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Best Kratom Extract Shots – A Guide To The Strongest

Whether you are new to kratom or have plenty of experience using it, you might be interested in learning more about kratom extract shots. Kratom is a tree Mitragyna speciosa. People like the plant for its effects, which are believed to be caused by the tree’s component alkaloids, called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Like how brewed coffee has more concentrated flavor and effects than coffee beans, kratom extract shots are concentrated kratom. There are many ways to make kratom extract shots, just as there are many ways to brew coffee. Some kratom producers even distill the component alkaloids and dissolve them in other beverages, like how energy drinks contain caffeine produced from the decaffeination of coffee and other plants.

Kratom extract shots provide kratom enthusiasts with a quick and discreet way to try kratom. They are also great for mixing with potentially potentiating beverages, like grapefruit juice. You might find you prefer concentrated kratom. Since these shots can be more potent, be sure to start slow, as you would when trying new kratom types.

This guide is going to cover different types of kratom extract shots, including various brands.


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A Brief Overview of Kratom Extract Shots

There is no one best way to make kratom extract shots. Many brands overlap in methods, but none are exactly alike. Not to mention, some seem to have completely different ways of extracting kratom.

One of the simplest ways to extract kratom is with a safe solvent, like ethanol or ethyl alcohol. By making an alcohol-based tincture, the kratom effects become highly concentrated, and one or two drops should do the trick. You can see how this might help create an entire kratom extract shot. Mixing a drop of kratom tincture with a few ounces of water and adding something to flavor it is a simple recipe.

Another way to extract kratom involves freezing. Essentially, mixing kratom with water and freezing it causes the cells to lyse. That means they break open. This process releases some of the compounds responsible for kratom’s effects, making them more bioavailable.

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Once the mixture has frozen, the extractor boils it to remove as much liquid as possible, making sure not to burn the kratom. This process will make a kratom extract that can be turned into shots.

The Best Brands for the Best Kratom Extract Shots

The exact way kratom extract shots are made does not matter as much as the effects brought by these products. This article will delve into which brands are known for the best kratom extract shots on the market. Use it as a starting point and always supplement your knowledge with further research on and experience with kratom shots.

1. Happy Hippo Herbals

If you have been around the kratom block, you have heard someone recommend the Happy Hippo. The brand is as famous for its high-quality kratom as it is for its prices. It even has phenomenal customer service. The Happy Hippo Herbals website offers customers a survey to help them narrow down to the perfect strain option for them.

Their relevancy to kratom shots comes in the form of various products. You can get shots for as low as $7.50 from Happy Hippo Herbals. The kratom shots are reasonably priced and come in many flavors. Hibiscus, pineapple, and sour apple are a few popular options. The company also sells kratom candy for the truly adventurous.

image of happy hippo herbals

2. Top Extracts

Top Extracts sells bulk kratom, but, as the name suggests, it specializes in kratom extracts. It’s also approved by the American Kratom Association, meaning you can trust the quality of the products sold by the company. The company tests all of its kratom products to ensure it meets customer standards and safe-practice guidelines.

Its best kratom extract shots include products like its proprietary Flow Kratom Liquid Extract, which also comes with added caffeine. You can also buy kratom-infused honey from Top Extracts. The company lives up to its name by selling some of the best-known kratom extract shots on the market.

image of top extracts logo where you can buy the best kratom extract shots

3. Left Coast Kratom

Left Coast Kratom is another vendor with approval from the American Kratom Association. This brand provides top-notch kratom from a family-owned operation. The customer service is excellent, and the shipping is reliable.

Left Coast Kratom also sells Ultra Enhanced Indo liquid kratom shots. Its other liquid kratom extract shot offerings are Platinum and Full Spectrum. Left Coast is another brand that gets recommended frequently throughout kratom forums, so it can be worth checking them out if you are curious about trying extracts.

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4. OPMS Kratom

OPMS is one of the most recognized names in kratom extracts. Its name means “Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions.” The brand sells its extract online and in stores. You can find extract shots or capsules.

You should at least check out the website, even if you plan to buy in a store because it will teach you how to avoid counterfeit products. The company will happily tell you whether a store that claims to stock OPMS kratom shots actually orders from them.

OPMS Kratom extracts come in Black, Gold, and Silver. All these types are available in powder, capsule, and extract forms. OPMS products are unflavored, so be ready to have something to chase or mix with it. OPMS is a long-standing source of kratom extracts.

While the price might be more than you might pay through a less well-known vendor of the same quality, you can be sure that you are getting something you want when you buy from OPMS Kratom.

OPMS kratom

A Conclusion on the Best Kratom Extract Shots Brands

Everyone reacts differently to different kratom and kratom extract shots. To find the best kratom extract shot brand for you, try a few from this list. If none work for you, you can always consult other kratom users. Forums and social media are great ways to connect with people to discuss which brands carry the best kratom extract shots.

You might also be able to learn how to make your own. As always, be responsible and sparing with kratom so that you ensure you enjoy it to its fullest potential. You might even want to be more careful with kratom extract shots since these are more concentrated.

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