy Kratom in Santa Fe, NM

When in Santa Fe, you can buy kratom products in smoke shops, vape shops, head shops, wellness centers, and even some supermarkets. You’ll find something for your needs, whether you’re looking for kratom extracts, kratom powder, or other forms. Here is a list of the best shops where you can get high-quality kratom.

image of red house smoke shop in santa fe nm

  • Red House Smoke Shop

Address: 1434 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

Red House Smoke Shop is the go-to store for most locals looking for kratom, vape, CBD, tobacco, and Delta 8 products. The store has one of the best selections of kratom powder and extracts you’ll find in all of Santa Fe, NM. All their kratom comes from Southeast Asia farms and usually goes through a series of lab tests to ensure that safety and quality standards are met.

Their employees are friendly, polite, and honest. You can count on them to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need before making a purchase. Red House Smoke Shop also offers discounts on kratom products to regular customers.

image of exodus smoke shop in santa fe nm

  • Exodus CBD-Vape-Hemp Santa Fe

Address: 4250 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States

Exodus is the first-choice store for those looking for superior-quality CBD, tobacco, vape, and kratom products in Santa Fe. In addition to having a great selection of kratom strains, the shop also charges some of the best prices you’ll find in the City Different.

The shop is clean and well-decorated, with a relaxing atmosphere. The employees working at Exodus are also knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. They will answer all your questions regarding the products in stock to ensure you have a great shopping experience.

image of pyramid smoke shop in santa fe nm

  • Pyramid Smoke Shop and Vape

Address: 4601 Airport Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States

If you’re looking for high-quality kratom, vape, tobacco, and CBD products in Santa Fe, NM, this is the best place to shop. Pyramid Smoke Shop & Vape carries a wide selection of kratom strains to choose from. Their kratom products are pure and available at competitive prices.

The store is always clean and has a great indoor environment where you can kick back and relax. The staff members are polite and will always make your visit to the store worthwhile. Pyramid Smoke Shop and Vape also sells water pipes, hookahs, and other accessories to satisfy your smoking needs.

How to Buy Kratom in Santa Fe, NM

In Santa Fe, you can buy kratom products from physical shops or online vendors. Buying kratom from a local smoke shop is convenient and provides you with a quick shopping experience. However, you must consider the risk associated with buying kratom products locally.

For instance, local shop owners get their kratom from distributors at a steep markup. This forces them to sell kratom products at higher prices to increase their profit margins and keep their shops running. And in an attempt to increase their profits and remain afloat, some local vendors may purchase cheap kratom.

Most of the time, this cheap kratom is too weak to give you the effects you’re looking for. Additionally, some of the cheap kratom products are adulterated with drugs and other harmful substances that can pose serious health risks.

image of how to buy kratom in santa fe nm

On the other hand, buying kratom online is always the best option. First, the prices charged by online vendors are much more competitive. This is because online vendors usually produce their kratom products instead of buying from distributors. By eliminating the middlemen, these vendors reduce their overhead costs and pass their savings on to the customers. You can also enjoy special offers, such as same-day shipping and discounts on bulk orders.

Additionally, kratom products from online vendors are usually safer and better in quality than those sold locally. Getting a certification from the American Kratom Association and third-party lab testing are some of the ways online vendors guarantee the quality and safety of their kratom. If a vendor does not display lab test results or a certification from AKA on their website, it may be best to shop elsewhere.

Buying kratom online also provides you with the utmost privacy compared to a local head shop. It’s also simple and allows you to compare prices charged by different vendors. This way, you can purchase high-quality kratom at a price that suits your budget.

Other Places to Buy Kratom in Santa Fe, NM

When in Santa Fe, NM, you can also get safe and superior-quality kratom products from the following places:

Shop NameAddressContact Number
The Joint3573 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States+1 505-438-2030
Smoke City Glass & Vape 1349 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States+1 505-772-0753

The Bottom Line

Under the current legislation, kratom remains legal in Santa Fe and New Mexico as a whole. However, as the American Kratom Association (AKA) continues to educate the general public about the product, New Mexico lawmakers may adopt the KCPA in the near future.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to stay up to date with the state’s legislation regarding the herb to avoid legal consequences. It’s also crucial for you to purchase kratom products from certified and trusted vendors for safer and more potent kratom.

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