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4-Way Split Kilo (4 x 250g Powder)

4-Way Split Kilo (4 x 250g Powder)


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Choose 4 strains; you’ll get 4 x 250 grams for just $85

At New Dawn Kratom, we have rolled out the 4-way split kilo to show our patrons the sheer versatility of our product line. With the 4-way split, you get multiple kratom strains of varying strength and purpose for a discounted price. The choice is yours. The savings (and shipping) are on us.

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What is a 4-Way Split Kilo?

Our four-way splits consist of four pouches containing 250 grams of kratom powder. For the price most are lucky to pay for a standard kratom kilo, you get four distinct strains of your choosing.

The 4-way split gives you an optimal holiday mystery pack or a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Those purchasing bulk kratom for personal use appreciate the variety we make available. You can select between green, red, white, and yellow kratom strains.

Examples of our expansive collection include Gold Bali, Red Indo, Super Green Malay, and White Thai. New Dawn Kratom has what you need regardless of what you are looking for in a strain. Our catalog includes fast, slow, and moderate kratom specimens. All are available as part of the 4-way split.

Pick Your Strains

The 4-way split permits the combination of four disparate strains, each with singular qualities. For example, Red Bali may deliver hours of gentle exhilaration and restorative properties, while Super Green Malay may give you comforting, invigorating sensations.

Now, you no longer have to make the difficult decision of choosing between strains. You can order as many as you want in these 4-way split kilos. Our detailed descriptions tell you everything you need to know about a strain’s background, including history, cultivation, and alkaloid content.

Develop Your Palate

Our 4-way split encourages our patrons to become kratom connoisseurs. Mixing and matching various strains expands your palate and deepens your appreciation of kratom’s versatile bouquet. Many consumers like to combine two or more strains to create DIY kratom blends.

You can sample the distinct aromas of green, red, white, and yellow kratom cultivars with our split kilos. These illustrious strains feature varying concentrations of essential alkaloids. These alkaloids contribute to the fragrance and potential effects of each respective strain.

Why You Should Buy a Split Kilo from New Dawn Kratom

Our kratom strains get ethically sourced from a sustainable farm in Indonesia. We don’t believe in additives, and we don’t believe in bogus claims. What you see is what you get: kratom, pure and simple.
Choose from more than 45 sublime strains. Each gets evaluated for heavy metals and microbes.

Our strains are lab-tested and backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t happy. Our customer service team works round the clock to ensure your fulfillment.