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Kratom Tea vs Pill

For all of the benefits that kratom provides, it sure doesn’t taste good.  So, it comes as no surprise that buyers will usually go for using methods that minimize their bitter flavor profile. That’s why kratom tea and pills have become so popular.

Allowing users to experience the benefits of kratom minus the mouthful of bitterness, tea and pills provide both convenience and accessibility. But they’re not entirely the same. So, if you’re wondering whether to get your dose as kratom tea vs pill, you may want to consider these specifics.

Preparing Kratom Tea vs Pill

Any veteran kratom user or enthusiast will want a product that requires as little effort as possible. And for obvious reasons, kratom tea might be slightly more tedious to prepare. So, for users who want a quick fix that they can take on the go, kratom pills might be a better choice.

How to Prepare Kratom Tea

  1. Heat water over a stove until it’s hot, but not boiling.
  2. Optionally, you can squeeze half a lemon into your water.
  3. Add in your usual kratom powder dose in grams.
  4. Stir until the powder has completely mixed in with the water.
  5. Leave it too steep for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Take a coffee filter or strainer and place it over your mug.
  7. Pour the tea over the filter to remove residual kratom powder.
  8. Stir in your preferred sweetener.



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How to Use Kratom Pills

It’s about as easy as tossing and washing. You can buy ready-to-use kratom pills through most kratom vendors. All you really need to do would be to measure out the right dose for your body and take the equivalent number of pills.

On the other hand, some kratom users prefer making their own pills with a pill machine. This lets you use your favorite powder and turn it into pills. And while this might take some time, you have the option to make enough pills in one sitting to last you several days or weeks.

The Benefits of Kratom Tea vs Pill

While they both use kratom, tea and pills provide distinct benefits that may affect the way you enjoy them. Understanding these differences can help you better determine which option to use to maximize the experience you get out of your kratom dose.

Benefits of Kratom Tea

  • Better taste – Kratom powder’s combination of bitterness and coarse texture makes it unpleasant to swallow. That’s why tea has become such a widespread alternative. Aside from eliminating the texture issue, kratom tea also provides the opportunity to mix in other ingredients.

Sweeteners, flavors, and other natural additives can significantly improve the taste of kratom tea. Others even enjoy their brew with ice to match the weather or the occasion. This makes kratom tea drinking both enjoyable and palatable versus most other methods.

  • Affordable – Browse through kratom products online, and you’re bound to find bottled kratom beverages sold at less than (or a little more than) a dollar each. While these might be pretty cheap for a one-time kratom dose, making your own tea at home proves to be even more cost-effective.

Some vendors sell kilograms of powder for as low as $70. Crushed-leaf kratom is even more affordable, making tea a cheaper choice for penny-pinching kratom users.

  • Option for potentiators – Potentiators are other products, extracts, herbs, and plants that are said to elevate and amplify the effects of kratom. Of all the different methods of kratom use, teas provide the greatest opportunity for tossing in a potentiator since you can simply mix them in with the brew.

For this reason, teas also make it possible for you to dial down your dose. Adding a potentiator into the mix like grapefruit juice, turmeric, or chamomile can significantly magnify the effects and bring you a more potent experience even at a lower kratom dose.

image of kratom tea

Benefits of Kratom Pills

  • Convenient – If you’re not looking to spend time brewing, stirring, and mixing things together, pills might be a better option. This low-effort method of use doesn’t require any other steps than simply popping a few in your mouth and washing them down with your choice of drink.

For this reason, kratom pills also make a better choice if you’re looking for something you can use on the go. Packing along with a few pills for a trip or for your usual work schedule makes it easier to get your kratom fixed during hours when tinkering in a kitchen to make tea just isn’t feasible.

  • Tasteless – Just like kratom tea, pills also help to make kratom more palatable. The difference however is that instead of adding various other products into the mix to mask the taste of kratom, pills simply eliminate the taste altogether.

For particularly sensitive users who don’t actually like the taste of tea either, pills make the perfect solution. They’re tasteless and easy to swallow, perfect for no-nonsense users.

  • Effortless – Even when taking the plain old powder, there’s the process of measuring out your dose. This important step ensures that you get the effects you’re looking for while keeping you from taking more kratom than you can handle.

Pills eliminate the need for a little scooping spoon and weighing scale. Once you find out how many grams each pill contains, all you need to do is take the equivalent number of pills to match your gram tolerance. This also makes adjusting doses much easier.


The Cons of Kratom Tea vs Pill

There’s no such thing as the perfect method of use. So, it’s only normal that both tea and pills won’t provide a totally drawback-free experience. It’s up to you to weigh which downsides you’d be most willing to deal with.

Cons of Kratom Tea

  • Tedious preparations – It’s always fun the first few times around. But when you’re running late or running low on Stevia, preparing kratom tea can become a major chore.
  • Changes in dosage weights – Kratom doesn’t respond well to heat. So, adding kratom to hot water might reduce the potency of your dose versus taking it as plain powder. This means you might have to increase your dose to maintain your desired level of effects.
  • Immediate consumption – If you like taking your time with your tea, you probably won’t be able to do the same with kratom tea. Leaving your tea out for a long time destroys the alkaloids. So, you may have to down the whole glass within minutes of steeping.

Cons of Kratom Pills

  • Expensive – Kratom pills can be significantly more expensive than their plain powder counterpart. Kilograms of capsules can cost up to 50% more than buying plain powder of the same weight, so it might not be too sustainable if you’re on a budget.
  • Lack of options – Not every kratom powder strain is turned into a pill. So, if you take the time to browse your favorite vendors and what they offer, you might find that their capsule selection is pretty limited versus all of the different kratom powder picks they sell.
  • Minimal vendor choices – And then there are vendors who don’t sell pills altogether. It’s not uncommon to find vendors that stick strictly to powders. So, if you happen to find a good strain through one of these brands, you might have to purchase a pill-making machine to make your own caps.

image of kratom pill

How Much Does Kratom Tea vs Pills Cost?

Kratom powder that’s used for tea can cost as little as 0.06¢ per gram if you’re buying in bulk. Crushed leaf can be even cheaper at 0.055¢ per gram. So, if you take eight grams for every dose, you’ll spend nothing more than 0.48¢ for every serving of kratom tea you brew.

Keep in mind however that with tea, you may have to adjust your dose and add a few grams. This is because heat may destroy some of the alkaloid content in your powder or crushed leaf. It’s also important to remember that kratom isn’t the only ingredient involved. Sweeteners, additives, and other herbs may factor into the cost.

On the other hand, capsules cost around 0.25¢ each, and they don’t always contain exactly one gram of kratom product. At roughly 0.5g of kratom each, an eight-gram dose taken in the form of a capsule might cost you $4. Do note that these prices represent bulk kratom purchases. If you’re buying small quantities, you might spend more per dose.

image of kratom tea vs pill cost

The Verdict

For ease of use, convenience, and a no-frill dosage experience, you can’t go wrong with kratom pills. Of course, the trade-off is that they can be expensive, and not all kratom vendors sell them in all the different strains available.

On the other hand, if you want something a little more palatable and you enjoy the experience of mixing, brewing, and combining different ingredients together, you can always opt for kratom tea. Cheaper and more accessible, the downsides with tea are that they might require dosage adjustments due to the effects of heat on kratom.

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