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The 5 Best Shops To Buy Kratom in Moore, Oklahoma

Moore is a nice, laid-back suburb in Oklahoma City known for its friendly people, beautiful parks, and low cost of living. With a population of just over 62,000, Moore, OK is also a great place for kratom users and enthusiasts. Kratom is legal in the state of Oklahoma, and you can buy them from smoke shops, head shops, and modern dispensaries in its major cities.

However, it’s important to remember that, in Oklahoma, kratom can only be bought by persons aged at least 18 years old. Keep reading to learn more about the legality of kratom in Moore, OK, and the best head shops and smoke shops for kratom products in the state.

Kratom Laws in Oklahoma

Although kratom can be legally bought or sold by people aged 18 years and above in Oklahoma, state legislators imposed a few rules to regulate the manufacture and distribution of the substance.

First, kratom manufacturers are not allowed to add any other substance to kratom products. The law requires that kratom sold in the state is all in pure and unadulterated forms. Second, distributors, retailers, or vendors are required to label a kratom product properly.


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With these regulations in place, you can rest assured that the kratom you buy in Moore, OK is safe, pure, and free from synthetic additives.

Top 5 Shops To Buy Kratom in Moore, OK

If you’re looking for kratom in Moore, OK, you can find a decent selection in several smoke shops and head shops in the area. To help you save time, the list below has narrowed down the top-rated shops:

image of om smoke in moore ok

  • Om Smoke

Address: 1280 N Eastern Ave Ste A, Moore, OK 73160, United States

Om Smoke prides itself as a premier smoke shop in the Moore area. They offer a great selection of kratom alongside CBD, e-juices, vapes, and glass pipes. They are conveniently located in the Silver Leaf Shopping Center and are open every day of the week.

You can find kratom capsules in a variety of strains at Om Smoke, including Green Borneo, White Borneo, Bali Gold, Red Vein, Green Malay, and Red Maeng Da. Reviews indicate that customers love coming back to the shop because of their friendly staff, who are willing to go the extra mile.

image of hempyz smoke shop in moore ok

  • Hempyz Smoke Shop

Address: 1231 N Santa Fe Ave, Moore, OK 73160, United States

If you’re looking for kratom powder, Hempyz Smoke Shop is the place to go. This smoke shop sells Maeng Da, Green Vein, and Bali kratom powder at reasonable prices. They also have various kratom strains in capsule form.

image of adi smoke in moore ok

  • ADI Smoke

Address: 1410 N Eastern Ave, Moore, OK 73160, United States

ADI Smoke sells a wide range of vapes, smoking accessories, and kratom in Moore, OK. This store aims to match the prices of online stores and other smoke shops. And if you’re looking for good deals, ADI Smoke regularly offers discounts and store-wide sales where you can save up to 15% off their kratom products!

image of prodigy vapor in moore ok

  • Prodigy Vapor

Address: 425 S Telephone Rd, Moore, OK 73160, United States

Prodigy Vapor is a trusted vape shop where you can buy a variety of mods, tanks, batteries, and other accessories. They also sell fresh batches of Maeng Da kratom powder. Many customers love this shop because of its great selection and friendly staff who are always happy to have a chat.

image of boujee smoke shop in moore ok

  • Boujee Smoke Shop

Address: 1009 SW 19th St, Moore, OK 73160, United States

Boujee Smoke Shop sells hookahs, shishas, Delta 8 CBDs, glass pipes, vape juice, and kratom. Many customers love the shop because of the range of products they offer. You can find different types of kratom strains here in either powder or capsule form. They have Bali Kratom, Green Vietnam, Thai Kratom, White Maeng Da, and many other strains in stock.

More Kratom Shops Near Moore, OK

If you’re raring to visit specialty shops that exclusively sell kratom, then you might want to consider taking a 15 to 20-minute drive to Oklahoma City. They have kratom bars, shops, and modern dispensaries that offer more strains and forms of kratom. Check out the list below:

Shop NameAddressPhone
Wolfe Kratom5541 SE 149th St Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73165, United States+1 405-225-8751
Lotus Botanicals CBD & Kratom4104 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States+1 405-605-7844
BotanaLife Kratom + Kava351 N Air Depot Blvd Suite D, Midwest City, OK 73110, United States+1 405-738-7301
Earthly Mist (Members-Only Location)2220 1/2 SW 74th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, United States+1 918-794-9017
Friendly Market Dispensary and Kratom2222 W Hefner Rd D, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United State+1 405-608-8871

Buying Kratom Online: The Better Option?

Nowadays, anything can be found and bought online—even kratom. If you have been using kratom for quite some time, you might be wondering which stores can give you the best prices. Unfortunately, many vendors of kratom in Moore, OK don’t offer discounts and special deals unless an event or holiday is coming up.

Additionally, you’ll find that physical smoke shops put a higher markup on their kratom products compared to their online counterparts. This is because physical stores deal with higher business expenses due to commercial rental fees and staff compensation.

On the other hand, online kratom vendors do not have to worry about these expenses and can offer lower prices and better deals to their customers. As a result, you can get better deals when you purchase kratom online rather than in physical stores.

In Summary

Kratom can be legally bought or sold by people aged 18 years and above in the state of Oklahoma. The state also imposes rules and regulations to ensure only pure and unadulterated kratom is sold in smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, and other specialty stores.

Many top-rated smoke shops and vape stores sell kratom in Moore, OK. Modern dispensaries and kratom bars are also found in Oklahoma City, which is just a 15 to 20-minute drive away from Moore.

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