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4-Way Split Caps (4 x 350 Caps)

4-Way Split Caps (4 x 350 Caps)


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Choose 4 strains; you’ll get 4 x 350 caps for just $119.99

Our 4-way split kilo of kratom capsules gives you the autonomy to choose your dream combination of kratom strains. Our pantry is open to you, and the shelves get fully stocked. Stock up on something classic or mix things up with the truly exotic. The choice is yours.



What is a 4-Way Split Kilo?

Encounter the entire spectrum of kratom alkaloids with our 4-way split kilo special. Try the flavor of Indonesia’s finest in all its permutations. Our 4-way split gives you multiple distinguished cultivars in one compact package. Every strain has its unique chemical properties.

Kratom capsules typically come in bulky bottles, which occupy space and camouflage their content. Our 4-way split kilo of kratom caps delivers four compact, easy-to-store pouches of 350 capsules. That saves space in your stash and eliminates the mess of making DIY kratom pills.

Whether in the market for clarity and elevation or a soothing, serene experience, our 4-way split kilo will meet your needs. Pick your desired items from our range of Mitragyna speciosa cultivars, such as Red Elephant, Super Green Malay, White Java, and Yellow Indo.

Select Your Strains

Our 4-way split kilo of kratom capsules allows you to pick between the colors and potential effects you desire. Our collection includes “fast,” “slow,” and “moderate” strains to fit everyone’s taste. Options include plain-leaf, kratom blends, and sun-dried specialties like Yellow Indo and Gold Kratom.

Gone are the days of making difficult decisions between bulk kratom capsules. With our 4-way split, you’ll get to sample numerous strains before making any sizable financial investments. Our detailed product pages will tell you everything you need to know about their alkaloid content.

Expand Your Horizons

Our 4-way split enables you to create a custom blend that may be used as a stack or as individual doses. Many of our patrons prefer to mix things up and conceive of their go-to DIY kratom blend. Kratom capsules make it a breeze to control the dosage of each ingredient.

With this split, you can sample green, red, white, and yellow kratom strains before committing to a large purchase of any single cultivar. Reward yourself with the gift of variety. Get exotic with our eclectic selection of classics and sun-dried strains.

Why Buy from New Dawn Kratom?

There is truly something for everyone here. For example, Red Sumatra is ideal for seasoned users who thirst for a bracing red vein, while Super Green Malay will please anyone needing a lasting pick-me-up. Meanwhile, White Elephant may deliver superior tranquility.

New Dawn Kratom ethically sources our kratom from a sustainable farm. A third-party laboratory thoroughly analyzes every batch for heavy metals and microbes. We proudly participate in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program.