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Vietnam Kratom

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 We source treasured Vietnam kratom strains cultivated by dedicated regional farmers. Available varieties include our potentially mood-lifting Green, relaxing Red, stimulating White, and exclusive Yellow fusion. Every color variety we offer has its own signature mix of alkaloids, which means you’ll get a potentially different vibe from each one. The varieties offer potential diverse and multifaceted effects – from potential calming sedation to energetic stimulation. Dive into this diverse range of potential effects; discover the strain that resonates with your personal vibe.

GreenEnergizing + Mood
WhiteStimulating + Motivation
RedRelaxing + Soothing
YellowBlend (Red + Green)

Green Vietnam
Green Vietnam potentially offers motivation fused with clear-headed calm. Effects might include productivity without overstimulation. Green might fit daytime needs well.


Calm + Motivation
Daytime Use

White Vietnam
White Vietnam may offer clean stimulation and mood boosts. Effects might include increased energy and a sociable mood lift, potentially ideal for active daytime hours.


Stimulation + Mood Boost
Daytime Use

Red Vietnam
Red Vietnam might provide relaxation sensations and mood boosts. Effects might include calming properties that fully unwind while avoiding sedation. Our Red might fit the desire to unwind in evenings and nights.


Relaxation + Calming
Mood Boost
Evening + Night Use

Yellow Vietnam
Yellow Vietnam might offer motivation smoothly blended with relaxation. Effects might include gentle focus and energy, or calming vibes. Our Yellow might remain versatile across various needs.


Relaxation + Motivation
Day + Night Strain