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Kratom Sample (3x 250g)

Kratom Sample (3x 250g)

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The Kratom Sample Pack includes 250g Red Bali, 250g Green Malay and 250g White Borneo.

Why settle for one type of Kratom when you can experiment with something new? Our Kratom Sample Pack is the best way to try out different strains for a low cost.

After all, not all Kratom is made the same. Any connoisseur will tell you that you’ll need multiple strains with different flavors. F

Here’s what you can expect from our Kratom Sample Pack:

  • A wide range of colors and strains are available for sampling,
  • Suitable for beginners and expert consumers,
  • Premium-quality and fine-ground powder that is easy to mix,
  • Sourced exclusively from farmers in Southeast Asia,
  • Tested for purity and contaminants.


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