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White Vietnam Kratom

White Vietnam Kratom


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White Vietnam Kratom is a stupendous kratom blend from Southeast Asia. This luxuriant kratom concoction has been called the king of invigorating kratom strains, but it’s more than just a strain. It’s a perfect marriage between “slow” and “fast” kratom powder. Our White Vietnam is meticulously crafted for a first-rate aroma. Our kratom powder is milled and micronized for a velvety texture.

What is White Vietnam Kratom & How Is It Made?

White Vietnam Kratom has a rich history that predates many other strains. It derives from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from the coffee family of plants. The Mitragyna speciosa tree is abundant across Southeast Asia, but different regions develop distinct kratom trees.

White Vietnam gets initially cultivated along the shores of the Mekong River Delta. The southwestern swath of the Mekong River was home to the first horned leaf kratom cultivars. These horned kratom leaves were widely regarded as the most potent. Therefore, they were used to make the first Vietnam kratom blend.

Vietnam has long been an optimal location for growing kratom. The humid climate and rich soil composition contribute to a robust cultivar. Despite its abundance, kratom has long been illegal in Vietnam. Regardless, Vietnam kratom trees remain ubiquitous in the Socialist Republic.

Today, farmers from outside Vietnam smuggle the cuttings of Vietnam kratom trees out of the country. These cuttings then get transplanted to the mineral-rich soil of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and elsewhere. Our White Vietnam kratom blend gets produced in Indonesia.

Our White Vietnam is a delicate mixture of Green Horn and Red Vietnam Kratom. This combination yields an intoxicating aroma and exhilarating sensations unparalleled in the kratom family. Our White Vietnam kratom powder gets aerated, sifted, and hand-milled before end-stage manufacturing.

The Potential Benefits of White Vietnam Kratom

White Vietnam kratom effects are multitudinous, but it is most well-known for its potential soothing effects. Experienced users have been astonished by the hard-hitting effects it may elicit in small quantities. This powerful variant is highly sought-after for its rich potential benefits and high quality.

Most kratom users have suggested that a White Vietnam kratom dosage can be much smaller than a traditional dose of plain-leaf strains. This smooth, soothing mix is created with great care to give you a considerable experience in a small package. The results speak for themselves.

The alkaloid content of White Vietnam is significantly higher than your average M. speciosa specimen. It contains 42+ alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenes, including corynoxine A and B, mitragynine, paynantheine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciofoline, and speciogynine. These essential alkaloids work together to unlock superior potency.

Where many kratom strains take a half hour or more to come on, White Vietnam Kratom produces a noticeable pick-me-up within five to twenty minutes. Thanks to our fastidious ratio of green and red vein kratom, White Vietnam is as suitable for daytime servings as it is for night dosage. Depending on your height, weight, diet, and lifestyle, White Vietnam may be compelling in servings of three grams or less.

How It Compares to Other Kratom Strains

Vietnam Kratom has frequently gets compared to White Indo due to its place of origin. However, there are some significant differences between the two. While both have an alleviating aroma, White Vietnam Kratom is far more animating. Where White Indo Kratom offers a mild refreshment, Vietnam Kratom delivers hours of potential serenity.

Some have compared White Vietnam to Maeng Da, which makes sense, given they are both examples of the horned leaf variety. However, many seasoned users agree that Vietnam Kratom is better than Maeng Da regarding duration and potential uplift.

Many users appreciate that White Vietnam may be exhilarating without being overwhelming. Those who find enhanced kratom to bracing will favor the natural power of Vietnam Kratom.

Why Buy from New Dawn Kratom

There are several factors to consider before purchasing kratom, not least of which is the source. Many users buy stale and untested kratom products from headshops. Not only does this put users at risk, but it may also cost them far more than they should pay.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are notorious for price-gouging kratom consumers. More alarmingly, they do not accept returns or issue refunds. By contrast, online kratom vendors typically offer all-natural kratom powder with a satisfaction guarantee. At New Dawn Kratom, we give you a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Our products are always fresh, clean, and additive-free. We believe kratom vendors should be honest and transparent. It is also why we participate in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program.

New Dawn Kratom complies with AKA-GMP and KCPA guidelines. These guidelines require us to maintain meticulous records and provide proper labeling, including ingredients, expiry, and batch numbers on every pouch of our kratom. Our kratom strains are subject to an annual audit by an agent of the American Kratom Association.

Where other kratom vendors skimp on background info and proof of legitimacy, New Dawn Kratom prides itself on maintaining a rigorous quality control protocol. Every one of our kratom strains receives third-party laboratory analysis. Each strain gets tested for heavy metals and other potential contaminants.

When you buy White Vietnam Kratom from New Dawn, you get lab-evaluated kratom powder with a lot number for easy tracking. Every pouch is secure, resealable, and discreetly mailed.