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Best Places to Buy Kratom in Meridian, Mississippi

Meridian, also known as Mississippi’s Queen City, has a rich history and culture. The city’s past as a bustling railroad town is still visible today. But recent revitalization efforts have diversified its economy, particularly in the downtown area. If you’re running low on kratom, several smoke shops in the city carry the herb. It means you can buy kratom in Meridian, Mississippi without any difficulty. But the quality of kratom found in local stores varies from vendor to vendor.

So if you’re looking for quality kratom, you’ll need to get it from a reputable vendor. To simplify your search, we’ve listed the most trusted kratom vendors in Meridian, MS. We’ve also looked at the laws around the plant and its alkaloids, so you can buy it legally.

Is Kratom Legal in Meridian, MS?

Yes. Kratom is legal in Meridian. It’s also legal at the state level. However, some counties and cities in Mississippi have imposed a kratom ban. This means you can’t use the herb everywhere in the state.

In 2018, state lawmakers attempted to ban kratom at the state level via SB2475. The bill sought to add kratom’s main alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, to the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances list. However, the bill died in the committee. Another attempt to ban kratom statewide occurred in 2021 via bill SB2110, which was unsuccessful.


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Rather than pursuing a statewide ban, authorities addressed kratom legality one county and city at a time. The discussions started in Columbus City and Union County, where kratom is now a controlled substance. So far, 24 cities and 11 counties in Mississippi have banned kratom.

Due to the ever-changing laws in different cities and counties, keeping an eye on the legality of kratom in Meridian is important.

Top 3 Kratom Shops Where You Can Buy Kratom in Meridian, Mississippi

Kratom remains unregulated in Meridian, MS. This means that not all vendors in the city adhere to strict quality control standards. And this may pose a safety hazard for the kratom community. So it’s crucial to exercise due diligence when purchasing kratom locally.

Here are reputable vape shops you can count on for premium-quality kratom in Meridian:

image of tobacco world of meridian in ms

1. Tobacco World of Meridian

Address: 93 S Frontage Rd # 200, Meridian, MS 39301, United States

Tobacco World of Meridian offers an impressive selection of tobacco products alongside an array of CBD, hemp, and kratom products.

Their kratom selection includes a range of white, green, and red vein varieties. According to online reviews, the kratom here is of high quality. Their prices are also unbeatable, and they even accept coupons. Unlike many smoke shops in the city, Tobacco World of Meridian has a drive-through option, making it easy for everyone to shop, including those with disabilities.

The owner exudes a warm personality, making every visit a delightful experience. The employees are very accommodating, making communication easy and enjoyable.

image of smokers express in meridian ms

2. Smokers Express

Address: 2130 N Frontage Rd, Meridian, MS 39301, United States

Smokers Express stocks up on a wide range of products, including cigarettes, vapes, delta-8 THC, and kratom.

Their kratom selection includes everything from the classic green, red, and white strains to the more unique yellow kratom strains. Some popular strains found here include Red Borneo, Green Malay, White Maeng Da, and Yellow Elephant.

The store stocks kratom products from top-quality brands, such as Astral and Affinity Kratom, with customers particularly raving about their Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Extract. Despite the high quality of their products, they offer some of the best local prices in town. You can also save more money using mobile coupons.

The customer service team is courteous, knowledgeable, and always willing to offer helpful advice and recommendations. They even allow customers to sample flavors before purchasing, so you can be completely satisfied with your selection.

image of vape plus where you can Buy Kratom in Meridian Mississippi

3. Vape Plus

Address: 1217 S Frontage Rd, Meridian, MS 39301, United States

If you’re looking for the ultimate vape destination in Meridian, then this is the best place to be. This store has an extensive selection of vaping products and high-quality kratom.

Their kratom selection includes the classic white, green, and red vein kratom varieties. The best-selling strains are Maeng Da, Red Bali, and White Borneo, available in capsules, powder, and extracts.

If you’re worried about quality, you can rest assured the kratom products here are fresh, pure, and ethically sourced. Their prices are also quite reasonable, and they offer military and truck driver discounts.

What sets Vape Plus apart from other stores is its exceptional customer service. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely cares about their customers. They have a deep understanding of the different strains of kratom and will take the time to explain how to use each strain to achieve the desired results.

image of how to buy kratom in meridian ms

How to Buy Kratom in Meridian, Mississippi

There are two different ways to get kratom in Meridian, MS. You can buy it locally or online.

Buying kratom at a brick-and-mortar store is a better option when you need kratom immediately. While many head shops in the city carry kratom, it’s important to note that not all physical stores prioritize safety and quality. As a result, they may sell inferior or contaminated kratom to increase profits.

Moreover, buying kratom from physical stores tends to be more expensive. This is because they factor in their significant overhead expenses when pricing their products, which results in higher costs for consumers.

That said, if you prioritize safety and want to ensure that you’re getting high-quality kratom, it’s best to buy it online. Most online vendors specialize in kratom and prioritize lab testing, so you can be sure that the product you’re buying is of high quality.

Other Places You Can Buy Kratom in Meridian, MS

Here are other trusted kratom vendors in Meridian with high-quality kratom:

Shop NameAddressContact Number
Royal Vape&Tobacco4815 29th Ave, Meridian, MS 39305, United States+1 601-286-3494
Royal Vape & Tobacco 21718 MS-19, Meridian, MS 39307, United States+1 601-531-3076

The Bottom Line

Kratom is currently legal in Meridian, Mississippi. However, it’s important to stay informed about legal updates because many other cities and counties in the state have banned kratom.

While any vendor in Meridian can sell kratom, it’s important for kratom users to purchase kratom from reputable sources. To ensure safety and quality, look for vendors with excellent customer reviews or those that have been certified by the American Kratom Association.

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