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Kratom Plants for Sale: 4 Best Places to Buy Kratom Plants

You’ve probably been dying to brew a cup of kratom tea using kratom leaves harvested right in your backyard. You can turn that into a reality if you get live kratom plants. As such, you must know where to get kratom plants for sale.

While kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia, a few companies sell live kratom plants here in the US. Read on to find out the top vendors from where you can source the best live kratom plants.

Top Vendors to Get Kratom Plants for Sale

1. ETHA Natural Botanicals

Victor Chung and Alexander Karp are cofounders of ETHA Natural Botanicals. Both had struggles with muscle aches and experimented with kratom. However, they were not impressed with the quality and safety of the kratom from most vendors. So they embarked on a mission to become a trusted source of kratom plants for sale and other kratom products through scientific research and trustworthy manufacturing. 

ETHA grows its own kratom plants in its US-based ETHA Greenhouses. It offers buyers the most resilient kratom variety to pick from. Its live kratom plants have the following characteristics:


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  • Full-spectrum variety with all the proven alkaloids.
  • About 12 inches tall
  • Strong roots and sturdy leaves, make them thrive in any potting soil

The company ships the kratom plants separately from its other kratom products. For example, if you order live kratom plants with other merchandise, you’ll receive two separate packages. Shipping is processed immediately once you place your kratom plant order, which means you don’t have to wait for several weeks to get your package.

Buying a live kratom plant from ETHA will cost you $79.00. Alternatively, you can enroll in their subscription program and save up to 30% of the cost.

image of etha natural botanicals top kratom plants vendor

2. Neem Tree Farms

Neem Tree Farms is a Florida-based company selling kratom plants. The company began by growing a kratom tree in the backyard about two decades ago. This was at the request of an acquaintance who taught kids with ADHD. 

So when the kratom rush began and demand went up, the company thought it wise to root the tree and sell the kratom plants. Today, Nee Tree Farms sells well-rooted kratom cuttings from its 20-year-old kratom tree, but only in limited quantities. 

The live kratom plants are two feet tall and feature a firm 10-inch rootball, making them quite easy to transplant. You can get one live plant for only $49.99. 

The company ships the plants to all states except for those that have imposed a ban on kratom. These include:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Union County in Mississippi
  • Sarasota County in Florida
  • San Diego 

image of neem tree farms kratom plants vendor

3. My Trees of Life

My Trees of Life has set an industry standard on the meaning of buying a live kratom plant. While other suppliers will only sell you rooted cuttings, the company takes things to the next level.

The company grows its rooted cuttings until they develop a complete mat of roots on them, then leaves them to grow for a few more weeks in the soil. As such, the kratom plants reach 8 to 12 feet tall. This means buyers get their hands on mature and strong kratom cuttings.

The company offers the following variety of kratom plants:

  • Rifat Thai – $45
  • Indonesia – $45
  • Bumblebee Vietnam – $50
  • Malaysia – $60
  • Variety 3 plant package – $130. You get one bundle with three different strains, including Vietnam, Rifat Thai, and Indonesian.

The company offers buyers a 30-day guarantee. That means if the plant fails or dies within the first 30 days after arrival, it commits to replacing it with another mature, healthy plant.

4. Bounty Botanicals

Bounty Botanicals is another trusted source for live kratom plants. Here, you will find a variety of kratom clones or seed-grown kratom, depending on your choice.

The live kratom plants arrive in a 2.5-inch pot or a grow plug without soil, which can suit either hydroponic or soil mediums. It all depends on your preference.

You can choose from the following kratom plants:

  • Hulu Kapuas – $40 to $48
  • Kalimantan – $35 to $40
  • Malay – $40 to $48
  • Indonesia – $40 to $48
  • Borneo – $40 to $48
  • Vietnam Bumblebee – $30 to $38
  • 24k Kalimantan – $40 to $48

With Bounty Botanicals, you get 20% off when you buy two or more live kratom plants of any variety. The company has the best prices around, and it provides high-quality kratom plants that are well-rooted, mature, and healthy. 

The company has a live plant arrival guarantee. If what you receive from Bounty Botanicals is not in good shape, take a picture and send it to the company email within two days of arrival. And you’ll get a healthy and strong kratom plant as a replacement. 

image of bounty botanicals kratom plants vendor

The Bottom Line

There are several reasons why you would want to grow your own kratom plants. If you’re an avid kratom user, it will help you save money. You will also have access to fresh kratom whenever you need it, and you won’t have to rely on vendors who may sell you unreliable and unsafe kratom products.

When buying a live kratom plant, you want to buy from a vendor who has a plant arrival guarantee policy. They should also have a wide selection of live kratom plants to choose from at not more than the industry pricing. 

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    Looking to start growing my own, what is the best plant with most potency to buy first?

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